The Best Wooden Building Blocks For Toddlers

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Baby blocks are not only entertaining, but they expose children to early learning. Toddler wood blocks are a sure bet of enhancing learning abilities. When children stack these wooden blocks, they can quickly analyze which block to go with next. They develop cognitive-motor while having fun.

Wooden building blocks for toddlers are a popular trend among parents. Many parents argue that wood is more child friendly than the chemical infused plastic block.

The markets are lit with imports of all kinds, making it difficult for parents to choose the right models. Worry not. Below is a comprehensive list of the best wooden building blocks for children.

So, let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

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#5. Word Party Wooden Building Block Set

Word Party Wooden Building Block Set

If you are looking for a character wooden building block set, look no further than Word Party merchandise. These sets are a replica of the Netflix original series. They include Lulu, Bailey, Franny, Kip, and 18 blocks of four colors and different shapes.

This wooden set comes with 22 pieces of blocks whose dimensions range between 2′ to 2.75′ long. These blocks are crafts of natural wood that individually smoothens, colored, and shaped. This wood is safe for children’s use.

This wooden building block is perfect for teaching children different colors and shapes. Children can stack these pieces of wood into the same shape groups, color, and character. They can develop their cognitive-motor skills by building towers, houses, and other creations to enhance their imagination abilities.

You can buy this Word Party wooden building block set for children aged 18 months and above. They weigh 1.5 pounds and do not wear or tear even when knocked down. However, you may want to discourage chewing of these blocks as they contain paints that may come off.


  • 22 wooden pieces
  • Four Character blocks
  • Different colors
  • Different Shapes

#4. Top Bright 100Pc Wooden Blocks

Top Bright 100Pc Wooden Blocks

Top Bright are makers of environment-friendly wooden building blocks that are also child friendly. Your child is safe around Top Bright blocks. These blocks are crafted out of natural wood and come with smooth edges.

This 100 piece set will keep your child entertained for long hours-it is a perfect setting for teamwork during playing times with friends and siblings. Your child develops pre-math skills from the numerical blocks. They can add and subtract blocks from a group of numbers.

Top Bright comes with 26 alphabet blocks, 10 number blocks, and different color shapes essential in a child’s early learning. The alphabet blocks also teach children letter recognition. They can form simple three-letter words from the given alphabets.

It also comes with animal prints that help children understand nature and wildlife. These blocks also help children develop fine motor skills. This package comes with a plastic storage bucket, making it easier to allow children to tidy up after playing. It weighs four pounds when fully packed.


  • 100 pieces
  • Different colors
  • Alphabet blocks
  • Number blocks

#3. Top Bright 80 Pc Wooden Blocks

Top Bright 80 Pc Wooden Blocks

If you are looking for a squeaky, squeezy, and chewable building block, look no further than the 80-piece Top Bright model. This wooden building block comes with a non-toxic chewable piece. This rubber piece is soft and perfect for one-year-olds. However, the entire set is ideal for toddlers between 0 to 6 years.

These blocks are available in wood and rubber. The rubber and water paint on them are non-toxic and safe to use around children. All edges on the wooden blocks are rounded and smooth.

These wooden blocks come with 80 pieces of different colors, shapes, letters, and animal prints. Your child will learn how to match a letter with an animal print. The conditions and colors also offer your child room for cognitive and creative learning.

The package weighs 3.52 pounds, and it comes with a durable bucket for storage. Children will love putting the blocks back into the bucket through the shape holes on the lid. This bucket also encourages neatness in children after every play.


  • 80 pieces
  • Wooden blocks
  • Chewable blocks
  • Multi-colored

#2. Agirlgle Wood Blocks

Agirlgle Wood Blocks

The Agirlgile wood blocks are a fun way of fostering imagination, curiosity, and creativity in children. These toddler wood blocks come with colored see-through films that are stuck in the mid-section of each block. Children can play detective, scientists, and hide and seek behind these films.

These wooden blocks are available in different shapes and colors. They are 24 pieces that will help your child learn colors, conditions, and sorting skills. They are big, and you do not have to worry about choking hazards.

Your children can creatively build towers, houses, castles, animals, and towns with these blocks. The colored films light up well in dark settings with single reflections passing through them.

This set is perfect for children from one year going up. Children will love creating rainbow patterns using this set. Tidying up and storage is easy as the package weighs 1.7 pounds-a perfect weight for children.


  • Wooden blocks
  • 24 pieces
  • Multi-colored
  • Different shapes

#1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Blocks

Melissa & Doug Wooden Blocks

Melissa & Doug have been makers of children’s toys for over twenty years. This renowned brand offers you child-friendly wooden building blocks for toddlers. This collection comes with a whopping 200 pieces that will keep your child entertained and intrigued for hours. It is a perfect gift for quick learners as it enhances eye-hand coordination.

The 200 wooden pieces come in nine shapes and four colors. These will help your child learn cognitive skills, shape and shade variations, pre-maths skills, building, stacking, and independence. As children grow older, they learn to seek solutions independently.

This building block is durable and robust. It will stay in shape even after being thrown around by children. You can pass these blocks down to siblings and friends as your child grows out of them.

The package weighs 7.63 pounds and comes in an eco-friendly reusable box. This box reduces environmental wastes. You can teach your children responsibility by allowing them to tidy up and storing these blocks by using this reusable box.


  • Four colors
  • Nine shapes
  • Wooden blocks
  • 200 pieces

The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Wooden Building Blocks For Toddlers

Before making your ultimate purchase, let’s look at some of the characteristics that make wooden blocks stand out.


The safety of your child should be on top of your priority list. You would want a toy that will not harm your child. It would be best if you check the edges, which should be smooth. Look out for tiny blocks that children can accidentally swallow. Finally, the materials in use should be non-toxic.


You would want a material that is safe around children. Wooden materials are safe for children as long as they are lightweight. Rubber and plastic have been in use for a long time, but traces of toxins in chemicals that manufacturers use to mold these rubber or plastics can be an issue.

Small parts

It would be safe not to expose your children to small blocks. These blocks are easily digestible if exposed to unattended toddlers. However, most brands will indicate the presence of a small part of the package.

Age Limit and Size

Building blocks come with individual age group recommendations. There are wooden blocks for children from 18 months going up. The age limit will put into consideration the size of these blocks. A one-year-old will get a more significant block than a five-year-old. The younger children tend to put everything in their mouths, and the results may be fatal.


You may want to buy toys that will last a while. Children can be busy with these toys, and they end up breaking easily. Getting blocks that last, the long term means that you can pass them down to other siblings.

Number Of Blocks

You may want a model that will give your child a bigger room for exploring. The more the blocks are, the more fun and learning children get. These blocks come in different sizes, shapes, characters, and colors.


You want a wooden block that will serve its intended purpose. These blocks are both educational and entertaining. Children learn colors, shapes, alphabets, numbers, wildlife, and nature through building blocks. The time spent on these blocks by children will punctuate their functionality.

Wrapping Up

Building blocks help children think, learn and play independently or with groups of other children. Children can make quick decisions as they play. These games create proper eye-hand coordination in children.

Wooden building blocks give toddlers a first-hand experience of learning at an early age. These blocks are lighter and safer for children than the plastic and rubber models. Keep these blocks clean and worry not about your children’s safety.

This comprehensive guide should help you make an informed decision on which games you want to expose your children to at an early age.

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