The Best Women’s Cargo Scrub Pants Reviewed in 2021

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Certain professionals in the medical field may require that you have the best women’s cargo scrub pants. In case you have the wrong pants, it can distract your work and make you a bit uncomfortable. 
Well, you can spice your work by wearing the best option to give your body a cool touch. Scrubs work as a second skin to any health worker. On the same note, you must pick the right type of scrub to match your needs. 
Are you looking for the trendiest medical attire? You can scroll through our list and find the right scrub pant in the market. Be careful as you may end up collecting more than one from the provided list. Let us get started. 

6. WonderWink Women’s Cargo Pant

 6.WonderWink Women's Cargo Pant

The most crucial aspect that makes the women cargo pant outstanding is the type of materials used. Mostly, this pant comes with durable materials construction involving 45% polyester, 52% cotton, and 3% spandex. 

Another exciting aspect is the number of pockets this women cargo pant has. It provides four pockets plus an additional; ball pocket and one cargo pocket. The front pocket enjoys triple-needle stitching to make it stylish. 

The back pocket has a bungee loop at the corner for hooking your accessories. Also, it has a mock dart. The side seams enjoy double stitching to make it stylish and durable. 

Typically, it has a flattering fit that makes it not to be too boxy or tight. 

Besides, this cargo pant has eye-catching details like drawstrings and the adorable logo. The elastic waist is excellent as it accommodates different sizes of people comfortably. This attire is available in different sizes to meet the different needs of the clients. You must verify your size before making your final decision about it.  

What we like

  • Double-needle stitching
  • Back elastic waist
  • Logo printed drawstrings
  • It is machine-wash safe.

5. HeartSoul Scrub Pant HS030

 5. HeartSoul Scrub Pant HS030

If one wants to settle for a durable cargo scrub pant, then it is hard to avoid HeartSoul scrub pants in this category. Firstly, this attire enjoys durable materials crafting. Specifically, it involves 5% spandex and 95 % polyester. 

Another exciting feature about these cargo scrub pant is that it offers a contemporary fit. It has a low rise and tapered legs to make it stylish and fashionable. The waist has elastic construction to make it fit different waist sizes. 

Also, there is a functional drawstring to make it have a secure fit on your body. The good news is that this scrub pant comes in more than six unique colors to match your preference. 

The poly materials make this pant challenging and can withstand frequent washing without compromising on quality. The 5 % spandex is ideal for stretching to give you additional room if you gain extra weight. Additionally, it has back patch pockets and zip closure. 

What we like

  • Six different amazing colors
  • The front pocket has a pen slot.
  • It is tight and wrinkles free.
  • 5% spandex makes it stretchable. 

4. CHEROKEE Scrub Pant 

 4. CHEROKEE Scrub Pant 

Cherokee is an impressive scrub pant that includes 5% spandex materials and 95% polyester. It has powerful jogger features and a contemporary fit. Also, it has a rib-knit elastic waistband featuring front angled zipper pockets. 

Another thing that distinguishes this cargo scrub pant from the rest is the cargo pocket and reflective tape. Also, there are two back patch pockets for storing convenience. There are rib knit leg bands to support adjustable lengths. 

The use of polyester materials helps your body to say cool and calm. Chances of getting itchy are minimal since the entire fabric is soft and comfortable. It will perfectly fit into your body to improve your working experience. 

The cool thing is this scrub cargo pant manifest in more than ten colors. You have a range that is convenient for one to select. Generally, this option is super stretchy to fit different sizes of users. 
It has different kinds of pockets. They are back pant pockets, cargo pockets, and slash pockets. 

What we like

  • Durable and stretchable polyester materials. 
  • Different color designs 
  • Zipper closure designs. 

3. BARCO ONE 3- Medical Scrub Pant

 3. BARCO ONE 3- Medical Scrub Pant

Barco one 3 is a durable cargo scrub pant since it involves 7% spandex and 93 % polyester. It is a modern fit jogger leg pant that will fit on your lower waist perfectly. It features three pockets for storage convenience. 

The pant is flexible as it helps your body to remain cool as you run all day. The designer used innovative technology that makes the fabric sustainable. It is breathable, extra cool, and weightless. 

Typically, this fabric is a 4-way stretch. Furthermore, it has a moisture-wicking design; hence it eliminates all the sweat as you jog around. Still, it is an eco-friendly fabric and does not irritate your skin. Finally, this pant offers some wrinkle resistance. 

The fabric is cool since it uses temperature regulating fabric technology to fit various environmental changes. For instance, it keeps you warm when it is cool and hot when it cool. 

What we like

  • Durable polyester and spandex materials
  • It has a drawstring for a secure fit.
  • It is breathable and eco-friendly.
  • It is a 4 way stretch

2. Cherokee Scrub Pant

 2.Cherokee Scrub Pant

Cherokee scrub pants will always win on the durability card. Specifically, it comes from 63% polyester, 3% spandex, and 34 % cotton. The fabric is highly stretchable and will not irritate your skin as you use it extensively. 

The cool thing is the attire has a moisture wicking design. You don’t have to get worried about sweat when you are jogging since it eliminate it automatically. It has an elastic waist to support a secure fit for different sizes of people. 

It is a unique design with a fashionable style having a premium look. One can blend it with a new trend in fashion. 

The attire comes in different color patterns to suit your preferences and determine your mood. 
The attire has a bi-stretch feature that provides an allowance for wearing comfort. The materials have a soothing soft, thereby preventing skin irritation. 

The pant has trendy pockets for storing convenience. They include back pocket, sectional patch pockets, and cargo pockets. 

What we like

  • Modern and fashionable design
  • Wide range of colors
  • Patch pockets and sectional pockets

1. Cherokee Workwear Scrub Pant

 1. Cherokee Workwear Scrub Pant

The scrub cargo pant enjoys a powerful fabric blend of 78% polyester, 2% spandex, and 20% spandex. It has a drawstring closure design to procure a secure fit. The elastic waistband makes one enjoy a secure fit. 

This attire has different types of pockets. They include two cargo pockets, front patch pockets, back pockets with side vents. 

The sectional pockets will improve your storing experience. 

Cherokee has a moisture-wicking design, thereby eliminating all sweat as you run or jog around. The different color ranges are available to match your preferences. They include brown, black, white, blue, and more. 

The attire comes in different sizes to match the needs of different users. The good news is it is wrinkle-free. Also, it is a machine wash complaint hence easy to take care of. The fabric is soft hence does not irritate your skin by itching. 

What we like

  • It comes in a range of colors.
  • The used fabric is durable.
  • The attire is machine wash compliant.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Women Scrub Pants

You take into account want you to know before you buy the scrub pant that meets your requirements. Here are the points to follow. 

  • Fabric Option
    The fabric option should be at the center stage. The ideal fabric should be soft and sturdy. Also, it should be a stretchable option with a high comfort level. It should not irritate your skin and be user-friendly, even to allergenic people. 
  • Moisture Wicking
    When you spend several hours running or walking, your body may begin to sweat. Due to sweat, the cloth may get damp. For that matter, you should purchase a scrub pant that has a moisture-wicking design. 

    Such types of pants have a fair share of polyester materials. By wicking moisture, it allows the moisture to travel via your body gaps. 
  • Wrinkle-Free
    Wrinkles are irritating, and therefore you must settle for the scrub pant that does not cause wrinkles. Some of the wrinkle-free fabric is sturdy cotton and polyester blends. You can use resin to make the fabric wrinkle-free.
  • Stretchable
    The stretchable design is a clear sign that it can adjust to various body sizes. The waistband should be elastic to accommodate all sizes and enhance comfort. Again, it should have an adjustable fastener to ensure a secure fit. 

In Conclusion

Scrub pants are the right attires to use when performing specific tasks. They come in multiple designs and colors to dictate your mood. You should ensure that they come from the right materials to suit your needs. It should be durable to have an extended lifespan. 

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