The Best Wireless Fence System for Dogs Review in 2021

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Dogs can be as playful as children; containing them in your backyard may be fruitless when you’re busy. But, a wireless fence system for dogs is a safe way of keeping them contained while playing outdoors in a specific perimeter. This wireless technology allows you to put a wireless collar on your dog and bury a transmitter to your desired perimeter.

The collar will send a static warning to the dog if it goes beyond the secured perimeter. This invisible fence system will keep your dogs at home but not confined. Let’s look at the best wireless fence systems for dogs that may interest you.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best Wireless Fence System for Dogs” :

5. Hokita Wireless Dog Fence

Hokita Wireless Dog Fence

Hokita is a perfect harmless choice for containing stubborn dogs; this electric pet fence system sends vibrations to the dog’s skin to bring it back to your backyard. You will not need to bury wires underground; Hokita is a wireless and invisible fence; plug the transmitter onto an electric socket, and it is ready to use.

You can purchase several collars for your other pets and pair it with one transmitter; these collars need to be compatible with the Hokita system. This dog collar is eco-friendly; the material will degrade itself after five years. It is also dust and waterproof;

The lifetime warranty offered will save your money over time; once the collar malfunctions before the warrant duration elapses. The package includes a transmitter, a collar, adjustable strap, charger, screws, test light tool, silicone cover, metal probes, and a user manual.

What we like

  • Eco-friendly collar
  • Harmless
  • Waterproof
  • Automatic pairing mode

4. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Wireless Fence

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Wireless Fence

If you’re looking for a USA-made dog wireless fence for your canine escape artist, look no further. PetSafe basic wireless fence will ground your pet in your backyard. It comes with a battery-powered collar; this collar has four static levels, which is harmless to your dog. Note, a collar usage will require you to train your dogs on the radius to use and boundaries that should not be crossed.

PetSafe basic in-ground fence covers a ⅓ acre using 500 feet of wire dug underground; you can use additional wires to cover up to five acres. You can buy additional collars for your other pets, pair them to the central transmitter to contain them all. Here are some of the compatible collars, stubborn dog in-ground fence receiver (PRF 275 19), in-ground fence receiver collar for cats (PCF 275 19).

The package includes a surge protector, test tool light, transmitter, battery, contact points, wire, 50 training flags, waterproof splice capsules, and wire nuts. If you’re not satisfied with PetSafe products, worry not; the manufacturer offers you a one-year warranty.

What we like

  • Battery operated collar
  • A third-acre coverage
  • Waterproof
  • Four-levels static

3. COVONO Wireless Dog Fence

COVONO Wireless Dog Fence

COVONO is an electric pet fence system that you can use on dogs weighing 10 to 120 pounds. It comes with a rechargeable collar that remains charged for up to 10 days. It is easy to install; installation will require you to dig your yard and bury the wires. You will also train your dogs to get used to the new boundaries. The dog collar is IP66 waterproof; the dogs can use it under wet conditions. However, the transmitter is not waterproof.

It comes with a unique speed detector feature that alerts the dog in advance before crossing the boundaries. After installation, the dog will get alerts to stop crossing boundaries; if the dog crosses over, it gets harmless shocks. COVONO offers you a lifetime warranty with a 90-days return period after a registered purchase; you have nothing to lose for an eternity.

What we like

  • Speed detector
  • Electric pet-fence
  • Vibrations for hearing-impaired dogs
  • Lifetime warranty

2. JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

JUSTPET is an electric pet fence system that operates through wireless technology that can only be used outdoors. You can plug the central unit onto the electric socket, set perimeter boundaries, get the dog to wear the collar, and train it on new boundaries, and it is ready for use. This wireless fence pet system is waterproof; the dog can use it during the rainy season- immersing it in pools is discouraged.

If the dog runs out of the new boundaries, the central unit will send a warning to the collar, and sounds will stop the dog. Any stubborn pet crossing over the boundaries will receive a static shock. It comes with the latest wireless technology, ensuring that your dog will not be shocked after the central unit is shut down. The package includes a central wireless unit, four conductive posts, mounting screws, charging cable, power adaptor, training flags, test light, collar, and a reading manual.

What we like

  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable receiver
  • Two working modes
  • 1000 feet remote range

1. XFOX Wireless Dog Fence

XFOX Wireless Dog Fence

If you’re looking for an invisible pet fence that uses GPS for accurate positioning, look no further. XFOX wireless fence pet system is your best choice. This wireless fence requires no transmitters; set your boundaries on the collar and use the GPS setting to ground your pet in a specific radius. You can set dome-shaped boundaries up to 800 meters using the GPS settings; sound alerts will warn the dog when limits are crossed.

The collar comes with a rechargeable 500mAH battery; these collars are constructed out of IP65 waterproof material. The package includes a receiver, a charging cable, a reading manual, a 5V charger, a test light, and a TPU strap. OFOX wireless dog fence will contain your pets in a specific area at home, camping, parks, and traveling harmlessly.

What we like

  • 2625 feet coverage
  • No transmitter boxes
  • GPS wireless system
  • Lithium battery powered
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Wireless Fence System For Dogs

Below are some of the features that should pinpoint the best wireless fence system for dogs.


Each wireless system has specific ranges; you may want to calculate the area you want your dogs to stay and look for a system that matches your perimeter.

Other areas to put into consideration when dealing with perimeter are slopes, curves, and bends. Go for a product that will create a big play area for your dogs.


You’ll need to train your pets on the new boundaries and repelling effects. Being there in person the first month is important so that you may encourage shocked pets.


These gadgets use different ways of containing pets: You may choose static, shock, or vibrations; some gadgets have all three modes in one.

Buried wire

Buried wires are being overtaken by the transmitter and GPS systems. Do you want a system that will require you to dig up holes for it? Or would you want a hustle-free system that is easy to install?

You may forget buried wires over time; the forgotten wires may be hazardous if left exposed to rains.


You may want a portable gadget if you’re always on the go; if you love long drives, traveling, and camping with your pets, these wireless fences may come in handy to contain them.

Size And Breed Of The Dogs

You may want to consider the size and the breed of the dogs. Some dogs like pugs may be too small to trigger an alert. Rottweilers and Great Dames may give false continuous alerts because of their large size.


You may want to test the functionality of each product. Any defaulting may be harmful to your dogs.

The effectiveness of one central unit may determine whether you can pair many collars to it for other pets at home.


These fences are run mostly by lithium batteries, while the transmitters may be battery or electric powered. You may want to verify the legality of the usage of these live gadgets on your animals.


Some manufacturers will offer you a 90-day return period plus a lifetime warranty. These warranties will save you the costs of replacements over time.

Finally, it is essential to be around when you let your pets out with these collars; just like babies, dogs will always ask for help when in distress.

The weight of these collars should be light. Dogs will hate carrying heavy gadgets around their necks.

It is also advisable not to have these collars on for long hours: You do not want your pets to feel the burden of wearing these collars every day and for long hours; these long hours may feel like a punishment that will dampen their spirits.

Wrapping Up

Dogs love chasing, catching, and jumping. These vigorous activities may take them miles away from home without looking back.

The invisible fence system is a useful and safe technology to keep them under wraps. Your dogs will know their boundaries with a little training around the perimeter.

A wireless fence system for dogs is the best safety barrier that will not limit their exercises. The guide above should help you to make an informed purchase.

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