The Best Toilet Paper Storage Cabinet For The Bathroom

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It is embarrassing when the toilet paper runs out, and you can not get out of the bathroom. Having a couple of rolls with you in the loo can save the day. The modern decor has made the availability of toilet paper storage cabinets with a touch of class. This storage need not be expensive but spacious.

Bathrooms are the second most visited rooms by family members after the kitchen. There’s, therefore, a need to keep it organized and clean. Over the toilet shelves and overhead cabinets are popular among space savers. They are also multi-purpose. Here is a list that should guide you in shopping for your bathroom’s best toilet paper storage.

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5. Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet On Wheels

Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet On Wheels

If you’re looking for a space-saving toilet paper storage cabinet, a slim bathroom storage cabinet is your best option. This cabinet is wheeled and offers you room to change its position as you wish. The four swivel wheels have a lock to stop unnecessary movements. It has two movable drawers. The bottom drawer is spacious enough to hold three bottles of shampoo. The top drawer can hold up to six standard size toilet rolls.

It comes with two top basket compartments that you can store your tissue rolls. The top surface can hold flower decor or candle jars. This thin toilet vanity cabinet is made from durable wood. The clear white finish makes it waterproof and easy to clean. It comes with a hidden toilet brush groove at the back for hiding your cleaning brush. If you’re not satisfied with it, the manufacturer offers you a one-year warranty. The slim bathroom storage cabinet is ideal for any minimalist and students. You can set it up elegantly in your bedroom.

What we like

  • Anti-Mildew.
  • Waterproof.
  • Wheeled.
  • Twin drawers.

4. IOXTY Bathroom Storage Cabinet

IOXTY Bathroom Storage Cabinet

If you’re looking for an organizing toilet paper storage cabinet for the bathroom, look no further. IOXTY offers you room to organize all your toiletries in one place. You have more space in the center drawer for storing shaving creams, hairbrushes, combs, and cosmetics. The top part opens up for you to replenish toilet rolls. The narrow-height storage gives you room to store up to five toilet paper.

You can keep your trash out of sight with this extractable trash bottom compartment. IOXTY is ideal for narrow bathrooms. Its white color lights up small spaces, making them look more spacious and elegant. Natural paulownia and tung wood make this cabinet. No assembling is required. The clear white finish makes it waterproof and easy to clean.

What we like

  • No installation is required.
  • Wooden cabinet.
  • Narrow height.
  • Extractable bin.

3. Small Bathroom Toilet Paper Storage

Small Bathroom Toilet Paper Storage

Beautify your bathroom with this sleek but straightforward toilet paper storage. Small bathroom toilet paper storage is brought to you by the BinBing brand. It is an ideal accessory for small bathrooms. It does not require assembling, unpack it, and set it up near the toilet. It comes with a toilet roll dispenser compartment to not have to buy a roll dispenser.

Wood-plastic composite is used to make IOXTY-this makes it sturdy, durable, and waterproof. If you love clutter-free spaces, this toilet roll storage is your perfect mate. It has a single bottom compartment for storing paper rolls, which can be locked. You can use this three-tiered paper storage to store extra towels, laundry soap, and toilet paper rolls. It comes in a single white color. The clear finish on it creates a waterproof layer, thus making cleaning easy.

What we like

  • Easy assembly.
  • Wooden.
  • White color.
  • Multi-function cabinet.

2. Gotega Small Bathroom Toilet Paper Storage

Gotega Small Bathroom Toilet Paper Storage

Here is a small toilet paper storage for the bathroom that can fit between the toilet seat and bathroom sink. Gotega has a 6’by 4.5by 4.5 dimension. You may find yourself taking your mobile phone with you and not know where to place it. Gotega offers you a room at the top to place it. You may also place a flower pot there. It comes with a built-in roll dispenser. Place it near the toilet, and it’s ready to use.

Below the dispenser are two compartments used as toilet paper storage that can hold four standard rolls. The other can hold two bottles of medium-sized shampoo. Gotega is ideal for use in students’ hostels and motels. Minimalists will love its space-saving design. It is made from PVC foam board, which is mildew free and waterproof -an eco-friendly material that does not fade, smell or soak water.

No installation is required as it comes fully assembled.

What we like

  • Waterproof.
  • Small and narrow.
  • Corner cabinet.
  • PVC foam board.

1. SSLine Small Bathroom Storage

SSLine Small Bathroom Storage

SSLine is a free-standing thin toilet vanity cabinet that can fit in small-sized bathrooms without looking congested. This white scrolled storage cabinet is made from a PVC foam board. A durable material that does not fade requires no painting and is environmentally friendly. This PVC is suitable for wet conditions.

Maintenance and cleaning are easy; wipe it with a wet cloth. A deep cleaning may require you to spay water- it does not soak in water. It comes with a 9’by 8′ by 31′ dimension that allows you to place it between the toilet and the bathtub. It’s a great space saver.

It comes with a top part, middle shelf, toilet paper dispenser, and a bottom closed compartment. You can store toilet paper rolls, three medium-sized shampoos, and laundry detergent. You may use the top part as a flower pot or smartphone holder – an ideal gift for students.

What we like

  • Toilet paper dispenser.
  • PVC material.
  • Small cabinets.
  • Waterproof.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Toilet Paper Storage Cabinet For The Bathroom

The markets are flooded with varieties of toilet paper storage cabinets for bathrooms that make it hard to pinpoint the best product. Here are some characteristics that should guide you in making an informed choice.

  • Durability

You may want a cabinet that will last you many years without bending, sagging, or soaking water. Durability depends on the material used and how well you maintain an existing cabinet. Wetting wooden cabinets will reduce its lifespan.

  • Functionality

If a product does not fit your needs, then it will not be functional. If you’re looking for a bathroom organizer, a cabinet with several compartments and shelves is your best bet.

These storage shelves are meant to stock toiletries and save you the time of going back and forth when they run out. A wheeled cabinet gives you room to move it around with ease-makes cleaning the bathroom comfortable.

  • Space

Do you have extra space in your bathroom for additional storage? Will your bathroom look congested? These are some of the questions to have in mind if you have a small bathroom.

  • Material

Wooden storage cabinets have been in use over the years. Their downside has been rotting when exposed to moisture and water. Modern manufactures are covering it with laminate to make it waterproof.

Installing wooden cabinets on bathroom walls makes them less exposed to water.

PVC foam board usage has drifted from wooden material. It is more durable than wood, does not sag, bends, or smell. It requires minimal maintenance and no assembling.

Metal storage cabinets are durable and lightweight. They are popular in over the toilet storage.

  • Size

The size of your bathroom and your needs should map out the perfect storage cabinet for your home. You may want large storage if you have a big family. Small cabinets compliment minimalists homes well while decluttering it.

  • Safety

If your home has children, you’ll agree that safety tops your lists when shopping for a product. You want a cabinet that will not fall over your children.

You want a product that stays in one place and a lockable cabinet that gives you room to lock shampoos and detergents away from children. You may opt to Install overhead cabinets and wall shelves to keep your children safe.

Some wooden cabinets produce a foul smell when new- this may affect family members with bronchial ailments. Airing it outside for a day kicks the smell off.

Finally, you may want a product that adds elegance to your bathroom, requires minimal or no installation. A spacious cabinet that can hold extra towels without congesting your bathroom. These storage cabinets are not pricey if you’re a hands-on person; design and build the storage cabinets yourself according to the available space.

Wrapping Up

Bathrooms are the second most visited spaces in a home after the kitchen. You may want to keep it clean and attractive. You can accomplish this effortlessly by installing toilet paper storage.

A toilet paper storage with a trash can compartment allows you to keep dirt out of sight. Lockable drawers and shelves keep your shampoo and laundry soap out of children’s reach.

This list should guide you in shopping for the best cabinet that will spruce up your bathroom. Happy hunting.

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