The Best Standing Desk Balance Boards For Office And Home

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If you want to get rid of the fatigue caused by prolonged sitting down, look no further. Standing desk balance boards for the office and home are comfortable mats that you can place under a standing desk and use to ease the stress from your feet and your entire body.

These boards are crafted out of foam and latex material to offer your feet the desired comfort. Rounded nodes are shaped on top to massage your feet while you’re working. You can use these boards at home when you are prepping meals in the kitchen or at the office while working on a standing desk. We are duty-bound to sift out the best boards in the flooded markets and make your shopping easier.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

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# 5. Saratoga Comfort Mat For Standing Workstation

Saratoga Comfort Mat For Standing Workstation

Saratoga comfort mat is yours if you’re looking for a balance board for a standing desk. You can put this mat under your desk to transition from sitting to standing. The massage nodes will help relieve stress and fatigue on your feet.

The Saratoga brand makes its comfortable boards out of foam material. This foam is ergonomic and is crafted with a front and back ramp to allow you to move while standing. This mat has a non-skid surface and bottom. You don’t have to worry about slipping and scratching your floors.

Saratoga ensures that you can burn calories while working at home or in the office and increase your productivity. This standing board weighs 4.74 pounds and measures 26.7′ by 22.8′ by 3.5 inches. If you are not satisfied with the Saratoga standing board, worry not. The manufacturer offers you a 30-day risk-free money-back policy.

What we like

  • Anti-skid surface
  • Foot massage nodes
  • Free massage ball
  • Money-back policy

# 4. Well Desk Premium Wooden Board

Well Desk Premium Wooden Board

The Well Desk is a premium rocking standing desk balance board made out of latex and plywood. The wooden part offers stability, while the rubber bottom ensures that you do not skid or scratch your floors while standing on it.

This wobbly board tilts up to a 10 degrees angle to ensure that you burn calories while standing and increase your productivity. You can use a Well Desk wooden board without shoes to get the ultimate massage from the foot nodes.

It is lightweight and portable. You can use it at home and in the office to reduce stress and fatigue from your body. It weighs 6.5 pounds, can hold a weight limit of up to 625 pounds, and measures 19.5′ by 13.5 by 2 inches. The manufacturer is confident about their products and offers you a lifetime warranty on all registered purchases.

What we like

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-fatigue board

# 3. Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

Gaiam standing desk balance board for office and home comes in an ergonomic honeycomb design that provides a non-slip texture. You do not have to worry about slipping off it or scratching your floors-the bottom is rubberized.

This wobbly board encourages micro muscle movements, proper blood circulation, and reduces stress on your body. You can use it in the kitchen while prepping meals and at the office under a standing workstation.

Gaiam standing board promotes proper standing position, which will help you increase your productivity. This ergonomic and comfortable standing board will alleviate spine position and back pains, offering you an active body and mind. It comes with a 300lbs weight limit and comes with a rubber bottom soft on your floors.

What we like

  • Encourages muscles movements
  • Rocker balance board
  • Non-slip surface
  • Promotes proper posture

# 2. StrongTek Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

StrongTek Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

Are you looking for a balance board for standing desks that can take a load of up to 400 pounds? Look no further. StrongTek brand makes its boards out of high-quality latex that is non-toxic but comfortable. It comes with foot massage nodes.

These nodes will help ease stress and fatigue from your feet going up to the entire body. The latex material is anti-skid and scratch-free. You can use it on a tiled or carpeted floor without the fear of slipping off.

This wobbly board is lightweight and portable. You can use it at home while prepping meals and in the office under a standing desk. You can tilt this standing board up to 8.5 degrees to give your feet micro-movements and allow proper blood circulation. It weighs 6.64 pounds and measures 18′ by 13.9′ by 2.2 inches. You can use it with a maximum load of up to 400lbs.

What we like

  • Anti-scratch surface
  • Non-slip surface
  • High-quality latex
  • Anti-fatigue board

# 1. FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat

FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat

FEZIBO standing desk balance boards are a perfect alternative to sitting down for too long. Sitting down may cause back and spine pains. You can alleviate these painful points by working on a standing desk and place the FEZIBO desk mat under your feet.

It comes with nodes that will massage your feet. You will work comfortably without back pains and increase your productivity. The FEZIBO brand makes its boards out of soft but durable latex material. The top and bottom parts are anti-scratch and non-slip. You’ll not have to worry about falling off it.

You can use this standing board at home and in the office. This board is perfect both for women, men, and children. You can use this soft and comfortable board to exercise at home. It works well as a plank board if you want to build some abs. This standing board weighs 7.63 pounds and measures 25′ by 2.5′ by 12 inches. This board can hold a load of up to 320lbs.

What we like

  • Portable
  • lightweight
  • Encourages fitness
  • No assembly design
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Standing Desk Balance Boards For Office And Home

If you are looking for a standing board with minimal movements and will give you the needed comfort, you may want to consider the characteristics below.


You may want a board with low profile colors that will not draw your feet’ attention while working in your workplace.


Most board brands use latex and foam material together with plywood for stability. Foam and latex are soft and comfortable to your feet. The bottom has a soft rubber material. This rubberized material does not scratch the floors. The latex material is also non-slip, which prevents you from falling off while you are working.


These boards’ primary function is to give you a correct working position and relieve stress and fatigue from your feet. Rounded nodes are created on top of these boards to act as mini-massage boards. These nodes will help you make micro-muscle movements and enhance proper blood circulation. Some brands will attach balls onto the board to increase your foot movement without distracting your work.


As much as these boards will create foot movements, the manufacturers are cautious when making tilted panels. Most boards will tilt up to ten degrees. This tilt is safe, and it cannot topple you over. It might be best to choose a longer board if you are tall and get a perfect balance.


The manufacturers create anti-skid boards that will ensure your safety while working. These boards also come with rubberized bottoms that will not scratch or break your tiled floors.

Board Type

There are three types of boards that you can use to stand on while working at home or in the office.

a.Rocker Boards
These boards have an arch bottom and a square deck. They look unstable and are not popular in the standing desk environment. You can use them as home gym tools. Rocker boards will help you tighten your flanks and abs.

b.Wobble Boards
These boards have a bowl-shaped bottom that will give you a 360 degrees tilt. Wobble boards are a perfect choice for people looking for minimal foot movement while working. Gaiam Evolve standing board is one of the wobble boards the markets are offering.

c.Roller Boards
These roller boards come with a deck board at the top and a giant roller under it. You can use roller boards under your standing desk if your main goal is to burn calories and keep fit.

d.Standing Up Desk Boards
These are accessories for the standing desk. They’re known as mini-treadmills. These boards allow you to keep your mind and body fit while you’re working.

Wrapping Up

You might be looking for an alternative working position after sitting for too long. You may have experienced severe back pains and swollen feet while sitting in your workstation.

Standing desk balance boards are a genius way of reducing these pains and fatigue. You might want to consider having a standing workstation first then accessorize it with these balance boards.

The guide above is detailed enough to help you correct your working position.

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