The Best Squirrel Feeder Reviews In 2021

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Squirrels are nature’s best gift to us, they are fascinating and joy to watch. Some people are not interested in them, but that doesn’t make them harmful animals. If you keep birds, the presence of squirrels in the neighborhood means that the bird’s feeder may be ransacked anytime. Squirrels have uncanny habits to get into the bird feeder. To avoid this, get a squirrel feeder.

There are several squirrel feeders in the market, and so one can easily be spoilt for choice. However, we have done a well-researched analysis and reviews and have come up with the best 5 outdoor squirrel feeders in the market today.

Our review is pegged on broad analysis ranging from features, materials, design, and effectiveness to use. We hope upon reading this review; you will experience no problem in settling for either of these products.

So, let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the completed reviews of  “the Best Squirrel Feeder” :

#5. Nature’s hangout

Nature's hangout

These squirrel feeders are made to withstand nature and its elements. Nature squirrel feeders are made of a type of wood known as Paulownia. Paulownia wood is high temperature, damage, and warping. Hang this feeder outside and watch squirrels flocking in the season after season. Being made from Paulownia tree, a sustainable and renewable source of timber makes it environmentally friendly. It leaves an unnoticeable environmental footprint and gives your yard a greater look.

You don’t need to assemble a Nature’s squirrel feeder since it comes ready assembled, and the design makes food loading easy. It makes an excellent gift for squirrel lovers. It measures 5x10x7 inches and has with it a mounting tool.

With this feeder, the squirrels are kept away from your garden; they will head straight away to where the food is kept. If your feeder is loaded with great food, definitely the squirrels will be more likely to avoid your garden. You can paint your feeder with environmental colors to brighten your yard and see how nature is interesting. You will enjoy the entertainment this squirrel house unleashes.


  • Hanging mount
  • Has a versatile design
  • Light and durable
  • Easy to use

#4. Classic Squirrel Feeder

Classic Squirrel Feeder

Classic squirrel feeder is a product made in the USA with pride. Watching the squirrel play on this squirrel feeder in the morning makes you smile. So with this feeder, you can start your day on a smiley note. You will fall in love with this feeder from the first time you open it since the freshly cut cedar smell will hit your nose up

The feeder’s landing pad and its design make it usable for different purposes. It has two cups for seeds or peanuts. You can draw the squirrels where you want them to be. Mount your feeder on the tree if you want the squirrels in the yard, or make your feeder stand freely on the deck if you want them closer.

Ever thought of gifting a nature lover or a backyard enthusiast? Classic squirrel feeders are your thing. It comes with a bag of unsalted peanuts, making it usable as soon as it arrives in your backyard We guarantee you will love this beautiful feeder as it is hand-made in our shop in Louisiana. You will realize the value of money in this product made from Western Red Cedar.


  • Easy usage
  • Designed well
  • 2- cups of peanut
  • Easily mountable
  • Made of quality cedar

#3. MIXXIDEA Squirrel Feeder Table

MIXXIDEA Squirrel Feeder Table

MIXXIDEA squirrel feeder table for outside is made from solid wood known as cedar. Solid wood is better in terms of quality and is not easily corroded compared to composite wood. This ensures that your feeder lasts longer. Moreover, the feeder acts as a part of a tree to squirrels. Its light color attracts the attention of the squirrels faster. The solid structure gives it great performance when it comes to loading capacity. But to achieve this solid structure, the manufacturer has used great fixing on the skeleton of the picnic table.

Moreover, this is the most convenient feeder for squirrels; the availability of two benches, one on each side, can accommodate several squirrels feeding at a go. The screw at the middle of the feeder is used to fix the food. The screw has a cover; no squirrel will be stabbed despite not putting food. You can put the corn potatoes on top and even some kernels.

MIXXIDEA squirrel feeder is very easy to install; fixing it only takes two nails since the product doesn’t need to be assembled. It’s a one-person job. This feeder is not easy to shake with the wind. The weight of this feeder is approximately 0.45 kilograms; this removes the weight burden to the owner. The lightweight makes it not easy to fall off from a tree despite how long the usage duration might be.


  • Very stable
  • 2 benches
  • Strong and durable
  • Beautiful color
  • Cedar material

#2. Nebudo – Large – Squirrel Feeder Picnic Table

Nebudo – Large – Squirrel Feeder Picnic Table

Nebudo squirrel feeder for outside makes you feed the squirrels and chipmunks with satisfaction. The feeding of these beautiful animals is always fun. Watch as they run up and down, squeezing between each other as they make their way into the new feeder bench. The sight can relieve you from stress, anger, and anxiety.

These squirrel feeders are made from Paulownia wood which is strong and durable. Each connection point has a nail for reinforcement purposes. The feeder comes already varnished. This feature makes the table very durable compared to other products.

The easy-to-install squirrel feeder only takes two minutes or less to be mounted anywhere; tree, fence, backyard, or even outside your kitchen’s window. It has a screw you can use to hold the corn. You can use the back support board to mount on the tree. Suppose you don’t have a place to hang it; place it down on the ground minus the support board.

Suppose you are looking forward to gifting an animal lover or a nature lover; you are covered with this squirrel feeder. This product guarantees the value of your money. It is made with a sturdy metal of higher quality.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Detachable screw
  • Large size
  • Has mounting option

#1. Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder

Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder

With this Nutraffect squirrel table feeder, you will experience a picnic set up as you will have a view of squirrels and chipmunks runs up and down to your picnic table squirrel feeder. You will have countless minutes of entertainment from the chipmunks and squirrels.

Enjoying the vicinity of squirrels and other wildlife on the picnic table for squirrels helps you overcome stress, anxiety, fear, and anger. Enjoying nature has proved to increase happiness and builds one’s physical well-being.

If you are planning on gifting a person who loves nature, this product works perfectly well. Imagine the happiness they would have with this product as a gift to them. These picnic table squirrel feeders are made from natural weather cedar harvested in Northern Wisconsin. It has a sturdy design connected with wood deck screws for the best quality.


  • Setting up is easy
  • Durability guaranteed
  • Has mounting options
  • Beautifully made
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Best Squirrel Feeders

For you to buy a product, you need to conduct thorough research and go through the reviews of such an item from different sites to establish if it is worth the cost and if it suits your need. We have provided well-done buyers guide below to help you understand the most important factors to consider when choosing the best squirrel feeder.

  • Capacity: It is the amount of food that a feeder can hold. Your capacity choice should be determined by the number of squirrels visiting you. The more squirrel you get, the bigger the capacity of the feeder should be.
  • Design: There are several squirrel feeder designs, and several factors inform the feeder’s design. Importantly, the design is mostly affected by the type of food you want to feed the squirrel. As an example, corns are very okay for open design feeders, while loose foods are good in enclosed feeders. Apart from the food type, the location and type of squirrel also influence a feeder’s design.
  • Material Construction: The strength of the feeder is a crucial consideration to make before buying a squirrel feeder. It is always advisable to buy a durable product. Metal feeders are a good option since they can withstand different weather conditions and cannot be chewed by squirrels. While the beautiful wooden feeders are nice to view and they complement the yards, some are strong and can withstand different factors.
  • Cost: Before making the purchase, go for a product that falls within your budget range, don’t overstretch your finances. There should be a balance between functionality and cost. Buy a feeder within your budget, and that can serve your purpose.


There are several reasons for a person to want a squirrel feeder in their backyard. One outstanding reason is that it is great fun and entertaining to feed the squirrel in your backyard. Already, you have gone through the list of the best squirrel feeder in the market. This makes it easier for you to pick a model you desire. Go get yours today.

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