The Best Sliding Door Hardware Kit Reviews of 2021

The best sliding door hardware kit reviews
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Sliding doors are an essential part of every modern home because of lightweight, a higher level of convenience, ease of use, and less coverage of space. You can use these doors in combination with your home color and design to increase the décor of your home. The durability and efficiency of barn doors depend on the hardware used in it.

An excellent sliding door hardware kit also adds to its beauty and makes the sliding easy and smooth. Your needs and preferences and the features of the door hardware kit always shape your buying decision.

However, this article will narrow down your search for sliding barn door hardware kit because it reviews some of the best door hardware kits.

8-Easelife 3.3 FT Super Mini, Smooth and Easy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Kit

Easelife 3.3 FT Super Mini, Smooth and Easy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Kit

If you want an affordable sliding door hardware kit made of quality material, Easelife 3.3 FT should always be your top choice. Its fine black coated surface makes it corrosion free and increases its longevity. The company assures you of passing the door through 100,000 slide tests. Butter like slide makes it convenient for everyone because the slide is smooth and quiet. The Anti-pad on top of the door provides maximum security and prevents its lifting up from the slide. There is a floor guide to control swinging of the door while door stoppers help to prevent the door from colliding the slide edges.

What we like

  • High-quality steel with a powder-coated surface
  • Easy installation
  • Smooth-rolling
  • Good security features

7-Homacer Single Track Bypass Double Door Kit

Homacer Single Track Bypass Double Door Kit

Homacer single track bypass double door kit is ideal for those who intend to make efficient use of space and avoid the frustration of double track. The use of premium carbon steel makes it sturdier than any other sliding barn door hardware kit. The high-quality nylon used in wheels makes its operation noiseless. It also comes with a black powdered coating to match the beauty of any house. The instruction book explains all the installation steps with pictures, thereby making installation quick and easy. Its track has a capacity of 200 lbs enabling it to accommodate even the massive doors.

What we like

  • Looks very attractive
  • Has a sturdy structure
  • Top-quality metal with a black powdered coating

6-U-MAX Heavy Duty 6 FT Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

U-MAX Heavy Duty 6 FT Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

Are you looking for a heavy-duty, durable door hardware kit? U-MAX heavy duty sliding barn door kit is one of the best door hardware kits because of its innovative features and shape and style of hangars. Its J-shaped hangar has a capacity of 200 lbs. The additional pieces packed with this kit makes its installation and operation quite easy and smooth. It comes with anti-jump guides that keep it on the track always while the stoppers prevent its collision with the other end of the track. The company offers a money-back guaranty and a limited lifetime warranty for defects and damages in it.

What we like

  • Durable steel structure
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Has anti-jump disks and stoppers
  • Increased stability with J-shaped pillars

5-WINSOON Antique Style Sliding Barn Wood Door Kit

WINSOON Antique Style Sliding Barn Wood Door Kit

WINSTON is the brand that boasts the quality of the sliding door hardware kit. It comes with a waterproof coating to make it rustproof even in exposure to the elements. The 230 lbs weight-bearing capacity makes it ideal for most doors. This door hardware kit comes with installation instructions to make it easy for all to install it. The instructions book contains words and pictures for all the steps. The predrilled holes after every 16-inches increase the durability and sturdiness of the door kit. It comes with a money-back guaranty.

What we like

  • Easy to install and smooth operation
  • Waterproof coating
  • Great weighing capacity

4-EaseLife 4 FT Super Mini Double Door Sliding Hardware Kit

EaseLife 4 FT Super Mini Double Door Sliding Hardware Kit

EaseLife 4 FT sliding barn door hardware kit is suitable for those who like double sliding doors. Apart from high-quality carbon steel with a black powder-coated surface, it adds to the beauty of the house for a relatively long period. Its ultra-hard sturdy structure ensures maximum efficiency with a smooth and butter-like slide. Floor guide, door stoppers, and anti-pad are some of the innovative features of this door hardware kit. These do not allow the door to swing and lift from the rail. The company assures the customers that this double sliding door has passed 100,000 slide tests.

What we like

  • High-quality rust-free carbon steel
  • Double slide to support 60 lbs weighted doors
  • Equipped with the latest security features

3-Homlux Double Door Heavy Duty Sturdy Hardware Kit

Homlux Double Door Heavy Duty Sturdy Hardware Kit

Homlux heavy duty door hardware kit is one of those kits that will never disappoint you with the performance. The company has used premium grade material to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. The powder coating makes it waterproof and keeps it rust-free. Due to 6 ft width, it is ideal for garage, barn, stable, or any other outdoor application. The maximum weighing capacity of this door hardware kit is 350 lbs, which are higher than many ordinary hardware kits. It comes with two anti-jump guides and two J-shaped floor guides for safer operation.

What we like

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Equipped with security features
  • Maximum weighing capacity of 350 lbs
  • Long-lasting and durable

2-U-MAX 10FT Heavy Duty Double Door Sliding Barn Hardware Kit

U-MAX 10FT Heavy Duty Double Door Sliding Barn Hardware Kit

U-MAX basic sliding door hardware kit is one of the most affordable and sturdy sliding barn hardware door kits that comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can add to the beauty and efficiency of the door by different hanger styles. The high-quality material ensures higher reliability. Black paint on the steel structure makes it rustproof. The package includes all the accessories needed to install the door that can lift the weight of 200 lbs.

What we like

  • Made of new high-quality steel
  • Comes packed with all components
  • Saves much room space

1-SMARTSTANDARD Smooth and Quiet Heavy Duty Door Hardware Kit

SMARTSTANDARD Smooth and Quiet Heavy Duty Door Hardware Kit

If you want to buy a door hardware kit with innovative features but lower price, go for SMARTSTANDARD sliding door hardware kit because it is available at 1/3 of the cost of ordinary door hardware kits. It comes with a comprehensive instruction book for quick installation. However, you can also consult their professional team in case of any issue. It can lift the door of 36-40 inches in size. You can choose any one of the three available options that include traditional black matte, bronzed, and nickel-plated. The company has used premium quality material to provide a turnkey experience to the users.

What we like

  • Fits sizes of 36-40 inches
  • Available in three different finish options
  • High-quality material
  • Much affordable

The company gives a 100% moneyback guarantee to take your satisfaction level beyond your thoughts. It also offers premium security features at an affordable price.

Buying Guide

The availability of many different doors in the market makes the buying decision a bit challenging for everyone. However, you can buy a perfect sliding door hardware kit for your house by keeping in mind the following features.

The first and foremost feature to look for in a door hardware kit is the design because it is the design that will suit the beauty of the house. Both modern, as well as retro doors, are available in the market. Some people even prefer buying steel doors because these look gorgeous with sliding door bars.

The durability and longevity of a sliding barn door hardware kit depend on the material used in it. Most of the manufacturers use stainless steel for making rustproof door kits. Some companies also use pure steel coated with powder to make it water and rustproof.
Weight Limit
Different sliding door kits available in the market feature different weight limits. Usually, it depends on the material used in these kits. The sliding door hardware kits made of top quality material have maximum weight lifting capacity.

Price is another essential feature to consider while buying sliding door hardware kits. The companies determine the cost of these door hardware kits with the material used in these. However, you can buy an affordable door hardware kit with many innovative features.

Covered Space
Usually, the sliding barn door hardware kits cover a little space. Double sliding doors occupy more space as compared to single sliding doors. Always keep the area in mind while converting an old door into a sliding door.

Final Verdict

After reading the detailed reviews of various sliding door hardware kits, we jump to the conclusion that EaseLife 3.3 FT sliding door hardware track kit is the best of all because of its premium-quality material and smooth operation. The company assures to pass it from 100,000 successful slides before selling it in the market. The black powder coating makes it water and rustproof.

Despite the small size, it has good loading capacity.

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