The Best Slicing Knife Reviews : Top 5 Picks of 2021

The Best Slicing Knife
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There’s a specific knife for cutting every kind of food in the kitchen. The blade used on cutting bread cannot cut meat. Here you’ll need a slicing knife. Thus, it is important to have the best slicing carving knife around you with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Deboning lamb, turkey, or chicken will require the best carving knife.

Sharp knives are the epitome of every cool kitchen. However, owning the best in the market sets your culinary skills on another level. Best slicing knives make even cuts and slices.

The markets are flooded with varieties of them that may not perform as desired.

Below is a list of some of the best slicing knives options that the markets are offering. 

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best Slicing Knife” :

#5. DALSTRONG Gladiator Series 14″ Extra Long Slicer

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series 14 Extra Long Slicer

If you’re looking for a slicing carving knife, trust DALSTRONG. They are makers of impeccable knives that are durable and sharp. This extra long slicer is popular among top chefs. A perfect choice for slicing roasts, ham, vegetables, and fruits. It slices every food stuff evenly; a single slicing stroke makes you feel like a kitchen samurai.

Additionally, it comes with a sheath for storing. Remember, storing knives without sheaths can be dangerous when one is sifting through the utensils. The 14-inch blade stays sharp for a long time, does not rust or skid. The high carbonated stainless steels make it strong and more durable.

It has an ergonomic anti-slip handle that has a finger guard near the blade. The handle is also full tang. When cutting, the blade does not snap out of place. The triple rivets have reinforced stability on it.

The manufacturer offers a warranty. You lose nothing with the money-back policy on all returns.

What we like

  • 100% Money-back policy.
  • 14-inch blade.
  • Triple-riveted handle.
  • High-carbon steel blade.

#4. TUO Slicing Knife

TUO Slicing Knife - Granton Carving Knife

An award-winning fiery slicing stainless steel knife is an excellent choice for cooks who love using Chinese products. The carbonated German stainless steel blade prevents corrosion and rusting. Secondly, it has a pointed tip for cutting thin slices. The blade stays sharp longer than most knives in the market. It has a fiery polished handle made from African pakkawood. A durable wood that slides water away while preventing rotting.

This knife also were multi-purpose with a great sport in cutting different food like slicing meats, fruits, and vegetables. It comes packaged in a luxurious gold-yellow box with cushioning inside. An ideal gift for mothers and chefs. The manufacturer offers you a lifetime guarantee with a full money-back policy if you’re not satisfied.

What we like

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Fiery pakkawood handle.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Narrow 12-inch blade.

#3. Mercer Culinary Renaissance Granton Edge Slicer

Mercer Culinary Renaissance Granton Edge Slicing Knife

Mercer slicing knife is your best bet if you’re looking for a full tang triple-riveted slicer. Santoprene resin is used on the handle to offer you a comfortable grip. The rounded bottom spine ensures that it does not slip. The resin is durable as it does not tear and wear. The 11-inch carbonated stainless steel is rust-resistant. Carbon blades are stable, strong, and last longer than plain steel.

Moreover, this model comes with a rounded tip for making holes on fruits and does not make unwanted holes on your meat slices. It is multi-purpose. You can use it to cut the cake, slice bread, fruits, vegetables, sliced chicken, and meat for making ham. It also cuts through cooked food like roasted meat evenly.

Handwashing with warm soapy water is recommended, and the use of chlorinated soap is discouraged to avoid discoloring and corrosion. Food doesn’t stick to its blade. Pitted blades allow air and juice to slide off. Mercer slicing knife has been tested and certified as safe for food use by NSF.

What we like

  • Finger guard.
  • A rounded spine handle.
  • It has a pitted stainless steel blade.
  • NSF Certified.

#2. Victorinox Swiss Army – 47645 Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army - 47645 Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

If you love products with rich histories, then you’ll love Victorinox Swiss Army slicing knife. Made in Switzerland since 1884, this slicing knife has been gracing kitchens with ease and perfection. The 12-inch blade is sharp with a rounded tip. It slices through all foods with one stroke. You don’t have to cut back and forth.

It comes with a fibrox pro handle that is comfortable on your hand. A finely textured grip that does not slip even when wet. The carbonated stainless steel blade does not corrode or rust. The pits on the blade allow food to slide off while cutting. When air is released, you get precise cuts.

Victorinox Swiss Army slicing knife is NSF certified. It is safe to use on all kinds of food.

What we like

  • Non-slip handle.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 12-inch stainless steel blade.
  • NSF Certified

#1. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Carving Knife

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife

If you’re looking into hosting a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, then you’ll need a sharp slicing carving knife with a long blade to cut through large chunks of meat with ease. MAIRICO is your best bet. At 11-inches, it can cut through chicken, turkey, and debone beef without going back and forth.

The high-carbon stainless blade is hollow; this ensures that food does not stick to it while cutting. The rounded tip is a helpful feature in carving out large fruits like watermelon and cutting thin slices of meat and fruits.

On top of that, it basically comes with an ergonomic, triple-riveted handle. The rivets ensure that your knife does not snap out of place even under high pressure. The handle is also anti-slip and comes with a finger guard.

The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. You can never go wrong with this budget-friendly but sharp slicing carving knife.

What we like

  • 11-inch long.
  • Round tip.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Ergonomic handle.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Slicing Knife

Before making your ultimate purchase, here are some of the characteristics you can look for in a knife.

1. The blade

Go for a blade that retains its sharpness for a long time. Constant sharpening is like chipping the knife away. The edge narrows and eventually breaks. Stainless steel blades are the best in durability and usage. They are rust-resistant and easy to handle.

A Granton pitted blade is popular with most chefs as it lets juice and air from your food slide away from the edges. Carbon stainless steel blades are strong and more durable than plain steel.

2. The handle

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, you’ll agree that having a comfortable grip while cutting is the best experience. Polished wooden handles with rounded spines are comfy.

Fine-textured plastic handles that are non-slip will offer a sturdy grip. You want a handle that is firm in your hand, even when wet.

A jointless handle is safe to use. One with joints may have spaces if food gets stuck in the holes and rot. If your knife is not thoroughly cleaned, it can harbor bacteria in the spaces. Finger guards tend to cover these joints.

3. The length

A 16-inch blade is too long to handle. Long blades tend to snap out of place while cutting. Go for a blade that is between 7 to 14 inches long. Short knives are tiresome and do not make a complete slice.

4. A Warranty

If you decide to shop for high-end knives, get one that offers warranties or money-back policies. Warranties ensure that you can get a replacement in case of breakages. If unsatisfied, you get a full refund. A lifetime warranty is a great plus.

5. Stamped or Forged

Forged knives are heavier than stamped ones. A forged knife is made from smelted steel, while the stamped one is made from a cut-out metal sheet. While the hot steel is cooling, it creates a distinguished hardness that tends to be heavy.

How To Care For Your Knives

You may want to avoid the constant trips to the shops for knives by taking great care of the existing ones. Below are a couple of inexpensive ways of caring for your knives to ensure longevity.

  • Washing

Leaving dirty knives overnight makes them blunt or discolored. Some knives are dishwasher safe, but most manufacturers recommend hand washing with warm soapy water. Avoid washing with chlorine since it will cause corrosion and discoloring.

Dry them well with a towel before storing them.

  • Storage

Knives blocks storage are the most common and best when you opt to store yours in knife boxes or drawers, consider using sheath would.

  • Sharpening

Use your knives on smooth surfaces like wooden chopping boards. Hard surfaces may damage your knives. Sharpen these knives less often or as required. Some sellers offer sharpeners for free when you purchase knives in sets.

Wrapping Up

Most people consider the kitchen to be the heart of every home. Having the right products makes cooking enjoyable. A blunt knife makes cooking detestable.

Get the best out of the characteristics above in order to get yourself the best slicing knife that will ease your kitchen workload.

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