The Best Sewer Camera For Drain Pipe Inspection

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Modern technology has improved sewer drain inspection by the use of sewer cameras. Today, technicians can check a sewerage system’s status via live feed without manually going into the drainage pipes.

When a system is clogged, these live feeds show the blockage’s nature, and proper tools for unclogging it are used with utmost confidence. Additionally, many rescue missions of pets and children who fell in drain pipes have been successful due to using sewer pipe cameras.

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#5. GOOQEE PIC001 UnderWater Camera

GOOQEE PIC001 UnderWater Camera

GOOQEE is yours if you’re looking for an industrial sewer camera for drain inspection. It comes with a spring camera head that allows you to go through bends within the drainage system.

It comes with a 23mm mini CCD camera, which has a ⅓-inch sony accurate color sensor. This camera is housed in a stainless steel casing that is water and rust-proof. You can view the drain system up to 140 degrees with a 20cm lens focus. The lens is covered with sapphire glass for ultimate protection against fluids.

The package includes a removable 8GB SD card that you can store your data. This camera comes with a colored monitor display (LCD screen), a 7′ dimension screen.

You also get 66ft long fibreglass cable on a steel reel. The cord is coated with pp for durability. This coating allows you to wash it safely after use. The package includes a manual, battery pack, remote control, cable mounted on a wheel, fuse, text writer, skid, DVR, and a CCD camera.


  • Waterproof
  • Push Cable
  • 8GB SD Card
  • 7 inch DVR

#4. Aukfa Sewer Camera

Aukfa Sewer Camera

You can get Aukfa sewer camera for a professional pipe inspection. It comes with an IP68 waterproof camera that has up to twelve adjustable brightness levels. It also comes with an in-built distance counter and a 7D1CD control box that allows you to control the camera and monitor remotely.

You also get A 7D1 power box which has a rechargeable 4500mAh battery. This pack offers you up to nine hours of continuous power supply. Aukfa sewer camera comes with DVR recording box that will send data to a display screen. The 7-inch TFT LCD screen displays live color feed from the camera.

Aukfa also comes with a free 8GB SD card for data storage. You expand this storage up to 32 GB. Aukfa comes with a 30M cable with a distance counter that tells you how much of the line has gone into the drainage system. The package includes a carrying box, remote control, key, cable, 8GB SD card, 12v charger, pipe camera, and a 7-inch TFT monitor.


  • Waterproof Camera
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Display Cable
  • Adjustable brightness

#3. Jaydear Pipe Inspection Camera

Jaydear Pipe Inspection Camera

If you want to cut the costs of renting drain pipe inspection tools, look no further than owning Jaydear sewer camera. This drainage inspection camera comes with a 7-inch HD monitor that supports a 2.4G wireless signal. You can sync this system with your smartphone and tablet to get live feeds. You can also sync up to five gadgets to this monitor at a go. It comes with a downloadable app that you can use on both IOS and Android smartphones.

Jaydear camera is IP68 waterproof and comes with a stainless steel cover. The lens is also covered with sapphire glass for longevity. This camera has six white LED adjustable brightness levels that you can control via the monitor. This camera also supports AVI, QVGA video, and JPEG photo formats.

A portable case is included. This case weighs 13 pounds and comes with drain inspection tools, including the monitor, cable, camera, battery pack, and WIFI router. You can use the Jaydear pipe inspection camera to check air conditioning pipes, riverbed rescue missions, automotive mechanics, underwater exploration, and chimney inspections.


  • Waterproof camera
  • WIFI Compatible
  • HD Monitor
  • Portable Case

#2. Anysun Sewer Pipe Camera

Anysun Sewer Pipe Camera

Anysun sewer pipe camera is yours if you’re looking for a camera with a distance meter counter. It comes with a 7′ TFT LCD color monitor, DVR box, 30M cable, SD card, storage case, and a waterproof CCD camera.

You can use this IP68 waterproof camera underwater to inspect sewer systems. This camera allows you to observe the cable length in use via the live feeds. This camera comes with a spring probe that allows you to take images at 140 degrees and behind corners.

You can adjust the LED light brightness with the available twelve levels. The HD monitor ensures that the bright light does not blur your images. The DVR box record live videos and sends them to the monitor. An external 8GB SD card stands by to store the direct feeds. The available 4500mAh rechargeable battery will function up to eight hours on a full charge.


  • Video recorder
  • 30M Cable
  • 8GB SD Card
  • Rechargeable Battery

#1. PRANITE Sewer Camera

PRANITE Sewer Camera

PRANITE is a sewer camera for drain pipe inspection. It comes with an HD camera that takes images in different format files like jpeg, png. The monitor quickly reads these formats. This camera IP68 waterproof and has an anti-corrosion steel cover. Stainless steel housing will ensure that the camera works in systems with high chemical fluids.

It comes with a 7′ TFT LCD monitor that will display live feeds from the drainpipe system. A free 8GB SD card for storing live uncompressed data is included in the package. You expand this storage up to 32 GB.

The package includes a carrying box, remote control, key, 30M cable, SD card, connector cable, 12v charger, power plug, pipe camera, and a 7-inch TFT monitor. You can use PRANITE beyond sewer inspection and check out your gutters, chimneys, automotive mechanics, and AC conditioning pipes.


  • 8GB SD Card
  • 7-inch monitor
  • Waterproof camera
  • LED light

The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Sewer Camera For Drain Pipe Inspection

Here are some of the characteristics to check in a sewer camera. These features should tell you the efficiency of these cameras.

Camera Quality

You will need a waterproof, high-resolution tube camera. Typically a 10mm camera is used underdrain water. You can choose from the standard, pan-tilting head camera and self-leveling head depending on the nature of your drainage system. Most technicians prefer the pan-tilting and self-leveling cameras for their ability to take images behind corners.

Good camera lightning will ensure that you take specific details as they appear in the system. You might want to shop for a camera that comes with adjustable light brightness or LED lighting. A camera that will zoom in images lets you see beyond where the camera cables can not reach. A good camera’s general characteristics include a video recorder, longer recording time, color images, and image rotation.

Battery Power

You may need to pack an extra battery or backup power bank when working out for long. The camera and the monitor hub uses individual batteries. Your inspection may stall if one of the batteries dies. Most brands will offer you rechargeable batteries, and having a couple may save the inspection process.

Cable Length

The camera is usually attached to the end of the cable. These cameras can only go as far as the cable length. It is therefore essential to have long cables depending on your usage. Most brands will offer you cords between 20 to 120 meters long.


Modern monitors come with keyboards and daylight readability features. This screen will show you exact drainage images. You can store, share, and look for long term solutions with these data. These monitors come with USB ports that you use to share and store videos and images.

You may also want a system that is compatible with a wireless network. The WIFI will allow you to sync the monitor hub to your other devices like your smartphone.


Technology advancements allow these cameras to record videos and store them in inbuilt storage or onto an external SD Card.

Portable Case

Most brands will offer you a metal case that you can carry your tools. These cases also act as your working desks. You can mount the monitor on the top part of the case for easy access. Finally, you may want to keep your camera and cables clean after every use.

You can use pressurized hose water to clean your cables. Adding cleaning detergents will ensure that you tend off the foul smell. However, this thorough washing is only done to strong and sturdy cables. Caution is needed when cleaning the camera’s probe and tip.

Wrapping Up

The old regular drain pipe inspection required technicians to go down these drains physically. These ancient methods were unhealthy, risky, and dirty.

The sewer camera for drain pipe inspection has taken sewer maintenance to a whole new level. You can buy these cameras and keep your backyard system in check without calling in professionals.

The list above should guide you in making an informed purchase and keep your sewage system up to date.

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