The Best Self Sharpening Chainsaw Review in 2021

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Ever thought of purchasing a self-sharpening chainsaw? Well, if you use a chainsaw on your day-to-day activities, this is an option you should start considering. There are many self-sharpening chainsaws toolkits in the market currently.

Picking the right self-sharpening kit for a chainsaw remains a significant challenge to most buyers since they are unsure which of the many products is the best. This review will give you the best insight since we have used expert analysis in identifying the best five self-sharpening chainsaws in the market based on their features, uses, parts, and how effective they operate.
Buying a self-sharpening chainsaw toolkit will never be the same again.

So, let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the completed reviews of  “the Best Self Sharpening Chainsaw” :

#5. Cataumet Chainsaw

Cataumet Chainsaw

Cataumet self-sharpening chainsaw has a chainsaw carrying bag and a sharpening kit with everything for easy sharpening and convenient storage.

The package includes three double handle file guides, one lightweight full-zip field bag, one chainsaw bag, 3 round files of sizes 3/16 inches- 4.8mm, 5/32inches- 4.0mm, and 13mm – 19mm chainsaw wrench screwdriver 7/32inches – 5.5mm, flat file (6” inches), and a depth gauge ranging 025″ inches to 0.63MM.

The saw has a frame guide that supports the saw file to stabilize and prevent breaking. Our depth gauge and the 6 inch
The frame guide supports the saw file in use to stabilize and prevent bending or breaking. This chainsaw depth gauge and a flat-file which is 6-inch, are easy to use in your endeavor to maintain a proper cutter tooth height.

Its chainsaw bag is made of water and abrasion-resistant polyester, which is double stitched with end to end HD double zippers making it easier for you to get your saw out for usage and in for storage.


  • Double hand system
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle

#4. MIZOOVA Chainsaw Sharpener

MIZOOVA Chainsaw Sharpener

MIZOOVA has a 10-piece sharpener kit; you can use it to sharpen the chain blade without much effort and quicker. You can use the durable 7/32, 5/32, and 3/16 inch on several pitches and chain types. The file has a mechanism in which it quickly locks and releases with engraved angles to help alignments when filling.

The package includes; file holder, bar groove cleaner, three files, flat file, pouch, quick check gauge, and depth gauge.
MIZOOVA chain saw measures 11.02 x 3.15 x 1.18 inches and weighs 13.4 ounces.

If you want to avoid paying someone to sharpen your chain, you can use our tool to help you sharpen your chain on your own. It is an easy task that you can manage with our tools. You can use detailed English instruction by following the simple steps to help you complete the task. As a novice, the instructions will be easy and useful even as you use our chainsaw sharpeners.

Even as you can sharpen the chainsaw on your own, always remember to power it off before you begin sharpening and also put on a glove


  • Quick load and release system
  • 3 files
  • Durable
  • Sharpens faster
  • Portable storage pouch
  • Bar groove cleaner
  • 6-inch flat file

#3. Backridge Tuff Chainsaw Sharpener Toolkit

Backridge Tuff Chainsaw Sharpener Toolkit

Buckridge tuff chainsaw sharpener toolkit works entirely well with fewer frustrations. Make the file guide tight by twisting it using your fingers. This will make your file still, unlike other kits that slide around.

This chainsaw sharpener makes your chainsaw ready to tear any wood. You don’t need to use energy in pushing your saw through a block of wood, your work will reduce by half the time, and you will feel fatigued since the chainsaw will be useful.
This toolkit is mobile and always gets the job accomplished; you can carry it in a truck. You won’t have to worry about hitting a nail with this equipment. Just use the kit, and your chainsaw will roar through the wood again.

You will experience quality cuts thanks to the filling guide that ensures the chainsaw teeth remain aligned well to avoid crooked cuts. The toolkit has several file sizes ensuring all brands gets a razor-sharp edge


  • Easy to tighten
  • Detachable wood handle
  • Multiple file sizes
  • Files multiple angles
  • High quality
  • Sharpens anywhere

#2. GOXAWEE Chainsaw Sharpener

GOXAWEE Chainsaw Sharpener

GOXAWE chainsaw sharpener kit is electric that accommodates several chainsaw blades. It has 140 watts high power chainsaw tool, collect wrench, angle guide attachment, and six hard sharpening wheel pieces in different sizes.

If you want a fast-oriented chain sharpener, GOXAWEE is right for you. It’s apparent that with time the chainsaw becomes blunt, and its efficiency will go down. With GOXAWEE, it has five levels of speed adjustments between 8000-30000 RPM and sharpening the dullest chain in a few minutes. Save your energy and time as you extend the lifespan of your chainsaw
If you want to cut faster, you can only achieve this by ensuring all your blades are sharp and uniform. However, this is not easy to accomplish with a hand file. However, GOXAWEE electric sharpener needs fixing on the grinding angle. All your cutters will grind to the same depths and angles leading to and from the gullet accurately

Both amateurs and gurus can use this tool; it is easy to use to sharpen chains easily from the bar within minutes. The accessories are relatively easy to install as you can adjust the sharpening guide to your standards.
The chainsaw is highly portable since it is light and handy, making it comfortable to control. It has a diamond sharpening burr that is hard and durable and doesn’t remove much metal. The vibration mistakes are removable, thanks to the fixed angle guide. This equipment is highly efficient.


  • Easy to use
  • Evenly grinding
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Fit most chains
  • Fast results
  • 5 level speed

#1. KATZO Deluxe Chainsaw

KATZO Deluxe Chainsaw

KATZO deluxe chainsaw sharpener is popular due to its reliability and efficiency. The set includes; 3 whet ones, a storage bag, T-wrench, Handy Loggers Vise, Bar rail dresser, Bar groove cleaner, quick check gauge, and three durable ABS.

This chainsaw sharpener is capable of handling all chainsaws. Its versatility makes it possible to keep your cutter razor-sharp and ready to go. You can conveniently sharpen with this equipment since it guarantees safety and it’s easy to use.

You can use the file kit to maintain a sharp edge if you plan to use your chainsaw for a longer duration. The unique orange color makes it outstanding among other tools; you can easily spot it from the store, even with grease.

This tool is useful in upgrading your compound and even working with other elements within your home. It is ideal for landscapers, loggers, carpenters, firefighters, woodworkers, and even gardeners.


  • Sharpening set
  • Fabric storage bag
  • Handy Logger’s Vise
  • Bar rail dresser
  • Quick check gauge
  • Bar groove cleaner
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Best Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

After reading the reviews of the best five self-sharpening chainsaws, you have an eye for either of the models. However, it may be challenging to settle for a final product if you don’t understand what to look out for in the tool.
Shopping consideration:

Guide bar

The chain runs around the guide bar, and it acts as the rail that keeps the chain going round, turning the saw into the blade. It would be best to get a guide bar with a sprocket wheel to reduce friction and make the chain durable.
The chain catcher is a very crucial feature, and it holds the chain from flying incase the chain runs out of the rail or jumps the rail

The chain

The chain is around the guide bar and is made of tiny links attached to cutting teeth. The teeth are made of high carbon steel, coated with carbide or diamond tips for better performance. There are various tooth arrangements for chains, but they follow the only rule of saw teeth. Go for a chain that will serve your purpose.

Chain break

This is a life-saving feature, and this chainsaw feature controls the chain from moving if it kicks back. They come as either manual or automatic. The automatic chain brake notices kickbacks and halts the chain on their own, reducing the potential of human error, and with manual chain break; the kickbacks force causes your arm to pull the level

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Before making the purchase, find out how other users are commenting and rating the products, see if it has technicality in usage. Positive ratings and reviews would mean the product is excellent.


Your handle’s comfortability should be high since you will hold your chainsaw most of the time. As you use your saw, your hands will be the ones to balance its weight and control the direction and angle of the blade.

Trigger Safety

It would be best if you went for a self-sharpening chainsaw that prevents the blade from moving unless you release it. It is essential to look for trigger lockers in your chainsaw.

Wrapping Up

Selecting a self-sharpening chainsaw has never been easier. You are fully equipped with the necessary information about this product, head to the store, and make the purchase. Convenience and efficiency await you.

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