The Best Ratcheting Cable Cutters Reviews In 2021

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Are you a handy person? Do you like fixing every nitty and gritty at home? Then you’ll agree that every household should own DIY tools. Sometimes electrical defaults may require you to resize the length of your wires without interrupting cable service. This is the point Ratcheting cable cutters come in handy.

Professionals like electricians and carpenters mostly use cable and wire cutters in their daily duties. Getting a job well done will require razor-sharp cable cutters.

These cutters come with replaceable hardened steel blades, which cut through Copper and Aluminum consistently. However, today’s market is littered with fake and low-quality cable cutters. But, we’re duty-bound to listing a guide of the top-rated cable cutters. Take a look.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best Ratcheting Cable Cutters” :

5. Klein Tools 63060 Cable Cutter

Klein Tools 63060 Cable Cutter

If you’re looking for a ratcheting cable cutter that can cut through Copper and Aluminum with minimal distortion, look no further. Klein is a trusted American brand whose rich history of making durable and reliable products has spurned over three generations. Its hardened steel blade offers a higher cutting capacity without using force. This cable cutter cuts through 600 MCM Copper and 750 MCM Aluminum with ease.

It has a patented two-step mechanism that reduces wire distortion as it requires few strokes per cut. The good thing is, with this mechanism, you will save time and energy. The locking mechanism keeps the handles closed. This lock makes transportation and storage easy. If you’re looking for a quality and ideal gift for Fathers Day, then Klein Tools 63060 Cable Cutter won’t disappoint. Klein’s narrow size enables you to work through tight spaces with ease. It is also portable: lock it, and it’s safe in your pocket while you’re working.

What we like

  • Lock lever
  • Two-step mechanism
  • Steel blades
  • It reduced hand force

4.Ideal Industries 35-056400 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Ideal Industries 35-056400 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

The ideal is a simple, compact, and well-constructed ratcheting cable cutter. It comes with hardened steel blades whose rounded design ensures that you cut through thick cables with ease. The quick-release lever opens up blades while cutting; this allows the cable to slide off while minimizing distortion. It has a locking mechanism that ensures the handles are closed for easy storage and transportation.

This cable cutter can cut through 400 MCM Copper and 600 MCM Aluminium consistently. Occasional blade filing will maintain the razor sharpness. This cable cutter comes with insulated and ergonomic handles that offer a tight grip. The insulation also prevents the handles from rusting. Ideal cable cutter can last long when well maintained. Additionally, all you need to do is oil the joints regularly, file blunt blades, and dust it with a dry cloth and that all you need to increase its lifespan.

What we like

  • Rounded blade.
  • Steel blade.
  • Quick-release mechanism.
  • Locking mechanism.

3.SATA 240MM Ratcheting Cable Cutter

SATA 240MM Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Here are ratcheting cable cutters that cut thick cables with ease. SATA cuts a 240MM thick cable without distorting it. It has hardened steel alloy jaws that reduces the force of cutting thick cables. As an added advantage, this steel is durable and reliable. It comes with green non-slip ergonomic handles. They provide a tight grip that is required for consistent cutting. It comes with a unique tooth mechanism that stops the blade from backing out while cutting. Backing out makes the blade charred, sending the broken pieces to you.

Additionally, this tool is lightweight and thin; this enables it to cut through narrow spaces. The slim profile allows you to use one hand or switch hands when tired. Cleaning and oiling joints regularly will improve its functionality. To maintain the blade’s sharpness, file the edges whenever they feel blunt.

What we like

  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Compact design.
  • Steel Alloy jaws.
  • Versatile and handy.

2. Southwire Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Southwire Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Cutting cable is challenging without the right tools. Southwire ratcheting cable cutter offers you precision cutting without using force. It comes with replaceable hardened steel blades that last long. These rounded blades cut through Copper 750 kcal and Aluminum 1000 kcal with minimal distortion. It has a two-step mechanism that reduces your cutting strokes by half-a plus feature compared to single-step cutters.

The manufacturer cautions against cutting live wire or steel using a Southwire cable cutter. It has a quick-release lever that opens the blades while you’re cutting. Southwire cable cutter has the firmest grip with its molded ergonomic handles. You may want to wear hand gloves to prevent blisters while using it over a long time.

What we like

  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Quick-release lever.
  • Steel blade.
  • Replaceable blades.

1. SogYupk USA KTRC11 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

SogYupk USA KTRC11 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

If you’re looking for ratcheting cable cutters that have insulated handles, look no further. SogYupk comes equipped with 1000-volt insulated handles. These handles are ergonomic and anti-slip. It comes with a locking mechanism that allows you to close the handles for safe storage and transportation.

SogYupk comes with replaceable hardened steel blades. They can cut through 400 MCM of both Copper and Aluminum. It also cuts through 600 MCM of multi-conductor cables. Before replacing the blades, check if you can reuse them by filling them; you may replace broken blades, but also, sharpening bluntness is cheap.

Maintenance is easy; clean it up after every use and oil the joints regularly. However, the manufacturer discourages cutting steel and ACR with it. SogYupk is lightweight with an 11-inch length and a 2-inch jaw opening dimension. If you’re not satisfied with it, worry not; the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty.

What we like

  • Insulated handles.
  • One-hand operation.
  • Quick-release lever.
  • Locking mechanism.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Ratcheting Cable Cutters

You may want to cut cables like a professional, but wires get distorted with every try. It’s about time to check whether you’re using the right tool. Below are some of the characteristics to look out for in a ratcheting cable cutter.

Blade Quality

The hardened steel blade is popular with electricians. It is durable and cuts through wires with precision. These blades have been imitated by cheap qualities that break easily. Thus, always go for a trusted brand and save money lost on fakes cable cutter and replacement blade purchases.


Like regular knife cutting, the grip on cable cutters will align your tool to the desired mark to achieve a consistent result. Molded rubber handles offer comfort, while non-slip handles ensure paramount safety to your hands. The rubber prevents the interior from rusting.


The locking mechanism ensures that the handles are closed for safe storage and transportation. Often electricians find themselves pocketing these cutters – thus, it is dangerous if kept without locking. Always counter check the lock manufacturing craft before making a purchase.


Warranties allow you to get a full money refund or replacements on defaults over a specified period. Frequent users like electricians benefit a lot under these policies. Always get frosty and check the warranty terms and conditions before braking your bank.


When dealing with live wires, you may want a cutter with insulation to protect you against electrical surges. SogYupk has equipped its handles with 1000 volt insulation. Not all cable cutters can cut through live wires. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guide to avoid unnecessary accidents.


Some cable cutters are designed with the user’s safety at heart. The blade is far off the handle. Others are designed too narrow to work in tight places. Overall, there are cable cutters for both home and industrial use.


Your safety should be paramount when handling hardware. You may want to wear eye google and hand gloves to prevent wire sprinters from going into your eyes and blisters on your hands. You may buy these gears separately.


You may also want a cable cutter that comes with a hole to strip the wires open.

The ratcheting mechanism holds cables in one place, unlike the regular pliers, which are tedious and require two people for one job.

Riveted joints offer smooth cuts while keeping the handles in one place. Wobbling handles make uneven cuts.

Owning a cutter that can cut through different metals may save you the costs of buying a single cutter for specific metal. Cable cutters whose blades are steel cannot cut through steel wires.

First-time users may find these cutters a bit hard to operate. Accidents are bound to happen; therefore, great care is required while handling sharp blades. Time and frequent usage will eventually produce clean and smooth cuts.

Wrapping Up

You get to make the final decision on which cable cutter to purchase. Sometimes you are forced to adjust the length of your wires without terminating cable service.

Heavy downpours may disrupt your internet or telephone cables, and you opt to DIY. Thus, Ratcheting cable cutters come in handy. This one of the few must have toolsto save some bucks that would have gone to technicians now and then.

This list should guide you in making an informed purchase. If you’re not a hands-on person, it’s wise to call in cable professionals.

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