The Best Portable Folding Workbenches Review In 2021

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Recent times have seen a rise in do-it-yourself constructions. These projects require a portable folding workbench. These workbenches are mini tables that are wooden or metallic, and some are wheeled, which makes them more portable.

You can use these workbenches for carpentry, construction, painting, or as a home office desk. If you’re an on-call handyman, you’ll agree that finding a portable folding workbench that would fit in your car trunk can be a hassle.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best Portable Folding Workbenches” :

# 5. The Quick Bench Folding Workbench

The Quick Bench Folding Workbench

The quick bench is yours if you’re looking for a wall-mounted folding table workbench. This quick bench is crafted beautifully out of stainless steel material, meaning it is strong and durable. It comes with a release mechanism that allows you to bring it down to the wall after use. This wall-mounted table will save you the space of an actual work station.

This heavy-duty folding workbench is wall-mounted using strong steel brackets that can hold up to 200 lb. The package includes a stainless steel pegboard that allows you to access your tools efficiently.

You can use The Quick Bench as a computer workstation, a laundry bench for folding your clothes, and a DIY home garage workbench. It weighs 35.2 pounds and measures 39.5′ by 24′ by 1.2 inches. It can hold up to 200lbs.

What we like

  • Folding Station
  • 200 lb max weight
  • Heavy duty
  • Stainless steel material

# 4. Cosco Folding Table

Cosco Folding Table

Are you looking for a folding workbench that you can move around? Look no further. Cosco folding table is portable and wheeled. This portable workbench is crafted out of hardwood top and steel legs. It is also wheeled with locking casters to keep it in one place. It weighs 51.8 pounds and can hold up to 350 pounds. It measures 25.51′ by 14.5′ by 55.25 inches. You can fold it into half of the original size.

You can use it for any construction works, painting, carpentry, home office desk, or as a display stand for outdoor events. Cosco folding table is ideal for minimalists and people who want to save space around their homes. It is available in three sizes that you can choose depending on the dimensions of your projects. It also comes in a dark grey color. The manufacturer offers you a one-year if you’re not satisfied with it. This warranty allows you to return defaults freely.

What we like

  • One year warranty
  • Locking casters
  • Foldable & portable
  • Hardwood top

# 3. VIVO Wall Mounted Folding Table

VIVO Wall Mounted Folding Table

If you’re looking for a simple folding workbench, look no further. VIVO is a wall-mounted table that you can fold after use. It is crafted out of engineered wood and stainless steel brackets that can hold up to 200lbs. This wall mounted folding table can also act as a working shelf in your laundry room where you can place your detergents and clothes.

You can mount this 43′ by 18′ workbench in your home and use it as your office desk. It can hold a laptop and desktop correctly. VIVO wall mount folding table weighs 24.5 pounds and can hold up to 110 pounds. It is easy to install VIVO folding table. You will only require a drill to drill it into the wall. It comes with predrilled holes and installation hardware. What’s more, the manufacturer offers you a three-year warranty on all registered purchases with 24-hour customer support.

What we like

  • Wall mount
  • Space-saving option
  • Sturdy brackets
  • Wood top

# 2. Need Portable Folding Workbenches

Need Portable Folding Workbenches

Need folding workbench is crafted out of veneer particleboard and stainless steel brackets. You can mount Need folding table on wooden or concrete walls and have your workstation ready in minutes. It weighs 28.22 pounds and measures 47.24′ by 19.69′ by 7.87 inches—a perfect size for saving spaces.

You can use this workbench as a sewing table, office desk, kitchen shelf, laundry room shelf, and garage workbench. Need folding table can hold up to 200 pounds of workload. The veneer board is strong, and it has an anti-scratch film.

The steel brackets are powder coated for longevity, and they have a locking mechanism that allows you to fold them down when not in use. You can add a steel peg holder above it to line up your tools on it. This peg holder allows you to reach your devices quickly when you are working.

What we like

  • Hardwood top
  • Metal brackets
  • Rectangular shape
  • Space-saving option

# 1. Keter Portable Folding Workbenches

Keter Portable Folding Workbenches

The Keter brand is a popular portable folding workbench among carpenters. It comes with a convenient carry handle. This two-tier folding workbench is made from a heavy-duty resin material and stainless steel legs that do not rust. Keter folding table comes with four steel legs that will offer you enough stability when working on it.

The worktop can hold up to 1000 pounds. It comes with two clamps that will hold your projects firmly. These clamps are 12 inches each. Keter folding workbench weighs 27 pounds and measures 21.7′ by 33.5′ by 29.7 inches. You can easily fold it to a compact and portable size.

You can use this workbench for woodworks, steelworks, and painting. This folding table will not bend under pressure. You get a two-year warranty upon every registered purchase. This warranty includes a hundred percent full refund or return policy.

What we like

  • Carry handle
  • Steel legs
  • Does not rust
  • Two-year warranty
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Portable Folding Workbenches

Portable workbenches are little assistants that come in handy as a workstation. You can easily set them up anywhere as needed.

They come with a clamping system that will help you hold things firmly and into place when working. However, not all workbenches fulfill these qualities, and not all workbenches can be reliable.

Below are several features that can help you get the best portable folding workbenches. Take a look.


Your desired workbench must be sturdy and robust enough to hold more than its weight.

You might not want a wobbly structure as your workbench. Having an unstable workstation will derail your work.


A portable workbench should not be heavy. Keter offers a compact and foldable workstation that you can carry in your trunk. It comes with handles that make portability easy.

Portable workbenches are easy to hang and pack since they require minimal space.

Extra features

A good number of workbenches feature integrated clamping systems.

Clamps are specifically constructed to secure large pieces of metal and wood to allow the user to cut or fasten materials.

Some portable workbenches have desktops clamps that open to clasp large materials, while others are integrated to incorporate holding clamps on the desktop area.


The perfect size has got to be the most important thing to you. Workbenches have varying surface areas. It depends on the kind of projects that are on your workbench.

The perfect size narrows down to the top workbench area. You may want a more significant working space according to your projects.

Some of these workbenches have smaller tops, while others have more extensive worktops.

When out shopping for workbenches, choose the best workbench that suits your tastes and preferences.


Workbenches should be crafted out of sturdy materials that can withstand heavyweights. Most brands use hardwood, plastic, aluminum, and steel to create workbenches.

These materials can hold over 500 pounds of weight. However, if you’re looking for a portable option, you might want a lightweight plastic material.

Easy installation

Installation is one of the essential points to note when out hunting for a portable workbench. An ideal workbench should be easy to fold and deploy in seconds.

The list above outlines for you some of the workbenches that are not hard to assemble, like the Keter folding table.


Who would want to invest in a workbench that will crumble in the next few days?

A good build quality bench helps a lot since it will and is available for long term use.

But remember, quality works for hand in hand with the material used and its general construction. Meaning, the material used will determine the quality of work you will deliver.


Are you having a full load of work? If yes, then you need the most stable workbench. The core values of stability are the amount of weight it can hold and its balance. A sturdy workbench stays in place when you’re working on it.

Wrapping Up

Workbenches are mostly used in the garage for DIY projects. Additional peg holder makes your work easy by having all your tools within your reach.

You might want to get a sturdy and robust workbench that can hold heavyweights and will last long. A combination of hardwood and stainless steel has proven to have the highest stability. This detailed guide should help you in making an informed purchase. Happy hunting.

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