The Best Portable Airbrush Kits Review In 2021

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An airbrush is a pen-sized tool that uses compressed air power to spray material with paints, inks, dyes, and icing sugar. Portable airbrush kits are popular among professional bakers, painters, tile makers, nail and tattoo artists.

Airbrushing is more precise and leaves a perfectionist impression than spray painting. Makeup artists have also taken up airbrushing techniques to dress runway models. You can use thin acrylic inks, dyes, oil paints, water paints, water pigment colors on these airbrushes. Regular paint may be too thick to fit in these kits.

The markets are lit with different airbrush kits, making it hard to pick out the most efficient. Worry not. Below are some of our top-rated picks that you can purchase.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best Portable Airbrush Kits” :

# 5. DKIEI Airbrush Kit

DKIEI Airbrush Kit

DKIEI airbrush is a cordless kit that is small enough to fit in your pocket. This small size makes it portable for artists. This mini airbrush with a compressor will create perfect images on cakes, tattoos, tiles, and nails.

Clothes and shoe designers will love using DKIEI to unleash their creative illustrations. You can only use thin paints on it. This mini airbrush can be powered by both electricity via USB cable and batteries.

It uses a 7.4V or 500mAh battery and takes an hour to charge it. You’ll get a continuous one hour working time with it when fully charged. DKIEI Airbrush kit weighs 1.1 pounds and measures 6′ by 3′ by 1.9 inches.

The package includes a black airbrush, mini compressor, USB cable, nozzle wrench, hose, 5pc nylon brush set, and five pc steel needle set.

What we like

  • Cordless
  • 7.5L air capacity
  • Mini air compressor
  • Cleaning tools included

# 4. Daertuo Airbrush Kit

Daertuo Airbrush Kit

If you are looking for a dual-action mini airbrush kit, look no further than Daertuo. It comes with a dual-action application to trigger air and allow the changing width line, range of value, and paint capacity.

Daertuo airbrush kit comes with a 360 degrees brush holder that provides precise triggers while offering accurate spray painting. You can use this airbrush with oil paints, acrylic inks, watercolor pigments, and water paints.

Daertuo airbrush will create exceptional designs on your nails, tattoos, cakes, and facial makeup. This portable mini airbrush kit weighs 1.91 pounds and measures 9.49′ by 6.42′ by 3.23 inches.

The package includes a dual-action airbrush, eyedropper, mini wrenches, airbrush holder, air filter, storage case, air compressor, air hose, AC transformer, needle tool, five brushes, and five-needle cleaning brushes.

What we like

  • Dual-action
  • Portable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Cleaning tools

# 3. Gocheer Mini Airbrush Kit

Gocheer Mini Airbrush Kit

Gocheer mini airbrush with air compressor comes with a unique air filter that can isolate moisture from the air and perfect ejection. This small-sized kit can fit in your pocket, making portability easy—an ideal present for an upcoming artist.

It comes with a dual-action application that will help you control air and color while offering continuous creativity of paints and widths. It is easy to use as it comes fully accessorized, giving you room to fully unleash your creativity. You can use it in salons, kitchens, and art rooms.

Gocheer mini airbrush kit weighs 2.22 pounds and measures 8.04′ by 5.16′ by 4.85 inches. The package includes a complete set of cleaning tools. The airbrush may clog with paints if left uncleaned and fail to work. The manufacturer offers you an unlimited one year warranty on all registered purchases. You are sure of a full refund or replacement within this period.

What we like

  • Mini compressor
  • Dual-action
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate

# 2. Master Airbrush Kit

Master Airbrush Kit

Master airbrush is yours if you’re looking for a professional airbrush. It comes with complete accessories. Master airbrush kit comes with a mini air compressor that is automatic and portable. This compressor shuts itself off when not in use.

This compressor allows a maximum pressure of 25 psi and produces a 15 psi air pressure as needed. This high performing and portable airbrush kit come with a third oz gravity fluid cap and a 0.33m fluid tip.

Master airbrush kit is famous for its best selling and user-friendly airbrush to create tattoos, design shoes and clothes, color cakes, and design nails. This airbrush is also popular among fashion houses to create fashionable makeup on runway models. It comes with the most comprehensive user guide. It weighs 2.84 pounds and measures 9.2′ by 8.4′ by 4.8 inches.

What we like

  • Auto shut off
  • Complete kit
  • Detailed user guide
  • Six feet braided hose

# 1. AGPTEK Mini Airbrush With Compressor

AGPTEK Mini Airbrush With Compressor

AGPTEK is a fully accessorized and multi-purpose mini airbrush kit. You can use this kit whether you’re an artist or not. It is easy to use as it comes with a comprehensive user guide and 24 hours of call-in support.

It comes with an automatic air compressor that will shut itself when not in use. You can use this kit to decorate cakes, muffins, tattoos, nails, clothes, facial makeup, and shoes. Its dual-action trigger will help you create impressive illustrations with high precision.

You may want to keep it thoroughly cleaned after every use with the available cleaning set. This compact and pocket-sized airbrush weighs 2.71 pounds and measures 6.34′ by 5.39′ by 4.96 inches.

The package includes five brushes, five cleaning brushes, AC Transformer, air hose, air filter, an air compressor, airbrush, a nozzle, needles, a wrench, and an eyedropper.

What we like

  • Portable
  • Mini Air filter
  • Dual-action
  • Multi-purpose kit
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Portable Airbrush Kits

The best airbrushes are popular in creating outstanding tile, nail, tattoo, and cake arts. These kits consume low power and can fit in your pocket.

It would be best to look at some of the unique features in an airbrush that will help you pick out the best. Take a look.

Single or Dual Action Airbrush

Single action airbrushes trigger air and paint flow at the same time. You can start the dual-action by activating airflow first then the paint after.

The difference between these two actions is in how you press the trigger to release air and paint. Dual-action is the most popular for its unique ability to create the changing width line, range of value, and paint capacity.

Spray Scale

A firm gravity cap, lid, and tip will ensure that the spray scale is efficient. The end should be 0.3mm to dispense thin paints while creating the desired illustrations.

You can always change the needle for thicker illustrations. Most brands will offer you 0.3mm and 0.5mm needles.


The dual or single-action trigger will determine the quality and effectiveness of an individual brand. You may want to test these kits first before taking them home.

Paint capacity

Most brands will offer you a funnel-shaped cup that can hold up to 0.4 ounces of paint. This small capacity ensures that your airbrush does not get heavy while you’re working.

Nozzle Size

Different nozzles will create different widths. You can change these nozzles to develop other lines on your illustrations.

The Hose

Many artists prefer a six-meter hose as it gives you room to move around your materials. These are braided hoses that prevent leakages.

Auto Controls

You may want to invest in a brand that will offer you an automatic air compressor. These compressors shut themselves off when not in use.

Ease of Cleaning

Inks, dyes, and paints used on an airbrush may clog the system if left uncleaned. Most brands will include a complete set of cleaning brushes.


These warranties will ensure that you do not fork out more money in replacements after break downs. Some defaults may occur during shipping, and warranties go a long way in reducing extra budgets from you.

Care and Maintenance

You may want to take great care while handling these airbrushes. Working away from children will ensure their safety. Ensure that the dyes you will use are safe to use. Some people get sick by inhaling expired paints. Cleaning these kits will give you room to use them on different projects.

You may want to reduce the cost of buying two kits to use with paints and for baking by cleaning them thoroughly. Ingesting dyes may be harmful to your body.

Wrapping Up

Color has never lost its value over the centuries. Today, the world accepts color in all spheres than ever before. You will want to have color in your coffee and probably have your face on it. Your baker ensures that your cakes and muffins are well colored to suit your preferences.

Airbrushing kits have taken ink and dye usage a notch higher. Its precision creates illustrations that leave consumers wanting more. You may use these kits to unleash a hidden creative hobby or enhance an existing talent for better earnings, even on a part-time basis. The guide above should help you purchase the best portable kits in the market, one that will serve your need and prove of value for money.

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