The Best Metal Detector For Kids Review In 2021

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Is your child developing an interest in bounty hunting? Do you feel the nudge to nurture this talent? Metal detectors for kids are a sure guide for these upcoming bounty hunters. Metal detectors are technological sensors that detect the presence of metals underground. Modern technology has made waterproof detectors that you may submerge underwater.

Metal detecting is a useful hobby that encourages children to get out and use their curiosity in hunting for treasures. The markets are lit with all kinds of metal detectors, making it hard to point out a safe and child-friendly gadget. Below is a list of the best metal detectors that children may use. Take a look.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best Metal Detector For Kids” :

5. Avid Power Metal Detectors For Kids

Avid Power Metal Detectors For Kids

If you’re looking for a child-friendly metal detector, look no further. Avid power metal detectors for kids come with an adjustable height that will match a child’s height. It requires no assembling; all parts come attached. It also has a cool foldable stem, which makes portability easy.

The package includes a free carry-bag, avid power detector,9V battery, plastic shovel, and a reading manual. The LCD shows the targets by blinking a dart image. A detecting red and green light on the handle will alert you of possible finds.

It is easy to operate: switch the power button on to turn the detector on, keep the search coil above the ground, and sweep it side by side motion- it has a four-inch detecting depth. Keep sweeping in the targeted area while watching the LCD. When a metal is detected, the green light will turn red, and a loud beeping sound will alert you of the exact point. The LCD will show a dart image when the target is found- start digging with your shovel. You might decide to bring a separate bag for storing your treasures.

What we like

  • Adjustable and foldable stem.
  • Limited warranty.
  • LCD.
  • A carrying bag is included.

4. DR.OTEK Junior Metal Detector

DR.OTEK Junior Metal Detector

Dr. Otek’s junior metal detector is yours if you’re looking for a metal detector with waterproof. It comes 8-inch of waterproof coil that you can submerge in water. However, the LCD is not waterproof. This display is full touch and shows all metals targets, low battery prompt, volume controls, and LED flashlight- works best at night.

This lightweight metal detector has an adjustable stem; you can use it with children between 28-37-inch tall. This metal detector has an exact pinpointer that will blink when metals are found. You can use it for hunting for tins, nickels, aluminum, silver, gold, zinc, iron, and copper-it has a 7-inch detection ability.

It requires a little assembling; the bottom is detachable and the stem foldable. The assembling will require snapping both ends into place- any child can assemble it. It is powered by 19V batteries, weighs two pounds, and has a 22’by 7’by 5.5′ dimension when packed.

You may use this metal detector on beaches, in your backyard, and in parks. Treasure hunting in public land will require written consent from your local authorities.

What we like

  • Pinpoint mode.
  • Waterproof.
  • Adjustable stem.
  • Touch screen controls.

3. RM RICOMAX Kids Metal Detectors

RM RICOMAX Kids Metal Detectors

RICOMAX has a five-year proven record of making professional metal detectors; recent times have created child-friendly metal detectors. This detector encourages young talents. This lightweight and portable metal detector weighs two pounds and has a 7.4′ by 35′ dimension. The top and bottom parts are foldable- snap them open to use and close for storing.

This package includes a carry bag, shovel, rake, and metal detector; it requires no assembling. RICOMAX is wireless and safe for children’s use. The 19V battery is safely tucked under the control box for protection.

It also has an adjustable height, which allows children of different heights to use it. For example, the four-inch search depth allows you to locate coins, rings, aluminum, and iron. The search coil can get submerged into the water without water getting onto the control box because it is waterproof. The control box is also adjustable; move it higher when hunting for treasures underwater.

What we like

  • No assembling required.
  • Waterproof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Adjustable stem.

2. ALLSUN TS20B Junior Metal Detector

ALLSUN TS20B Junior Metal Detector

If you’re looking for a wireless metal detector with waterproof for kids, look no further. Allsun metal detectors do not have messy wires that may hinder a child’s practicability. This lightweight gadget weighs 1.74 pounds with a 6’by 32-40′ adjustable height; it is the second lightest detector so far.

It is easy to assemble- you may allow testing their assembling ability with minimal supervision. The step by step user’s guide will direct them. The LCD and LED torch lights up perfectly during nighttime searches allowing you to search for coins, jewelry, and metals. A 9V or 6F22 battery powers it. The battery is covered for safety and to keep curious kids away.

The stem and search coil are waterproof; you may search for treasures underwater. You may move the adjustable control box higher to keep it away from water. This metal detector comes with an earphone jack; it allows you to listen to your finds privately. You’ll have to buy earphones separately. The package includes a metal detector, a LED torch, and a user manual. You will, however, have to buy the batteries and carry the bag separately.

What we like

  • Adjustable height.
  • LCD Display.
  • DIY Assembling.
  • Waterproof.

1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector


There’s no better way of introducing your children to metal detectors than using the National Geographic brand: A renowned brand that knows nature best. This junior metal detector is simple to use, compact and collapsible. No assembling is required. Fold the handle and the search coil for easy storage and transport.

It weighs 1.4 pounds- the lightest metal detector so far. It is 24-inches long, and you can adjust the length to 39-inches long. Children will love moving around with it – it comes with a padded arm support band; this support will make usage easy while offering a firm grip. It has a LED flashlight that lights up together with the beeping sound when metals are found; it does not have an LCD.

You may use it to search for treasures both on land and underwater for a foot deep. It is waterproof with dual coil material. National Geographic includes a full colored reading guide about metals, this awareness of metals and their rich histories will build on kids’ curiosity.

What we like

  • Waterproof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.
  • Full-color learning.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Metal Detector For Kids

Before making the ultimate purchase, below are characteristics you can consider to help you get the best metal detector for kids.


Most of these detectors are battery-powered. You may want a gadget that has its battery hidden. The switch button should also be easy to use. A wireless detector will offer kids better usage.


You may want to opt for a detector with proven results. These detectors will unravel buried metals like iron, zinc, aluminum, coins, and rings.

Users’ reviews give a first-hand opinion on a particular gadget. It would be a shame if a child goes out for a treasure-hunting expedition and the gadget malfunctions- this could kill a lifetime passion.


Some professional metal detectors are fully waterproof, giving divers room to treasure hunt in the deep sea. Kids’ metal detectors are only waterproofed on the stem and search coil. Caution is needed while allowing them to treasure hunt on the beach to avoid drowning and wetting the control boxes.

Metal detector features

Metal detectors have a search coil at the bottom, an adjustable stem, and a handle. Advanced detectors come with digitized controls. You may want a gadget that is simple and compact. Features like LCD, LED flashlight allows children to learn digital controls early.


A complex detector may kill a child’s enthusiasm; it is wise to get an easy to assemble gadget or one that is ready to use.


Manufacturers’ limited warranties on registered purchases go a long way in saving money that would have been lost in replacing a default. You may want to opt for a purchase with a warranty card attached.

Finally, there’s no treasure hunting without a hunting location. You may utilize your backyard, parks, beaches, and camping trails. It is essential to contact your local authorities for written consent if you plan to go treasure hunting in public spaces.

Wrapping Up

With holidays and gifting traditions around the corner, a metal detector is a perfect gift for the budding bounty hunter. Nurturing talents at a young age ensures that the children get a clear head start on where they’ll end up. You can also create a treasure hunting hobby for your children in the hope of getting them off the television and the internet.

Get a metal detector today from the list above and allow kids to unravel the treasures hidden below their feet.

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