The Best Marble Runs Toys For Toddlers In 2021

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The Marble run toys are classic games that do not fade away. These sets still fascinate children, even in this technological era. Marble runs toys are your best bet if you want to get your children off the television or the internet.

The magical enthusiasm and creativity that marbles create will see your child through all holistic development. These toys will aid in motor skills, logical thinking, creativity, eye-hand coordination, and team-building skills. The markets have all kinds of marble runs, which may make it hard for you to narrow down the best.

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#5. Marble Genius Marble Run Dinosaur Set

Marble Genius Marble Run Dinosaur Set

Marble Genius dinosaur set is yours if you are looking for an additional toy for your children. This Marble Run Toys for toddlers comes with 80 plastic pieces. These plastics are see-through and safe for children’s use. It is safe to use for children from three years and above. However, caution is needed when these toddlers are playing with the tiny pieces.

You can download the Marble app for instructions. This Marble Run app is compatible with Android and IOS devices. The package also includes 50 glass marbles and 20 additional pieces. All Marble Run sets are compatible, allowing you to add the groups together and create bigger games for children.

This dinosaur set creates proper eye-hand coordination skills, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills. The package weighs 4.56 pounds and measures 16.34′ by 12.05′ by 4.45 inches, a perfect starter gift for a starter.


  • Plastic material
  • 130 pieces
  • 50 glass marbles
  • Instruction app

#4. Ravensburger Marble Run

Ravensburger Marble Run

If you are looking for a Marble Run Toy and STEM Toy, look no further than Ravensburger Marble Run. This toy is suitable for children over eight years. This age group tends to be curious, and the STEM skills work great with children with reasoning ability.

This game will instill planning, spatial, and logical reasoning in children. Teamwork building is also crucial to the challenges. It is available in modular plastic material design. Children can build tracks within the modules for rolling marbles.

It comes with 240 elements and 24 challenges, which allows a group of children to play with it at a go. This group creates team playing. The children will learn the physics of motion, science, and engineering with the nine tracks in the package in STEM skills. Ravensburger Marble Run is a sure bet of getting children off the couches, television, and the internet without a fuss.


  • Modular design
  • 24 challenges
  • Nine track designs
  • 240 Elements

#3. Marble Genius Super Set Marble Run

Marble Genius Super Set Marble Run

Are you looking for Marble Run toys that come with an android app? Marble Genius comes with an instruction app that you can download on Android and IOS devices. It is built out of clear plastic. It comes with 150 complete pieces, eight solid based with three extra bases to ensure stability.

This plastic is child-friendly and safe to use. It is safe to use for children above four years old. This superset comes with dinosaur, wacky, jungle, and safari sounds. These sounds are exciting for children. It comes with nine challenges that will help children activate critical and logical reasoning.

You can create larger pieces of marble runs by adding other Marble genius sets to them. Children will love building long towers like games. The set includes 15 glass marbles, 85 see-through pieces, and 19 different pieces that children can use to create various designs.


  • Eight bases
  • Instruction app
  • Clear plastic material
  • 85 pieces

#2. National Geographic Glowing Marble Run

National Geographic Glowing Marble Run

The National Geographic brand is a maker of the most spectacular Glowing Marble Run in the markets.

You can wow your children with this Marble Run that comes with a UV chain light that will make the marbles glow brighter and more prolonged.

This STEM toy will aid your child in learning the physics of motion and aerodynamics while playing.

National Geographic Marble Run is built out of sturdy, durable, see-through, and multi-colored plastic material.

This plastic is non-toxic and child-friendly. It contains nine action pieces, nine tubes, and two bases.
The package includes 25 glowing glass marbles, a storage pouch, and a UV chain light. The marbles are available in six different colors.

You will have to buy CR2 batteries separately to power up the UV chain light.


  • Colored marbles
  • UV keychain light
  • 25 pieces
  • Glowing marbles

#1. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run

If you are looking for Marble run brain game toys for children above eight years, look no further. ThinkFun Maze cube toy doubles up as a logic game, STEM toy, and a Marble run. It comes with 60 levels that range from beginner to expert. These levels allow your child to advance from one level to another as they play. This brain game will help children think logically, solve challenges, and acquire planning skills.

It is built out of high quality and non-toxic plastic material. It comes with clear playing instructions. ThinkFun maze is a perfect game for getting children off the television and the internet. It will help them exercise their brain critically. The package weighs 1.78 pounds and measures 9.38′ by 3′ by 10.5 inches when put together. This Marble Run is a fun-filled 75-piece subject that you can add to a homeschooling curriculum. Its STEM cores will help children activate science and engineering skills.


  • 75 pieces
  • Clear game instructions
  • Plastic material
  • 60 challenges
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Marble Runs Toys For Toddlers

Below are some of the features on a marble run that can help you pick out the best in the markets.


Many parents prefer wooden Marble run toys since they are natural and non-toxic. You may want to confirm the certification of the plastic toys before exposing them to your children. You may also want to check the pieces for broken pieces and rough edges before handing the packages to children.

Marble Run Types

There are five types of Marble runs toys in the markets, which include:

Plastic marble runs are lightweight and easy to use. Most brands use see-through plastic, which allows the children to monitor the Marble’s movements.

These plastic marble run toys come in multi-colored versions that are child-friendly. Not all plastics are child-safe. It is, therefore, essential to check out brand certifications on the package.

These Marble run toys come with magnetized ramps that you can stick on metallic surfaces like doors and wall hangings. You can create these creative displays in your child’s room.

Interlocking cubes on the marble runs give children magical thrills. These cubes may be in kiddie shapes like animals, smileys, or famous cartoon characters. Seeing the marbles roll in different shapes from top to bottom is pure bliss for children.

Mazes are best for older children as it helps them reason logically. It comes with cubes, baseplates, grids, and challenge cards. The children create a route with the grids and lead the Marble to its destination.

Natural wood built the classic Marble. This wood is non-toxic and safe for children’s use. However, critics have argued that it is not eco-friendly and is heavy to be around children.


It is better to have a large, Marble run toy for your child. This big size will keep the children entertained. It might be best if you consider having a separate playroom for these toys, which will be all over the place when dismantled.


Wooden marble runs are considered the most strong. However, they may be heavy on the tiny toddler hands. Plastic marble runs have dominated the toy world in recent years. They are easy to assemble and come in see-through design.


Some marbles have colored glitter and sparkles in them to captivate your children. These sparkles will shine in dim lights giving the toddlers a magical feeling and fun.


The marble run cannot work without marbles. Some brands will include a couple of marbles in their packages, but you can opt to buy them separately.

These marbles are tiny and dangerous if exposed to children below five years. Young children always put toys in their mouths and ingest them. The results can be fatal.

It is therefore vital to supervise marble run games at home and school.

Wrapping Up

Marble run toys are the best fun way to teach children STEM skills, logic thinking, and cognitive skills. These toys will help your children exercise their motor skills, build confidence, creativity, and create a sense of teamwork among their playmates.

You can use these toys to create family fun histories. Now that you have all the guidelines on Marble run toys, click on the choices above to make your purchase.

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