The Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants Review

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Growing plants indoors can be tricky; you have to make sure that they have enough water, soil, and light. However, the catch is, if they get too much of any of the necessities named, they die. But worry not, LED grow lights for indoor plants are an innovation from traditional sunlight.

These lights help plants to germinate and grow into mature plants under a moderated environment. Full-spectrum plant growing lamps imitate the natural sunlight at a controllable setting.

If you want massive indoor crop production, you may want to invest in LED grow lights for indoor plants. There are many lighting choices in the markets that don’t perform well in growing plants; worry not, below is a list of the best plant growing lamps. Take a look.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants” :

5. SPIDER FARMER SF-1000 Grow Light

SPIDER FARMER SF-1000 Grow Light

Spider Farmer is yours if you’re looking for plant grow light. Here is an LED electric powered lighting that is ideal for all growth stages. It is a full-spectrum lamp; 3000K white, 5000K red, 660nm blue, and 760nm IR. Red and IR are useful when plants are blooming-it speeds flowering and increases production.

The SF series has an upgraded dimming option: A switch or knob adjusts a single light to high or low intensity. Large scale farms may use multi-connection light for a unified dimming setting. The Aluminum material is used to create this sturdy and durable growing light: It is coated to make it waterproof. The Aluminum board tacks the power cables safely, uses low heat, and is noiseless.

It has a heat sink that ensures cooling takes place without the fan; this UL, CE certified, means the good driver will save your power consumption. You get three years of after-sale service when you purchase this growing light: you get the best value for your money.

What we like

  • Heat Sink cooling.
  • Dimming options.
  • Aluminum material.
  • Ideal for all growth stages.

4. MARS HYDRO TS 1000W LED Grow Light

MARS HYDRO TS 1000W LED Grow Light

The MARS HYDRO plant grows light and is best used in hydroponic plants and also rated as the best in low power consumption. It is an improved version of the quantum board; It uses Epistar diodes instead of the Samsung. This Epistar diode uses low power consumption.

The full spectrum is ideal for all growing stages; quick germination, flower blooming and producing high yields. It has a high light efficiency from the improved SMD LED technology that provides rapid lumen output and uses 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC – an ideal choice for more significant areas.

It covers 2.5ft by2.5ft area while utilizing ninety percent of the bright lighting. The noiseless since it does not have a fan. This electric-powered grow lighting is dimmable and has a daisy chain function that allows you to connect it up to fifteen multi lights. These multi-connected lights may be dimmed using a single switch.

What we like

  • Sunlike spectrum.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Fanless.
  • Electric powered.

3. Gooseneck Dual Head Plant Light

Gooseneck Dual Head Plant Light

If you’re looking for a flexible LED grow light indoors that can rotate up to 360 degrees, look no further. This light will serve you for more than 30000 hours without replacing the bulb. This dual headlight is plastic made, and you can time it to light up your plants at different time intervals. It has three color-coded timer settings; Blue three hours, Green nine hours, and Red twelve hours- a perfect choice for a traveler.

It applies the full spectrum lighting; this lighting offers a large illumination area to achieve the 360 degrees cycle. This natural-like light ensures proper seed germination, flower blooming to high yields. It has 44 LEDs and is powered by electricity via a USB cable. It has three lighting modes; purple, sun, and mixed light. It also has ten brightness levels- you can dim it as you wish.

You can use this light over potted plants, balconies, greenhouses, offices, and darkrooms for a full growth cycle- from seedling, flower to yields. If you’re not satisfied with it, the manufacturer offers you a twenty-four months warranty on all legitimate returns- you have nothing to lose.

What we like

  • Flexible necks.
  • Electric powered.
  • Plastic material.
  • One-year warranty.

2. EZORKAS LED Growth Light

EZORKAS LED Growth Light

EZORKAS LED plant growing lamps come in a quadruple set; this set has adjustable goosenecks that can rotate up to 360 degrees. You have three switch modes and a memory setting; you can set the timer at three, nine, and twelve timer settings.

These four heads offer your plants a full spectrum lighting. The natural-like lighting aids in germination, blooming, and high yields. You can use it in homes and offices; set it up on a desk, and it will illuminate light on potted plants, balconies, and greenhouses vegetables.

It is easy to use; connect the cable to its adapter and the power source. You are offered five dimmable options and ten brightness levels. If you work in shifts, worry not; the memory timer will illuminate light onto your plants up to twelve hours while you are away.

What we like

  • Memory Timer.
  • Flexible goosenecks.
  • Multipurpose lamps.
  • Dimmable.

1. VOGEK LED Growing Light

VOGEK LED Growing Light

VOGEK LED grow lights for indoor plants have a triple 18-inch headlamp and a sturdy clip. A perfect choice for desktop use at home and in the offices. It has 144 leads, which will give sunlike light to your indoor plants at all growing stages; seedling, blooming, and yielding stage; for plants like tomatoes, cucumber, cacti, and berries.

It is dimmable and offers ten brightness levels of between ten to a hundred percent at different time intervals. You may set the memory timer to dim the lights when you are away. This lamp is strong, has a sturdy desk clip, and is flexible; you can automatically rotate it up to 360 degrees. The memory timer allows you to set the timer at three, nine, and twelve hours settings.

It has an aluminum shell that protects the leads. These leads can run for 30000 hours at a maximum of 12 Watt without requiring bulb replacements. If you want to improve your indoor crops’ quality, you can use VOGEK LED grow plant lights in greenhouses. You may use multi lights to help you grow healthy and succulent vegetables.

What we like

  • Memory Timer.
  • Flexible goosenecks.
  • Replaceable bulbs.
  • 72 Watts.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Before making your ultimate purchase, below are some characteristics to help you pick the best LED grow lights for indoor plants. Take a look.

Bulbs LifeSpan

Most brands approximate the lifespan of these bulbs to be between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. You may want bulbs that you can replace instead of buying new lights.

Shell Material

Most brands use an Aluminum shell with a coating to hide and protect cables from water and moisture. This Aluminum is strong and durable; it retains heat, thereby reducing power consumption.

Electrical Usage

LED lights are widely used for their low energy consumption that saves on electricity bills. You will save up to seventy-five percent of energy with LED lights compared to regular lighting.

Light Spectrum

Indoor LED lights for growing plants have multi-colored light; this light tends to imitate the sunlight and is moderated. The LED light improves the quality of your plants. You get more succulent berries under these mixed lights.

Light Intensity

Most of these lights will offer you different light intensities. You can set the light brightness from ten to a hundred percent depending on your needs: Plants depend largely on light variations for proper growth. A memory timer helps set three to twelve hours of light intervals.

Light Control

Every growth stage requires enough light. Too much or low light will hinder your crop’s development.
You may want the light controls to be between this category:
Seedling -16 hours on and 8 hours off
Blooming – 12 hours on and 12 hours off.
The vegetative stage may have the lights on for 18 hours on and 6 hours off.

Cooling System

LED lights generate heat and will require heat sinks to regulate heat. You may want to ensure that the lights have intense internal fans to disperse the heat. You may also want noiseless fans in a large coverage area.


You may want to utilize the value of your money tagged on an LED light. Most brands will offer you limited warranties on legitimate defaults.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re growing a sizeable commercial-scale indoor planting or a simple potted planting, you’ll need enough and regulated light for your plants. Greenhouses have in the past depended on natural sunlight to grow healthy foods.

These LED lights will ensure that your crops like tomatoes, berries, vegetables, and flowers germinate, bloom, and produce high yields efficiently.

If you’re looking into increasing crop yield production, it’s about time you invested in technological light regulators. The list above will guide you to make an informed decision, get your LED to grow light today, and farm crops differently.

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