The Best LED Floor Lamps Under $100 In 2021

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Whether you’re looking for ambiance or lighting up a dark corner, floor lamps are also made to create a design statement in your home. These LED floor lamps are electric and battery-powered. Most of these floor lamps will use a power supply of up to 240V, with some having an energy-saving bulb.

LED floor lamps come with different brightness levels to complement your usage. You may want to breastfeed under warm yellow light that will soothe your baby to sleep. The markets are lit with all kinds of LED floor lamps, but we’re duty-bound to sifting the best for you.

Below are five LED floor lamps that will light up your spaces while making a bold design statement under $100. Take a look.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best LED Floor Lamps” :

# 5. HueLiv LED Floor Lamp

HueLiv LED Floor Lamp

HueLiv LED modern floor lamp is yours if you’re looking for a lamp that will steal the spotlight in your home. You can pair this floor lamp with smart voice control apps like Alexa and Google Home to control it remotely.

It comes with a heavy base that weighs 2.2 kilograms. This base makes it stable to have around children and pets. HueLiv floor lamp comes with timing controls. You can pair it to your phone and the timer for powering it on and off when you’re away.

This lamp weighs ten pounds and measures 16.1′ by 12.9′ by 4.8 inches. You can rotate the lamp head up to 30 degrees. The package includes a headlamp, a base, four poles, one electric adaptor, and a user’s manual. It comes with 16M colors and eight scenes that you can use while reading, breastfeeding, working, and relaxing.

What we like

  • Music mode
  • Timing Controls
  • Remote control
  • Smart Voice Control

# 4. Dodocool LED Floor Lamp

Dodocool LED Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for an intelligent LED floor lamp, Dodocool is the way to go. It comes with an intelligent remote and touches controls. You can operate this lamp with a wireless remote control up to fifteen meters away.

Dodocool LED floor lamp comes with a four-level color temperature that falls between 3000K to 5500K. It uses a 100V to 240V power supply and has a power-saving option. You can use these warm colors for the six scenes, including office work, breastfeeding, gaming, reading, night scene, and relaxing.

It comes with a 360 degrees adjustable gooseneck and offers you four warm colors, including yellow, warm yellow, white, and cool white. This metallic lamp comes with a 9-watt energy-saving bulb whose brightness is equivalent to a 120W incandescent bulb. Dodocool LED floor lamp weighs 4.85 pounds and measures 17.5′ by 9.1′ by 2.2 inches.

What we like

  • Eco-friendly
  • Eye protective
  • Touch controls
  • Six scene modes

# 3. TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp

TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp

Are you looking for a reliable and stable floor lamp? Look no further than the TaoTronics LED floor lamp. It comes with a touch dimmer and four lighting modes. These modes are complemented by four brightness levels that you can use for reading and relaxing.

TaoTronics LED floor lamp has an adjustable gooseneck that you can tilt to fit your preferences. It also comes with a stable base that cannot be knocked off by kids or pets. This metallic LED floor lamp uses a 10W bulb and a 110V electric power supply.

This floor lamp weighs 3.85 pounds and measures 8.27′ by 8.27′ by 66.93 inches. You can use it in the bedroom and living room. The package includes one Traotronic LED lamp (model TT-DLO72), a 2M power adapter, and a user guide. The manufacturer offers you a two and a half years warranty on all registered purchases.

What we like

  • Touch controls
  • Four brightness levels
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Energy-saving option

# 2. Joofo LED Floor Lamp

Joofo LED Floor Lamp

Joofo LED floor lamp comes in a distinct avocado green pole that will blend in well with your home decor. This beautiful LED floor lamp has three color temperatures, including 3000K warm light, 4000K cool light, and 6000K white daylight.

Joofo LED floor lamp can be controlled remotely using a wireless remote control and via wall switch. This lamp is electric and battery-powered. It comes with a six meters cord that will allow you to move it wherever you need it.

It is available in six colors, including avocado green, pearl white, black, silver-grey, rocky black, and brushed nickel. It weighs 8.8 pounds and measures 15′ by 12.8′ by 4.8 inches. You can use this floor lamp to read, play the piano, breastfeeding, and dim it when you want to relax. The package includes a Joofo LED floor lamp, one 12V battery, reading manual, and handheld remote control.

What we like

  • Super bright
  • Remote control
  • Three color temperatures
  • Dimming option

# 1. Miroco LED Floor Lamp

Miroco LED Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and straightforward LED floor lamp, look no further. Miroco LED floor lamp will lighten up your spaces and offer your home a touch of modern decor inexpensively.

This metallic lamp comes with a rubberized gooseneck that will adjust to your preferred level. You can use it for working, sewing, reading, and breastfeeding. It comes with four color temperatures and four brightness levels. These levels are flicker-free and soft on your eyes.

It is easy to assemble this floor lamp. It comes in three parts that require screwing them together without using any tools. Miroco LED floor lamp weighs four pounds and measures 8.27′ by 8.27′ by 65.04 inches-an a size ideal for bedroom and living room. The manufacturer offers you an eighteen-month warranty on all registered purchases with a hundred percent full refund and replacements.

What we like

  • Eye protection
  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern decor
  • Four brightness levels

The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best LED Floor Lamps Under $100

Before making your ultimate purchase, it would be best to look at some of the characteristics below to help you choose the best-LED floor lamp for under $100.


The materials used to make LED floor lamps will determine their longevity. Most brands use metals to make the poles and rubber to make the necks. At the same time, LED neons are used to make headlamps.

Rubberized goosenecks allow users to adjust the headlamps to their preferred angle without breaking them.


If you have a full house with pets and children, you may want to get a base weighing over two pounds.

A heavyweight steel base will offer your floor lamp stability and stay in place when pets and kids play around it.


These LED floor lamps come with multiple controls, including smart, touch, and remote controls. Some brands will offer you the availability of a wall switch.

a.Smart and Touch
You can pair some of these lamps with voice-controlled devices like Alexa, Echo, and Google home assistant to issue commands from the comfort of your seat.

You can also pair these lights with your smartphone and control lights when you’re away.
A traditional wall switch is offered to people who want to control these lamps on their walls.


Before making your ultimate purchase, it would be best to have in mind the intended use for these lamps.

You may want to purchase these lamps for ambiance and decorating your spaces. Long and unique lights would be a perfect choice.

If you’re looking for a convenient lamp for working away at night, reading or breastfeeding, then medium height floor lamps would be your go-to options.


You may want a lamp color that will blend in with your home decor or a color that will stand out. Most brands like Joofo offers you up to five vibrant colors.

These lamps also come with color temperatures ranging between 3000K to 6000K with usage scenes that complement each color. These scenes include breastfeeding, which requires warm and cool color, reading, office work, leisure, and night scene. You have the comfort of adjusting color brightness as preferred from the comfort of your seat using remote or smart controls.


The manufacturers who are confident about the functionality of their products will always offer you support and warranties. It would be wise to get a lamp that comes with a warranty tag. These policies ensure that you don’t fork out extra money in case of defaults.

Wrapping Up

Floor lamps can last a lifetime if you get the right brand. They take minimal spaces, and their stable and heavy base ensures that pets and children don’t knock it over when playing around it.

These lamps will stay on while you’re away traveling when paired with your smartphones. The timer functionality gives you room to power them on and off and keep off intruders.

Floor lamps offer you the comfort of working and reading alone without waking up the entire household with overhead lights. This guide will help you make an informed purchase and create an inexpensive spotlight in your home.

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