The Best Kettlebell Weight For Home Workout In 2021

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In the wake of COVID-19, you might have found yourself with little to do while indoors. A small inner reflection might have driven you into the decision of keeping fit in the year 2021. Your home environment may offer you a wide range of weight lifting objects, but having a labeled kettlebell weight will tell your daily progress.

The kettlebell weights come in different sizes which range between 5 to 55 pounds. You can adjust these weights as you progress. If you are looking into working out from home and saving the gym subscription money, look no further than kettlebell weights.

So, let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

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# 5. Marcy Hammertone Kettlebell

Marcy Hammertone Kettlebell

Marcy Hammertone kettlebell weights are cast iron made with smooth handles and weigh between 10 to 55 lbs. This cast iron is durable and does not rust. This iron is sturdy and ergonomic.

You can use this kettlebell as your home workout gym. Tone your hand muscles and flex your abs with this sturdy gym gear. You can use it as a weight lifting gear, muscle toner, strength trainer, and tummy reducer.

This kettlebell comes in a powder-coated silver finish whose dimensions are 8′ by 7′ by 5 inches. Marcy Hammertone offers you a two-year warranty on all registered purchases. This Kettlebell is available in different sizes which include 10,15, 20,25,35,45 and 55 lbs.


  • Durable
  • Warranty
  • Anti-rust
  • Cast Iron weights

# 4. RitFit Cast Iron Kettlebells

RitFit Cast Iron Kettlebells

RitFit is yours if you’re looking for kettlebells for a home workout. It is a black and red Neoprene coated cast iron gear. This Neoprene is durable and prevents your gear from rust or corrosion. It also offers soft padding between your equipment and the floors. It comes with a flat bottom that will give your kettlebell stability when not in use. This kettlebell weighs 20 lbs.

It also has an ergonomic and wide handle that will not slip off your hands when you’re working out. You can use this workout gear at home to flex your muscles, swing your hands, squats, deadlifts, and get-ups.

RitFit workout gear will help you get rid of back pains and stretch your hand muscles after a long day at work. The RitFit manufacturer is confident about their products and offers you a limited guarantee with a risk-free replacement policy on all registered purchases.


  • Flat bottom
  • 20 lbs
  • Cast Iron
  • Neoprene Coated

# 3. Titan Fitness KettleBells

Titan Fitness KettleBells

Are you looking for a kettlebell adjustable portable weight? Look no further than Titan fitness gear. This gear is a perfect choice for beginners. They have adjustable weight options that will allow you to grow with each day.

It comes with six drop cast iron plates that you can adjust between 10 to 40 pounds. These plates have a silver coating which makes them durable and rust-free. Titan also comes with a contoured 1.5-inch smooth handle. This handle is non-slip and ergonomic.

You can use this kettlebell as your home workout fitness gear to reduce weight, trim your tummy, and keep your entire body fit. It comes with a flat bottom to enable stability. You might want to consider removing the plates from up going down to enhance stability. Titan fitness kettlebells contain small parts. You might want to use and keep them away from children below three years.


  • Powder-coated silver
  • Cast Iron
  • Six plates
  • Adjustable weight

# 2. Yes4All Cast Iron Kettlebells

Yes4All Cast Iron Kettlebells

Yes4All 10 lbs kettlebell weight is an ideal choice for a family workout. Children and adults can use this brand in their home gym sessions. It comes with a broad and smooth handle. This black handle is contoured to give you a comfortable grip. This cast iron kettlebell has a black paint finish that will prevent rusting and corrosion.

Its flat bottom allows you to do back and forth get-ups without wobbling. The flat base offers it a perfect balance. You can use Yes4All cast iron kettlebells for exercises like squats, swings, renegade bows, high pull, and deadlifts.

This kettlebell comes in full solid construction. This construction ensures that there are fewer or no accidents while working out. It is available in different sizes, including 5, 10, 15,40, 45, and 50 pounds. These ranges allow you to increase your weight lifting abilities as you wish.


  • Black paint
  • Cast Iron
  • 10 lbs
  • Smooth handles

# 1. Kettle Gryp Workout Gear

Kettle Gryp Workout Gear

Looking for a kettlebell adjustable portable weight? Look no further than Kettle Gryp workout gear. This American brand offers you a vibrant orange Olympic bar that you can open up to add dumbbells.

It is lightweight, portable, and adjustable. You can travel around with it in your suitcase and workout as you wish. It comes with a smooth and ergonomic handle. You can latch it tightly and worry not about slipping off.

Kettle Gryp is unisex and safe for use by the entire family. You can use light dumbbells on it and allow children to use it. It weighs 14.4 ounces, but you can add up to 55 pounds of weight for your workout sessions. If you are not happy with it, worry not. The manufacturer offers you a risk-free lifetime warranty. You’ve nothing to lose with this purchase.


  • Clamps
  • Portable
  • Orange color
  • Lifetime warranty

The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Kettlebell Weight For Home Workoutr

Before making your ultimate choice, it would be best to look at some of the features to look for in a kettlebell.


There are two types of kettlebells in the markets.

  • a.Competition Kettlebells
    These types come in standard specifications. They are built of steel and are for Kettlebell competitions.
  • b.Cast Iron Kettlebells
    These are common in gyms and homes. Cast iron kettlebells are easy to manipulate and handle. With no standard specifications in their make, brands will offer you a wide range of sizes.

The Construction

Kettlebells come in two forms; a full solid construction and two-piece gears. The Kettle Gryp is a two-piece gear that allows you to add and adjust weights.

The RitFit kettlebells come in a solid design with a single standard weight. You may want to go with solid gears if your goal is to have several weights of different sizes. The two-piece option is best for people who are minimalists and budget conscience.

The Handle

A contoured ergonomic handle should be smooth and non-slip. These specifications ensure that you get an ideal choice for swings, push-ups, and deadlifts. You’ll not want a handle that will slip off or break open when you’re working out.

The Kettle Gryp latching handle requires you to ensure that it is tightly locked to prevent accidents. A handle whose diameter falls under 1.5-inches will give you enough room to place two handles comfortably.

The Weight

Most brands will offer you a wide range of sizes. These sizes may be between 5 and 60 pounds for adults.

Children have their kettlebells sized according to age groups. Kids’ gears have dimensions which include the specifications below.
●5-8 years will get 2-3 kgs
●9-11-year-olds will get 4 -7kgs
●12-20-year-olds get 5-9kgs

The debate on the difference between women’s and men’s weights is still fierce in this equality age. Most brands will offer you unisex weights leaving the decision up to an individual.

Adjustable Weights

Titan and Kettle Gryp brands offer you room to adjust your desired weights. These flexible options come in the form of removable plates and dumbbells.

Adjustable weights are a perfect option for a beginner. Professional trainers also opt for these weights as they test and tell individual abilities.

Surface Finish

You may want to opt for a painted finish, Neoprene, and powder coated options to prevent rusting and corrosion. Neoprene coatings will give you a comfortable grip and soft padding that will prevent floor damages.

You might want to consider using a gym mat with kettlebells with no padding to protect your floors.

The Base

Flat bottoms are standard in the markets. You may not want wobbly gear for your push-ups or squats. These flat bases will offer you and your kettlebells the needed stability while working out. Testing the stability of your gear before purchase will prevent accidents caused by unstable loads.

Wrapping Up

You can create family histories and traditions by involving everyone in keeping fit. These fun moments will require kettlebells. These gears come in different sizes ranging between 5 to 55 pounds.

Caution is, however, needful when working out with children. Most brands will offer you kettlebells for all age groups. You can always work out alone with these gears and keep your body and mind in check.

You are now well informed on the best kettlebells in the markets. Click on any of the choices above and keep yourself fit.

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