The Best Fitness Trackers For Women Review In 2021

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Living a healthy life is every woman’s dream. The busy lives of maintaining a household and working hard to excel in workplaces may limit the time to keep fit. Fitness trackers come in handy to help you stay active. These trackers come in the form of smart wearable watches or downloadable smartphone apps.

The innovation of smartwatch fitness trackers has eased the loads of carrying your smartphones in every sports activity. Worry not about missing that important call. Most of these smartwatches are compatible with android and IOS smartphones. Connect it to your smartphone.

Shopping for the best kind can be a hassle, but we are duty-bound to sift through the fakes and offer you the cream of the crop. Take a look.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Fitness Trackers For Women” :

5. K-berho Slim Fitness Tracker For Women

K-berho Slim Fitness Tracker For Women

If you’re looking for a slim and sleek fitness tracker for women, look no further. K-berho is your perfect partner. It comes in four cool colors to choose from; camouflage, pink, black, and blue. It has a longer battery life. The 105mAh battery takes two hours to charge and lasts for ten days. Powering K-berho is effortless since it does not require a charger or cords. It comes with an in-built USB plugin. Insert it in any USB port, and you’re good to go.

This tracker will monitor your calories, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, busy time, distance, and count your steps. It offers a holistic health check. It is waterproof. You can use it in wet weather, for your swimming activities and while washing. However, wearing it while taking a hot shower is discouraged.

K-berho comes with a 0.96-inch LCD with five different interfaces. You can connect it to your smartphone; make, receive calls, and never miss your social media notifications. It has a sedentary reminder to alert you to relax when you’ve sat in one place for over four hours; it is a perfect gift for students and office workers.

What we like

  • Calorie counter.
  • Waterproof.
  • Built-in USB plugin.
  • Long battery life.

4. ZURURU Fitness Trackers Heart Rate Monitor

ZURURU Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

ZURURU is yours if you’re looking for a fitness tracker watch that will keep you active. Set the GPS and allow it to monitor your pace and daily workout distance. It comes with a stats memory, which will help you record a map of your workout route. It tracks and monitors your heart rate, counts your steps and calories. When you’re sleeping, it will keep a record of your awake, deep, and light sleep.

These records will help you determine new sports improvements to take or health alerts that need quick doctor’s checking. No messy charging cable is required to charge ZURURU. It comes with an in-built USB plugin. It takes two hours to charge it with a seven-day standby time fully.

ZURURU offers you a real-time smartphone experience on your wrist. The 0.9-inch colored LCD offers you the comfort to; make or receive calls, read or send texts and stay updated on your social media accounts while you’re working out. This smartwatch is available in blue, black, and pink colors that you can wear all day. Its solid colors will compliment your business or casual wear perfectly.

What we like

  • Built-in USB plugin.
  • Remote camera.
  • HD color screen.
  • Multi-colored.

3. YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Whether you want to challenge yourself into shedding off some weight or you want to keep fit, the YAMAY smartwatch fitness tracker has got you covered. It comes in a bigger and bolder design. You’re offered the luxury of choosing from seven statement-making but solid colors; purple, pink, gray, green, black,green-gold, and dark purple.

Its GPS setting offers you the option of mapping out your exercising route. YAMAY also has other helpful features like a stopwatch, timer, smartphone compatibility, music controller, and sedentary reminder. YAMAY has a breath guide that will monitor and analyze your breathing while working out and when asleep; a helpful feature for people with bronchial conditions.

This smartwatch fitness tracker has a seven-day battery life with a full charge. It is a perfect Christmas gift to help your family members stay active. The 1.3-inch LCD offers you the comfort of making and receiving calls. You’ll never miss an important text or social media alert.

What we like

  • Stopwatch & timer.
  • Breathe guide.
  • Waterproof.
  • 11- sports mode.

2. Mgaolo Slim Fitness Trackers

Mgaolo Slim Fitness Tracker

Mgaolo slim fitness tracker will motivate you to keep fit with its decorative go straps that encourage you to move. It comes in three color options to choose from; blue, black, and red. It has nine sports modes. You can wear this fitness tracker watch while running, hiking, cycling, yoga, and indoor fitness.

It does not require cord cable chargers as it comes with a built-in USB plugin. Full charging takes an hour with a seven-day stand by time. Its IP69 waterproof ability allows you to do swimming activities. Taking a hot shower while wearing a Mgaolo tracker will destroy it.

Sleep and eat healthy by keeping your calorie intake in check with the calorie counter. This fitness tracker will monitor and analyze your sleep pattern. This fitness tracker has cool remotely controlled features like a camera, alarm, stopwatch, and countdown timer; take lots of photos remotely with this smartwatch.

What we like

  • Slim model.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Pedometer.
  • Sleep monitor.

1. AMENON Fitness Trackers Watch For Women

AMENON has a 1.3′ TFT HD full touch display screen- an incredible smartwatch fitness tracker. It is water-resistant; however, you cannot submerge it in water; its IP67 level does not support diving. You can change these replaceable silicone straps to match your everyday clothes. They come in four colors; black, blue, silver-gray, and pink.

AMENON will monitor and analyze your heart rate, sleep pattern, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. This fitness tracker comes with seven sports modes, including cycling, badminton, football, skipping, running, and walking. It is compatible with android and IOS smartphones. Download the AMENON app to record your detailed analysis.

What we like

  • Step Counter.
  • Calorie counter.
  • Oxygen monitor.
  • It is a Smartphone compatible.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Fitness Trackers For Women

Below are features that you should look out for while shopping for the best fitness tracker.

Calorie counter

No better fitness activity does not highlight your calorie intake. Having a smartwatch tracker that monitors, analyzes, and offers recommendations will accelerate your fitness journey.

Steps Counter

A steps counter allows you to keep fit while walking and set daily milestones like ten thousand steps per day. Steps counting is achieved by inputting your weight, height, and pace. Once achieved, you can set higher goals. Remember to reward yourself after every successful milestone.

Distance Counter

GPS setting offers you a more accurate distance taken in every activity. GPS allows you to record a map for your route workouts. Sticking to a simpler workout route will motivate you to keep going.


Some trackers like AMENON are IP67 water-resistant at a given water level, while others like Mgaolo are IP68 waterproof; they can be completely submerged in water.

Smartphone Compatibility

You never want to miss that important call or a social media notification while you’re working out. Smartwatches are compatible with most android and IOS phones enabling you to make and receive calls from your wristwatch.

Charging And Battery Life

Built-in USB plugin innovation has gotten rid of the messy charging cables. You can charge your device in any USB port anywhere. Charging takes up to two hours, with seven to ten standby time.

Sleep Tracker

It monitors and analyzes your sleep pattern, how deep you sleep, how light and your awake time. Your movements and your heartbeat pace best analyze these. Not all models can offer accurate results. Inaccuracy might require you to key in your sleep and awake time manually.


TFT screens allow the comfort of controlling your settings on the screen, while a large LCD enables you to read notifications.


Women love style and fashion; a stylish fitness tracker will compliment your everyday wear elegantly. If you love making bold statements, YAMAY is your best bet. It offers you to change straps as you wish.


Remotely controlled features like cameras are cool; take photos remotely with your smartwatch. Alarms and stopwatch offer you the room to make short term goals like racing with a partner, jumping, or skipping.

Finally, you may want to consider how much of your data and privacy you’re willing to let these apps access. Technology may expose you to hackers unknowingly. Avoid third-party apps if you can; stay safe, than sorry.

Wrapping Up

Recent years have seen a surge in new smart watchmakers, which has reduced the prices considerably. Whether you’re looking into shedding off some weight or keeping fit, these fitness trackers are a must-have. This detailed guide should pinpoint the best fitness tracker. Keep fit and stay healthy, won’t you?

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