The Best Ergonomic Laptop Stands For Sitting And Standing

The best ergonomic-laptop-stands
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Have you ever sat down on your sofa to work on your laptop for long hours? The after-work pains must have been excruciating? Craning your neck to reach your laptop’s eye level is strenuous; you can get severe back and neck pains while working. But, an ergonomic laptop stands will elevate your laptop to a comfortable hand-eye level.

These adjustable stands ensure that you do not stoop low while working, giving you a relaxed posture. If you have no room for an ergonomic desk, adjustable laptop stands are the best bet that you can use while sitting on your sofa.

Below is a list of the top-rated laptop stands that you can use while standing or sitting. Take a look.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

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5. Nulaxy Silver Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Silver Laptop Stand

Are you are looking for an ergonomic laptop stand that is strong, durable, and heavy-duty, look no further. Nulaxy silver laptop stand is your perfect mate. It is constructed out of sturdy and robust aluminum and rubber alloy that can hold up to 44 pounds; this considerable weight allows you to place thick laptops on it.

This adjustable stand measures 10′ by 10′ by 2′, and you can adjust it up to 5 inches high; the Nulaxy laptop stand holds laptops ranging between 10′ to 17′.

This elegant laptop stand weighs 38 ounces and comes in silver and grey colors for you to choose from. You can use this ergonomic laptop stand at home or in the office and say good riddance to back and neck pains.

It is small and compact; a great design for smaller spaces for creating space if you want to get rid of desks and tables. You can use a Nulaxy laptop stand with tandem to create a standing workstation at home or in the workplace; hoteliers may use this stand to display their food menus.

What we like

  • It can be used while standing
  • Adjustable
  • Holds up to 44lbs
  • Aluminum And Rubber Material

4. Urmust Laptop Stand

Urmust Laptop Stand

Urmust ergonomic laptop stands are constructed out of aluminum, rubber, and silicone material; the rubber and silicone material creates an anti-skid surface and bottom for your laptop.

The aluminum material makes it sturdy and durable; hence this laptop stand supports a maximum weight of 8.8 pounds.

Urmust laptop stand has a ventilated surface that allows your devices to fan off-air freely. It also comes in a three-piece design that will enable you to fold it up for easy transport and storage.

It weighs 1.65 pounds and measures 11.22′ by 9.25′ by 11.22′; this stand supports laptops and tablets ranging between 10 to 15 inches.

It comes with a unique storage panel at the bottom that you can place your pens, notebook, and smartphone. Additionally, this a perfect gift for Youtubers and can be used on Zoom calls.

You can creatively use the Urmust stand in other areas around you; a musician can use it to raise his music notes while a hotelier can display his food menu.

What we like

  • Adjustable
  • Foldable & portable design
  • Aluminum, Rubber & Silicone material
  • Mlti-colored stands

3. FYSMY Portable Laptop Stand

 FYSMY Portable Laptop Stand

FYSMY aluminum laptop stand is yours if you want to get rid of bad sitting posture while working on your laptop.

It is constructed out of aluminum alloy, making it sturdy and durable. Also, it comes with rubber pads for holding your devices in place.

This elegantly looking laptop stand weighs 1.7 pounds and measures 10.6′ by 8.5′ by 6.3′; you can use laptops whose dimensions lie between 10 to 17 inches.

The surfaces have hollow designs that will allow proper ventilation for your devices while you’re working.

FYSMY laptop stand comes in a compact design that you can fold to a 0.6-inch size for easy transport and storage.

Lastly, you can use this stand while sitting and standing to raise your projector, laptop, music notes, and menus; it supports a standard weight of six kilos.

What we like

  • Aluminum material
  • Foldable & portable
  • Fits all laptops
  • Ventilated hollow design

2. Nulaxy C3 Laptop Stand

 Nulaxy C3 Laptop Stand

Nulaxy C3 laptop stand is a perfect choice for minimalists who love designed products.

It is constructed out of durable and reliable aluminum material with rear anti-skid rubber pads; these pads will keep your device in place together with the protective hook.

It comes with a detachable design for easy storage. Also, assembling a Nulaxy C3 Laptop Stand also easy and takes less than a minute.

The Nulaxy C3 laptop stand weighs two pounds, supports 8.8lbs, and measures 8.9′ by 5′ by 6′. Thus, you can use it on all notebooks and laptops whose height ranges between 10 to 15 inches.

The aluminum material, together with the hollow design, helps with your devices’ cooling and ventilation.

You can use this stand as a riser and have a separate mouse keyboard for your typing; some users have attested to its wobbling when typing directly on your laptop.

What we like

  • Aluminum material
  • Detachable design
  • It Fits 10’-15′ laptops
  • Weighs two pounds

1. Soundance Laptop Stand

Soundance Laptop Stand

Soundance brand creates convenient stands that are simple and easy to use. This aluminum laptop stand will ease your back pains while working on your desk or sofa.

It is constructed out of thick aluminum that makes it sturdy and has rubber pads that will hold your devices in place.

It comes in a hollow design that will allow your devices to cool off efficiently while you’re operating them.

Soundance laptop stand weighs 2.16 pounds and measures 10.84′ by 8.86′ by 5. 71-inches; you can use it for laptops with 10 to 15′ dimensions.

Soundance laptop stand is easy to use and assemble; you can detach it into three pieces for easy storage and transportation.

Soundance laptop stand comes with an underneath space that you can use to place keyboards, mice, phones, and notebooks.

What we like

  • Aluminum material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable
  • Detachable design
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Ergonomic Laptop Stands

The markets are littered with laptop stands that can make purchasing hard, below are some features and characteristics for you to look out for in a laptop stand.


You may want a laptop stand that is constructed out of sturdy and durable material. Aluminum alloy is widely used for its lightweight, durability, and thermal ability.


Most brands make stands with 10 to 17′ dimensions; these sizes are compatible with all laptops. However, there is a specific laptop stand that is designed for smaller devices like notebooks.


You may want a laptop stand that meets your needs. These stands are designed with adjustable heights that you can manipulate according to your sitting or standing eye-level.


These laptop stands are not confined to laptop usage only; You can use them to raise your projector when displaying a project in a class or at the workplace.

Musicians and hoteliers can creatively use these stands to display their music notes and food menus.

Weight and Portability

Having a heavy stand may inconvenience its portability. Laptops are portable computers, and you may want to bring your stand along.

The material used on it will determine its overall weight; a standard laptop stand weighs two pounds.

FYSMY aluminum made laptop stand is designed to fold into a 0.6-inch case that can fit in any standard backpack- a perfect choice for travelling users.

Lightweight stands are easy to move from sitting to standing position: You can change working positions when you want to reflex your muscles.

Ergonomic Design

Finding the right laptop stand that will help you get the correct working posture should be your primary goal; a frame that you can adjust the height or move its arm allows you to create a comfortable workstation.

You may want your stand to have proper ventilation surfaces that will allow your devices to breathe while you’re working.

Rubber, silicone pads, and hooks are features that will keep your laptop in place; you wouldn’t want your device sliding off the stand.


The material used to construct a laptop stand will determine its longevity. You may want a strong, durable product and will not dent your pockets with constant replacements.


You may want a laptop stand that has a bottom compartment where you can place your keyboard, mouse, notebook, pens, and smartphone- a great way of having your working tools within your reach.

Wrapping Up

Sitting up tight on your office desk for long hours while craning your neck onto your laptop may strain your spinal cord; you may want to invest in adjustable laptop stands to use while standing to break from the long sitting cycle.

These portable stands are a healthy game-changer for people who work on their laptops for long hours. They are also a creative way of raising your menus and music notes when needed.

You may want to use this detailed list to help you make an informed purchase.

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