The Best Electrical Fish Tape Reviewed Of 2021

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Ask any electrician or hardware expert “how important are electrical fish tapes?” and they will tell you that they are a MUST for every electrician. Electrical Fish tapes are a great help in passing wires through walls and conduits.

However, markets are now over flooded with electrical fish tapes from different brands. A lot of them are just not worth it but it’s difficult for a layman to know which one is good enough. To help you find the best electrical fish tape for your needs we have compiled a list of seven fish tapes that we have found worth the bang.

Before we show you any one of these electrical fish tapes, we want you to know that we have tried each one of them. Moreover, we will be listing them in reverse order with 1 being the last but the very best.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in:

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below  :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Fish Tapes” :

7. BRUFER 72141 Fish Tape with Case for Electric or Communication Wire Puller

BRUFER 72141 Fish Tape

We saved the best one for the last and if you’ve come down till here, you deserve this reward. The BRUFER fish tape is a fish tape for all. It’s 75-feet long, sufficient for homes and small offices. The leader has an eyelet for hooking wires and carrying them through drywalls, vents, false ceilings, and pipes.

The wire is made of high-quality steel that can easily uphold wires that are not too heavy. The plastic ABS casing is also very durable and the handle has a firm grip. Moreover, the case even when fully loaded is very lightweight as compared to other fish tapes.

The BRUFER dish tape is highly regarded by electricians throughout the united states.

What we like

  • 75 feet long
  • Strong steel fish tape
  • Plastic ABS casing
  • Overall lightweight

6. Greenlee FTS438DL-250 Tool

Greenlee FTS438DL-250 Tool

The Greenlee electric fish tape is 250 Ft long and ideal for big projects. We found it very durable and efficient. No doubt it is American made. Its leader is 1′ long and the fish tape has markings on intervals of 2′. The fish tape rolls out and back into the case very quickly, making work quite easier for professionals.

Moreover, the casing has viewing ports that allow one to see how much tape is left to unwind. The case is very sturdy and rugged while the handle has a very firm grip. You will not fatigue prematurely when working with this fish tape.

The fish tape is 1/8″ thick which is a bit more than other fish tapes but this helps in giving the strength. Also, the fish tape is made of high-quality steel which is unbreakable even when the fish tape is fully laid out. The leader has been named speed flex which is Greenlee’s proprietary innovation.

What we like

  • 250 feet long and 1/8” thick
  • Makings at 2’
  • The fish tape is very strong
  • Fast rollout and pull back
  • Durable case and firm grip
  • Speedflex leader

5. RamPro, Spring-Steel Fish Tape Reel

RamPro, Spring-Steel Fish Tape Reel

The Vanitek RamPro steel fish tape is another fish tape with a thumb lock for restricting the flow of wire. The length of this one is also 100’ and has a pulling loop at the start of the tape. Its diameter is 1/16” and the material of the tape is spring steel. This makes for a great combination of strength and permeability. One can easily slide wires and cable blow surface without worrying about the fish tape breaking.

The plastic casing provided is also very strong, even though it has a very modern style and might not seem very strong from its looks. The grip is also ideally designed for minimizing any strain caused by holding the reel. This also makes pulling the cable back easier. Furthermore, the fish tape is slightly lubricated.

The good thing about this fish tape is that it can also be used for installing wires in cars, camper vans, and trucks. This fish tape has made installing wires easier not just for the professionals but also for people who have never used such tools in their lives.

What we like

  • 100 feet length and 1/16” thickness
  • Spring steel fish tape
  • Strong casing with a firm grip handle
  • No markings
  • Lubrication system installed

4. WXTOOLS, Wire Puller for Electric or Communication

WXTOOLS, Wire Puller for Electric or Communication

This is another great fist tape that we’ve used and found worth the price. The length of the wire is 100 Ft, thereby being ideal for projects beyond single homes. The projects this can be used for can be multi-story buildings either malls, offices, or housing apartments.

The fish tape is 1/16” thick steel that seamlessly slides through pipes, vents, walls, behind the ceiling, and under carpets. The pulling loop at the start of the fish tape can hook wires and cables while you push or pull the fish tape. The fish tape is slightly lubricated to make it flow in and out of the reel seamlessly.

Also, the handle has a thumb lock that will only the fish tape to be pushed or pulled only when you press it with your thumb. This is a great feature to have because often these fish tapes pull back when you don’t want them, causing not only frustration in work but also injuries at times.

The casing is also of a very high-quality plastic that doesn’t break with normal falls. Its handle has a very nice grip to it that prevents unnecessary strain.

What we like

  • 100 feet length
  • 1/16” thickness
  • Durable steel fish tape that slides through pipes
  • Thumb lock
  • Lubrication system
  • High-quality plastic case
  • The handle has a firm grip

3. Southwire Tools & Equipment FTSP45-125NCT Simpull Electrical Fish Tape

Southwire Tools & Equipment FTSP45-125NCT Simpull Electrical Fish Tape

The Simpull fish tape is another great fish tape that we think electricians can find useful. The material of the fish tape wire is a polymer with a very low coefficient of friction, allowing it to slide smoothly when pushed under a carpet or a conduit. Also, this material does not break like the fish tapes made of fiberglass. Also, this material does not rust like its metal counterparts.

The Simpull electrical fish tape comes in three lengths; 100 Ft, 125Ft and 240Ft. This shows how heavy duty it is and can be a huge help in big projects. Also, there are two diameter variations for each length type.

There are also two leader types; one is a flexible metal leader and the other is a non-conductive leader that can be used in places where there’s a risk of naked wires. The handle and casing are also great when pulling or pushing the wire. It’s durable and won’t easily break in your bag.

What we like

  • Easily slides undersurfaces
  • 100 Ft., 125 ft. and 240 ft.
  • Two leader types; flexible metal leader and a non-conductive leader
  • Durable casing
  • Handle provides a firm grip

2. Gardner Bender EFT-15 Mini Cable Snake, Electrical Wire Fishing Tape

Gardner Bender EFT-15 Mini Cable Snake

Garner Bender is another reliable brand in the hardware tools industry. This steel fish tape is one of the best you can find in the market. Its compact casing can even fit inside a normal-sized pocket. Also, the design of the casing is very good and sleek. It has a flat eyelet tip that can hook wires and carry them through all kinds of surfaces without losing it at any point.

However, it’s 15 Ft tape length means it’s not for long runs. That means it’s ideal for electricians or homeowners who are either sure about their needs or they will keep this one as a secondary fish tape. Also, the tape does not have markings for measurement, which is a bit disappointing.

Nonetheless, it’s steel tape is strong enough to pass below carpets or above ceilings. Moreover, it does not recoil back automatically. That means one is required to pull it back manually. This saves the user from unwanted snapbacks that can be annoying as well as dangerous as they can hit the eye or other parts.

Lastly, the casing has groves that allow one to grip it tightly.

What we like

  • Tape length 15ft
  • Compact, lightweight, and sleek case design
  • Flat eyelet tip
  • No markings
  • Strong steel tape
  • Handle with a firm grip

1. Klein Tools 56005 Fish Tape

Klein Tools 56005 Fish Tape

Klein Tools has been a major manufacturer of hardware, electrical and hand tools for 160 years in the United States. Therefore, it’s one of the most trusted and highly reputed brands. Its product is available across all states.

The 56005 fish tape is great for passing wires through walls, conduits, and under carpets. It’s 25 feet in length and has a flat, plastic slotted tip to make way for the wire as it is being extended. The wire is marked at every foot, making it easier to do the job.

The steel wire is also of good quality because we’ve seen it pass through difficult surfaces without it wearing or breaking. We have even tried pulling heavy-duty wires with it above hanging ceilings and they made the process so easier.

The polypropylene casing and handle are durable and helpful in carrying the fish tape. It allows you to grip firmly while you are laying out the wire.

What we like

  • Reliable and famous brand
  • 25 feet of high-quality steel tape
  • Flat and plastic slotted tip
  • Regarded as the Best electrical fish tape
  • Marked at every foot
  • The lightweight and durable casing
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Fish Tape

Why do you need an electrical fish tape?

The fish tape has multiple uses. The most common use for fish tape is to guide new wiring through walls and electrical conduit. Typically used by electricians so they don’t need to tear down entire walls to replenish or upgrade electrical wiring.

A fish tape is a mandatory piece of equipment when the project comprises a conduit system.

What to look for when buying a fish tape?

Now that we have given you our list of best fish tapes we want to further guide you on what are the factors you should consider when buying a fish tape. This is necessary because you may not find these fish tapes in your area and you’ll have to find the best one you can.

For that, you’ll need knowledge about fish tapes which we are going to present to you below.

  1. Length of the fish tape:
    We know it’s obvious but length determines everything. First, you must know what your need is and then you should buy according to that. For example, if you’re an electrician working on a megaproject or a DJ laying wires for your music system in a hall, you’ll require long fish tapes.
    On the other hand, if you are a homeowner and like to make adjustments to your home from time to time, then even a 50 Ft fish tape would be sufficient for you.
    Deciding on the length first-hand screens out a lot of options and lets you focus on the items that can actually do the job for you.
  2. Strength of the fish tape:
    This is also very important but too often buyers forget it and end up regretting later. A lot of the fish tapes available in the market are not very strong and break while you’re pushing them under the carpets or inside a pipe.
    Before buying you should be fully aware of the conditions you’re going to be using your fish tape. However, there’s not much price difference between fish tapes that are strong and others that are weak. You can compare the prices from some of the fish tapes we mentioned above.
    So why bother buying a fish tape that breaks when it bumps into something when you can get one that can withstand such impacts.

Other Factors to be considered:

  1. Markings:
    It is our personal experience that fish tapes with marking can make life quite easier. Without it, you will always be playing a guessing game.
  2. Lubricated fish tape:
    Fish tapes should always have a mechanism where the fish tape stays lubricated all the time. This does not mean completely soaking up the fish tape but slightly lubricating it so that it doesn’t crank up when pushing or pulling.
    This is normally done by instilling an oiled brush it the opening of the case. When the fish tape is released or pulled back, it gets lubricated. Without this system, the fish tape will scratch with itself and also with the casing, leading to a premature malfunction.
  3. Casing:
    Since these tools are placed with other tools either in a bag or being carried around places where there’s always a risk of an accident. Therefore, it is not wise to buy a fish tape with fragile casing. This is exactly why we mentioned only those fish tapes that had durable cases.

So make sure you check this with the seller before buying.


This is all from our side, we hope we have answered all your queries.

In case we missed something, let us know in the comment box down below.

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