The Best Electric Heated Gloves For Outdoor Activities in 2021

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When the temperatures drop, you may choose to stay indoors for a while. The thoughts of exercising during the winter season bring cold chills to your hands and body. If you want to beat these winter chills off your hands while outdoors, look no further than electric heated gloves and prevent frostbite.

The electric heated gloves are either battery run or clinically activated. Carrying an additional battery weight on your hands should not deter you from having a comfortable grip while skiing.

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#5. GLOBAL VASION Electric Heated Gloves

GLOBAL VASION Electric Heated Gloves

GLOBAL VASION is a maker of high-quality heating apparel. Their electric heated gloves for outdoor activities keep your hands warm. This battery-operated glove comes with rechargeable batteries. It uses a 7.4V battery, which will keep you warm for up to six hours.

Heating elements are built-in to these gloves to cover the back of the gloves and fingers. It comes with a lightweight, but comfortable cotton lining and a TPU covering that are waterproof.

It also comes with a smart switch and three-level temperature controls. You can choose to keep your hands warm under low, medium, or high temperatures. When fully charged, GLOBAL VASION electric heated gloves will warm your hands for up to six hours. You can use your smartphone while having these glove as it comes with a leather coating that is touchscreen compatible.


  • Waterproof
  • Three-level controls
  • Smart switch
  • Battery operated

#4. Autocastle Rechargeable Gloves

Autocastle Rechargeable Gloves

Autocastle brand is a maker of rechargeable electric battery heated gloves. These gloves come with two battery compartments that you can place a 4.5V battery to keep your hands warm. These gloves come with a leather coating on the index finger to enable you to use your smartphone with your gloves on.

Autocastle uses a combination of spandex, cotton, and PU leather to create warm and waterproof layers. These fabrics are breathable and will distribute the warmth inside the gloves evenly.

Hot elements are embedded on it to create a large heating area on the back of the gloves and the fingers. You can wear these gloves for outdoor activities like snowboarding, skating, skiing, hiking, and ice-fishing.


  • Two battery box
  • Spandex-cotton material
  • Touch Screen
  • Large heating area

#3. FoPcc Heated Gloves

FoPcc Heated Gloves

These gloves come with two battery boxes. You can use six AA batteries to power FoPcc electric heated gloves. If you have arthritis, you’ll love FoPcc gloves. They come with a large heating area on the back and all fingers. These thermal gloves have a polyester cover that is waterproof and inner pearl cotton that spreads warmth evenly.

It sports a unique wrist buckle design that allows you to adjust the size. These gloves are unisex. You can use FoPcc heated gloves while camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, riding, and other outdoor activities. You will get your perfect fit as these gloves are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

FoPcc heated gloves come with three temperature levels. These gloves will stay warm up to six hours when fully charged. Unique design Waterproof Breathable material Unisex designs.


  • Unique design
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable material
  • Unisex designs

#2. Feile Home Heated Gloves

Feile Home Heated Gloves

If you’re looking for a classic and comfortable pair of gloves, look no further than Feile home heated gloves. These electric heated gloves come with a 3200mAh rechargeable battery that will last you up to six hours. Feile gloves come with a woven strap and buckle on the wrists that will keep your gloves tight on your hands.

Its large heating area on the back and all fingers will ensure that cold chills are entirely locked out. You can wear these gloves for riding, hiking, ice-fishing, skiing, and other winter outdoor activities.

These gloves come with smart switch buttons and three-level temperature controls that you can tap as you wish. Feile makes its gloves out of five layers of fabrics, including wearable cationic oxford fabric, breathable waterproof membrane, Thinsulate insulation, carbon heating nanotubes membranes, and soft PU leather.


  • Waterproof
  • Woven strap and buckle
  • Smart switch
  • Multi-layered

#1. M.Jone Battery Heated Gloves

M.Jone Battery Heated Gloves

M.Jone electric heated gloves for outdoor activities use 3AA batteries to run them. A battery box is sewn on each glove. It comes with three adjustable temperature levels that you can choose. The smart switch allows you to turn it on and off after use. M.Jone battery heated gloves are made out of faux leather, breathable, warm, and waterproof.

The inner part is embedded with heating elements and cotton, which spreads the warmth evenly. The index finger comes with a touchscreen leather that will allow you to use your smartphone without removing your gloves.

These unisex gloves come as a universal fit, measuring 6.3′ by 12.4 inches. The wrists’ elastic strap will ensure that your hands fit well. You can use these gloves for your outdoor sports activities like hiking, riding, racing, skiing, running, fishing, and sledding.


  • Faux leather
  • Unisex gloves
  • Waterproof
  • Touch screen index finger
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Electric Heated Gloves For Outdoor Activities

Below are features that will help you pinpoint the best electric heated gloves for your outdoor activities and beat the cold season. Take a look.

Quality Material

Warm gloves have soft fleece-cotton lining with polyester or nylon cover to keep wind and water off your hands. The thicker the inner part is, the warmer the glove. Avoid extra thick gloves; otherwise, you’ll lose dexterity and grip.

The breathable fabric will wick away, allow vapor and sweat without creating wetness in the interior lining. You may also want to get a skin-friendly fabric if you’re prone to allergies.

Size and Fit

You may want to get a pair of gloves that will fit your hands well. A perfectly fitting glove allows you to bend your palm into a fist with ease. You’ll want to use these gloves to catch balls, ski, or ride bikes with a perfect grip.

For ultimate warmth, ensure that the gloves go all the way to your wrists. You may want to look out for buckles and straps that will enable you to fit the gloves according to your desired size.


You can choose your gloves from the mitt style that covers your fingers and the separate fingers style. The latter will offer you a better grip.


There are two types of heated gloves, which include clinically heated and battery operated.

a.Battery Operated
These gloves come with a battery compartment with wires embedded within the gloves to transfer heat.

You may choose to use rechargeable lithium or disposable 7.5V batteries.

b.Clinically Heated Gloves
The clinically heated gloves come with a pocket to put air-activated heating gels.

These gels are replaceable and will keep your hands warm for up to eight hours.

They are a perfect option for people who detest using batteries.

Battery Life

Electric heated gloves are operated by two small batteries, which are replaceable, or Lithium, which you can recharge.

These batteries should run between two to six hours.

Replaceable batteries are a perfect choice since you can carry spares with you.

Touch Screen

The availability of a digitized touch screen interface alerts on the status of your gloves. You can also sync these controls to your smartphone and make or receive a call quickly without removing your gloves.

Water & Windproof

You may want a pair of gloves that are waterproof since you’ll touch snow or ice, and it tends to melt quickly, leaving your gloves wet.

Your gloves should be a little heavy and tight-fitting to withstand windy weather.

Durability and Maintenance

Quality materials will ensure that your gloves last longer. You may want to avoid constant purchases every other winter season. You may also want to avoid soaking your gloves in the water when in use. Most of the polyester top cover is water-resistant and not waterproof.

The heating mechanism may break down when it comes in contact with water. You may want to consider buying a pair of gloves that are machine washable.

Dexterity and Comfort

You may want a pair of gloves that are comfortable and offer you a tight grip. You’ll need to use your hands a lot when outdoors. The separated finger design might be the best choice for such movements.

Wrapping Up

The winter chill may make your hands feel like blocks of ice and eventually make you unable to hold anything. The winter season may create dull and immobile moments when you’ve to be holed up indoors throughout.

The heated gloves are a perfect invention for battling these cold chills and getting you outside. These gloves will keep you warm while you’re taking part in outdoor activities like skiing.

You’re a click away from purchasing the heated gloves and stay warm while outdoors this winter season.

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