The Best Decorative Wall Mounted Mirrors In 2021

Best decorative wall mounted mirrors
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Decorative wall-mounted mirrors are a remarkable invention by humanity. Dressing, flossing, and putting makeup on in front of a mirror is satisfying when the transformation is on point. Wall-mounted mirrors are not only limited to grooming but also act as home decor. They come in different shapes, styles, and types.

These decorative walls mounted mirrors reflect natural light into your home and give illusions of big spaces. Finding the right mirror decor for your home can be a hustle. Worry not. Here are some of the mirrors that you can purchase and spruce up your home.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

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# 5. Letushy Aluminum Frame Wall Mirror

Letushy Aluminum Frame Wall Mirror

Letushy decorative wall mounted mirror is yours if you’re looking for a modern piece to spruce up your foyer. It is a circular wall mirror with an aluminum alloy frame constructed in a fine brushed finish. It comes with a stylized hookup top.

If you want a mirror that not only decorates your room with a glass bevel that reflects light but also gives you a clear focus of yourself, Letushy is your perfect choice. Letushy aluminum frame wall mirror features four-layer glass that dutifully contributes to clear imaging.

You can install this 24-inch decorative mirror in your bathroom or accessorize it with your dressing table. Worry not about the aftermath of the glass breaking since it is designed with an anti-spatter film, which keeps the carnage in one place.

What we like

  • Aluminum Frame
  • 24-inches
  • Round Mirror
  • Anti-spatter film

# 4. PexFix Round Wall Mirror

PexFix Round Wall Mirror

If you’re looking for a round wall mirror with a woodgrain finish that will complement your wooden home decor, look no further. PexFix decorative mirror comes in a large round design with a sleek rustic woodgrain metal frame.

It is easy to install. Metal holes at the back will allow you to drill it on your wall. Installation hardware is included in the package. You can install this decorative 30-inch mirror in your bathroom over your vanity table, foyer, living room, and hallways.

This large mirror will reflect natural light in your home generously and make your small spaces look bigger. If you’re not satisfied with this wall-mounted decorative mirror, worry not. The manufacturer offers you a three-year warranty on all registered purchases.

What we like

  • Three years warranty
  • Round mirror
  • 30-inches
  • Woodgrain metal frame

# 3. Kate And Laurel Classic wall Mirror

Kate And Laurel Classic wall Mirror

If you’re looking for a touch of classic decor in your home, look no further. Kate and Laurel is a traditional rectangular wall mounted mirror. You can place this decorative mirror at the entrance of your home and give your guests room to check themselves out.

It comes with a plastic frame and anti-spatter film that will protect your mirror and yourself in case of accidents. This decorative mirror is easy to install. Hang it using the two D-ring hangers at the back.

It weighs 9.2 pounds, and its small size measures 0.75′ by 23.63′ by 29. 63′ will take a small space on your walls. Kate and Laurel’s classic mirrors are available in three sizes and three colors to choose from-black bronze and white.

What we like

  • Plastic frame
  • Classic design
  • D-rings hangers
  • Rectangular shape

# 2. YUBAIHUI Bohemian Wall Mirrors

YUBAIHUI Bohemian Wall Mirrors

YUBAIHU’s moon phases wall decorative mirrors will light up your bedroom, living room, and hallways. It is constructed out of acrylic material which does not break. It also comes coated with a wooden frame for stability.

Installing YUBAIHUI bohemian wall mirrors is easy. Select your exact location and peel off the back, sealing to stick it. This self-adhesive glue on it is durable and strong. You can not change the location once you’ve stuck it.

This 10.5-inch mirror comes with an anti-spatter film that will prevent the glass from flying off if the mirror falls. YUBAIHUI wall mirrors are a perfect gift for space watchers. Young budding astronauts will love having these five pieces of the moon in their rooms.

What we like

  • Acrylic material
  • Anti-spatter
  • Self-adhesive
  • Moon phase shapes

# 1. Keweis Moon Phase Wall Mirror

Keweis Moon Phase Wall Mirror

Keweis is a five-piece wall-mounted decorative mirror that comes in moon phase shape. A perfect gift for moon lovers. Keweis moon phase comes in five-piece wall-mounted mirrors that are constructed out of acrylic and wood imitation frames. These frames are available in three different colors.

The acrylic is covered with an anti-spatter film that will keep broken pieces intact in case of breakages. This acrylic material is non-toxic and safe for home use. It comes with self-adhesive glue for easy installation.

These pieces are best installed in children’s bedrooms if they love theme decor. Young budding space watchers will love having keweis moon phase mirrors on their walls. These decorative mirrors weigh 1.05 pounds, measures10-inch length, and have a 26.5 diameter.

What we like

  • Anti-spatter
  • Beige color
  • Acrylic material
  • Moon Phase Shapes
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Decorative Mounted Mirrors

Mirrors play a vital role in our lives and homes. They will accentuate your room style while creating an illusion of brightness and more space in any room.

Before making your ultimate purchase, let’s take a look at some of the features that will help you single out the best decorative mounted mirrors.


You may want a mirror that is constructed out of durable glass or acrylic. The high end mirrors last long while the cheap ones tend to be flimsy.

The anti-spatter film holds the mirror together while preventing the broken glass from spluttering in case of breakages.

Aluminum, wooden, and glass frames ensure that your mirror lasts long while giving it a classy finish.

Good quality mirrors last long and are durable. Avoid mirrors that are constructed out of low-quality materials that break easily.


A heavyweight mirror may be hard to mount on the wall. You may want to check whether the mounting rings will handle the weight.


The size of a decorative wall mounted mirror dictates its position in your home.

The 10-inch moon phase mirrors look more attractive in a bedroom than in bathrooms.

Kate and Laurel rectangular mirror will light up your foyer or hallways while a round or oval-shaped mirror takes center stage in the bathroom.

If you’re looking for mirrors that will illuminate natural light in your home, you may want to shop for a larger one.

Keep in mind that setting up many tiny mirrors will make your home look disharmonious and disheveled.


a.Rectangular Shape
The traditional dressing mirror comes in a rectangular shape. These kinds of mirrors often bring out the homely touch in your home.

You may install these mirrors in your hallways and foyer if you’re looking for a classic mirror.

b.Oval or Round Shape
Oval and round shaped mirrors have been widely accepted in bathrooms in many homes and public restrooms.

Oval-shaped mirrors are best if you are looking for a vintage look for your living room.

c.Abstract Shapes
You may want to unleash the creative side in you by mounting abstract shaped mirrors in your home.

Stars, moon phases, sun, and animals are some of the corky abstract shapes that manufacturers make to market their mirrors.

They make bold style and taste statements while unleashing a creative feeling around your home.

You may want to create a theme in your bathroom or a child’s room using these fancy mirrors.


You may want to opt for thick mirrors since thin mirrors tend to give distorted images.


a.Plastic frames are widely used for their durability and lightweight. Acrylic material is easy to apply adhesive for easy and permanent mounting.

b.Wooden frames add a warm feeling in the rooms while blending with other wooden decorum in your home.

They bring out a texture that blends sweetly with any modern or traditional decor of your home.

c.Glass frames create an illusion of a bigger mirror while illuminating additional light into your rooms.

Plastic and wooden frames are paintable, allowing the manufacturers to offer you a variety of colors.


You may want a mirror that comes with an anti-spatter film for your safety. Mirrors with smoothed out edges, films, and frames are safe to handle at home.

This film holds breakages together when accidents occur, thereby reducing the chances of having glass strewn all over the place.

Wrapping Up

You may want to invest in beautifully crafted mirrors if you want to add a touch of beauty, style, and spatial illusion. Decorative mirrors take up small spaces on your wall. They will also light up your home while giving the impression of bigger spaces.

If mounted opposite the windows, these decorative wall mirrors will reflect natural light to your home throughout the day. Having a rounded wall mirror at your home entrance will give you and your guests room for grooming before heading out.

The list above will guide you to find the best decorative wall mounted mirror to spruce up your home.

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