The Best Cordless Automatic Hair Curlers Reviews in 2021

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Cordless automatic hair curlers are gaining fame day by day. More hair curlers are finding their way into our home. The cordless hair curlers may sound enticing to you, but don’t let the enticement rush you in acquiring one before you go through our well-researched and informed review.
We aim to make you understand the 5 best cordless automatic hair curlers in 2021 so that when you decide to pick this product, you select the one that suits your hair styling needs.

So, let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the completed reviews of  “the Best cordless automatic hair curlers” :

#5. The Isenpenk cordless curling iron

The Isenpenk cordless curling iron

The Isenpenk Cordless automatic curling iron uses the upgraded chip, which heats up faster and is stable. Its upgraded curling iron protects hair from heat damage. It is very portable and rechargeable and can be easily carried in bags. The curler’s temperature range is between 1500C to 2000C

This automatic hair curler has two rotation buttons that are easy to use. Even at old age, you can still enjoy using this automatic hair curler. It is beautifully made in a thin lighter size with anti-heat features. Once you set the temperature, the curling iron can remember it thanks to its memory feature that reflects the last setting’s heat timer. This product is straightforward to use, and it doesn’t require any skills.

The shiny UV body coating gives it a luxurious feeling. It provides a beep notice when it heats up and perfectly works on thick and thin hair and short or long air. It is environment-friendly, durable, and safe to use. It also comes with a 1-year warranty
Design your hair on beach waves anyplace, anytime.


  • Auto-rotating ceramic curling spin
  • LCD Display
  • USD Rechargeable
  • Automatic curler
  • Easy to use

#4. Anbber Cordless Auto Hair Curlers

Anbber Cordless Auto Hair Curlers

The anbber cordless hair curler is automatic. Being cordless makes it struggle free from constant tangles that come with cables. Using it is easy, by putting your hair in the curling tube and pressing the button to curl your hair naturally.

This automatic hair curler can heat from 3000 F and 3900 F with 6 timer settings. You can set the timer by a long/short button, and the temperature is set by rotating the bottom. The hair curler has a memory function enabling it to keep the settings of the last use.
The cordless automatic hair curler is rechargeable using a USB-C charging port. It has a high-capacity battery of 4800mAh that can go beyond an hour when in use. It is convenient to use since it prevents scalding. The nanosilver ceramic coating makes it beautiful. It offers hair care, giving smooth curly hair.

The LCD portrays temperature and time for easy curling
The cordless automatic hair curler is small and portable; carrying it around is easy, making it possible for you to create perfect curls anywhere, anytime. If you think of gifting a lady, this is the ideal gift.


  • LCD
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Rechargeable
  • Temperature and timer setting
  • USB-C charging
  • High capacity battery

#3. Auruza Unbound Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

Auruza Unbound Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

The Auruza unbound automatic hair curler has a double-layer heat insulator to protect you from surface heat. It is easy to use, with a button to create curls or waves anytime. There is no need for several curling tubes. It regulates the size of the waves intelligently. Get rid of the messy, old tangled cable design and embrace the latest cordless curling.

The cordless automatic adopts the smart sensor chip, suspending the curler when the hair is placed incorrectly. It doesn’t break hair; neither does hair stick in it. It is very safe to use. The curling iron has a sound reminder function to remind you when the curls are done. The automatic shutdown functions save power and ensure the safety of use.

The ceramic technology guarantees safety. It protects hair from excess heat. This makes the hair peacefully lock in natural moisture, making it smoother, healthier, and anti-static. The double-layer insulator protects you from instant surface heat.
This automatic hair curler has a digital temperature display giving you the ability to adjust temperature settings from 3000 F to 3900 F for effective hair texture. The 6-timer settings can help you to place the curls lying on the left or the right. This product allows you to customize your looks and choose the right curls.

Cordless automatic hair curls have an inbuilt rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. This can run for one hour nonstop. The micro USB charge is a plus; this product is light and can be carried along anywhere you are going. The LCD makes it easy to handle.


  • LCD Screen
  • USB charging
  • Ceramic barrel
  • Temperature setting
  • Anti-tangled design

#2. Yapoi WPG automatic hair curler

Yapoi WPG automatic hair curler

The Yapoi WPG automatic hair curler has a unique heat isolating chamber to protect your hands from surface heat. Its in-built rechargeable battery is worth 5000mAh and lasts 60 minutes working before the next recharge. It tangles free with a rotating cord design.
This equipment is automatic and easy to use. Put your hair in the curler. The iron curler will automatically draw your hair and wrap it gently as it rolls it in your direction of choice. It will automatically sense when you put excess hair in the barrel and stop automatically to reverse your hair from being tangled up.

Its temperature ranges from 3200 F to 3900 F with 6-14s automatic curling timers enabling it to make perfect curls.
It has a clear LCD that shows temperature, timer, direction, and battery level. This screen display will power off automatically after 10 minutes with no operations.

This product is conveniently portable; you can easily carry it along with you anywhere you are headed. Its type C USB recharge pot makes it convenient to recharge


  • Rechargeable
  • LCD
  • Temp range
  • Portable
  • Its automatic rotating curler
  • Made of ceramics

#1. KFF Automatic Hair Curler-Cordless Wand Curling Iron- KFF

KFF Automatic Hair Curler-Cordless Wand Curling Iron- KFF

KFF is the best version of hair curler without wire constraints. It creates lively and charming curls, which leaves your hair fresh and seductive all through with just a press of a button—this product auto-rotates curl hair softly only in few seconds.

What’s even more, you don’t require skills to use this automatic hair curler on your hair. Just place it, press it, and you have your curly hair. This cordless curler has 6 temperature settings and can be heated from 3000 F to 3900 F with a timer setting of between 8seconds to 18 seconds.

The beautiful LCD screen displays this information. You can also set time, hair rotation direction, and temperature when planning to spin your curls.
All of these are displayed on a small LCD screen. Through the LCD screen, you can easily set the time, temperature, and direction of hair rotation (left or right curl) you want to spin curls. You can freely choose the style of curly hair between hair, medium curls, or tight curls.


  • Auto-shut
  • Has a timer
  • LCD
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable battery
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

Best Cordless Automatic Hair Curlers

The automatic cordless curler is best for someone who frequently travels.
Choosing the best iron is very important; here are a few elements that should guide you in picking the best curler for you.

Your hair type

Different hair types require various tools. Some tools handle fragile hair well compared to others. Others are good for thick and coarse hair. Pick a tool that goes well with your hair.


Consider all the features of the cordless curler you want to buy. The design will matter if your hair is longer. If you plan to use your curler for a longer time, go for one with a high battery capacity. Always consider the features and design before you make that purchase.

Type of iron

The three basic types of curling irons are; automatic stylers, wand sticks, and 2-in-1 irons. Each of these has its qualities. You can go for automatic stylers if you don’t want to style your hair on your own. There are butane-operated iron curlers that are suitable for air travel safety.


An automatic hair curler that lasts for an hour is ideal for full hair styling. The ones that last for a shorter time can be used for touch-ups. It would be best to consider recharging to the time of use since some batteries drain out.

Your budget

You should plan your budget before purchasing your automatic hair curler. If you check well, you may find one that comes at a discount. Try to get a pocket-friendly one. The low price doesn’t mean bad quality; always check before making that purchase if the features are okay.

Wrapping Up

Now you are adequately armed with the right information about the cordless automatic hair curlers. Make a bold step and purchase one of the best. Curly hair awaits you.

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