The Best Yoga Starter Kits for Beginner Reviews Of 2021

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As you begin your fitness journey, you will require the best yoga starter kits for beginners. The yoga kit will involve various gears such as yoga towels, yoga handkerchiefs, string wear yoga, among other basic items in the package.
When your arm yourself with such items, it marks the beginning of your long journey. However, depending on your exercise’s nature, a yoga kit may not exhaust all the items listed above.

There are various options for both beginners and advanced practitioners. About that, you should select a suitable yoga kit that will match the styles and poses that you will be making.
When you go to the market, it should not surprise you to find various options that can get you overwhelmed. We sampled some of the best choices to simplify your work. Let’s discuss each product in full detail.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below  :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 8 Best Yoga Starter Kits for Beginner” :

8.Gaiam Hot Yoga Kit

Gaiam Hot Yoga Kit

If you are a yoga enthusiast, then here is your answer. The kit has a yoga strap, yoga towel, and a yoga mat. The yoga mat is thick enough to increase your comfort. The textured design will increase grip to avoid slipping and encounter injuries while training. 

The yoga towel comes in the right size to perfectly fit the size of the yoga mat. The designer used hypoallergenic materials microfiber, which absorbs moisture effectively. It also takes a little time to dry up.  
The inclusion of the yoga strap will enable you to arrive at more challenging positions. It also sustains your poses extensively. The strap is durable and has a secure D-ring. 

What we like

  • Thick and textured yoga mat
  • High absorbent yoga towel
  • 6 feet yoga strap

7. ELA Design Yoga Swing

ELA Design Yoga Swing

Are you experiencing back pain? Well, the Ela yoga swing carries your solution. The package has yoga swing, carabineer hooks, adjustable daisy chains, and more. 

The yoga swing comes from top-quality parachute fabric. Furthermore, it can withstand a load of 600 pounds. Again, the yoga kit for beginners comes with adjustable daisy chains that are simple to use. You have an allowance to adjust the length of the same swing. 

Moreover, The kit is easy to set up. You can only use a few minutes to make a full installation. The rules require that you perform a professional installation. You will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee as an assurance of high quality.  

What we like

  • High load capacity
  • Adjustable daisy chains
  • Simple to install and set up

6. Sunny Fitness Yoga Kit

Sunny Fitness Yoga Kit

Sunny fitness kit has a yoga mat, two blocks, and a strap. The blocks can benefit both seasoned and beginner yogis. You can use them for both stability and balance while doing difficult poses. 

The padded mat has enhanced comfort to protect your knees against injuries as your train. The durable mat is also tear-resistant to help you perform yoga, Pilates, or other fitness exercises.

The yoga strap comes for pure cotton materials to help in enhancing stretches and muscle relaxation. It can also tolerate stretching that occurs during intense sessions. As a result, it will improve physical and mental health. 

The items in the set will help you to improve flexibility and deepen the poses. 

What we like

  • Pure cotton strap
  • Padded mat for comfort
  • Two blocks for balance 

5. Aum Active Beginner Kit

Aum Active Beginner Kit

The kit has every item that you will require to have for studio or home set up. The package has 9-yard silk materials that are soft to touch with an enhanced grip feature. As a beginner, you will use it to learn how to climb. 

It also includes climbing grade hardware to facilitate an aerial dance. Since it lacks a swivel, it becomes more versatile. You can easily set up the kit as the package since it has a manual with picture instruction on how to achieve it. 

The kit is suitable for beginners and advanced aerialists who like to practice drops. 

What we like

  • Soft silky material 
  • Climbing grade hardware
  • Easy to set up
  • It is more versatile 

4. Clever Yoga set Kit

Clever Yoga set Kit

The kit comes with a double-sided textured mat to make it non-slip. The extra-thick mat will protect your knees from injuries and procure user comfort. It comes in a spacious design to accommodate all sizes of users.

The kit has seven items that you will require to create a solid foundation in yoga. You can still use the kit in the gym, Pilates or general sport as you perform your stretching poses. As prove of quality, you will get a replacement warranty should you feel unsatisfied. 

The kit is suitable for use at both home and studio. If you are an intermediate or a beginner, then this kit is for you. The items will fit in the yoga bag for storage and transportation. 

What we like

  • Thick yoga mat
  • Suitable for gym and yoga
  • Beginner-friendly

3. F.Life Aerial Equipment

F.Life Aerial Equipment

The silk material has a perfect design, which is ideal for beginners who love to climb. Furthermore, the silk material has a non-slip textured finish to enhance grip. The breaking load limit is about 2200 pounds. 

It is a piece of versatile equipment that will allow you to practice while at the park or home. The silk materials are 10 meters long, which allows the user to do many tricks. It has lightweight materials; hence one can easily carry it around. 

Moreover, The kit includes hardware that is safe for mountaineering. You can easily set it up by using instructional pictures in the manual. Overall, it is a reliable tool to enhance your fitness mission.

What we like

  • Breaking load limit of 2200 pounds
  • Economical and safe
  • Easy to set up
  • It is a versatile product

2. Yoga Swing Set Sling

Yoga Swing Set Sling

The set has a sturdy polyester material that can withstand a weight capacity of 4000 pounds. Moreover, the superior materials will lower friction and wear to increase the lifespan of the swing. It also offers uncompromising and reliable comfort. 
The foam handles are comfortable and easy to grip since they are thick and upholstered. The swing has two adjustable chains to allow the correct height for yoga swings.

The strap comes from high-quality materials that are safe to use. The kit will help you in gaining a professional workout. It will benefit the user by improving core strength and enhance upper body functions. Most importantly, it is easy to set up. 

What we like

  • Secure and adjustable chains
  • Foam handles
  • Easy to set up
  • High-quality materials 

1. Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter 

Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter

The yoga kit for the beginners is famous since the package has all the items that you will require for elementary yoga skills. Some of the items include a yoga mat, yoga strap, and yoga blocks. 

The yoga mat is 4mm thick. With a textured design to enhance a non-slip feature. Furthermore, the mat is lightweight and tear-resistant hence reliable and durable. 

The yoga blocks resemble bricks, which will enhance stability and deepen your stretches. The 6 feet durable yoga strap has a durable metal ring to help in achieving more challenging positions. 

As a bonus, the package has a full DVD that instructs you on yoga workouts. As you follow instructions to the latter, you will access the underlying health benefits. 

What we like

  • Lightweight and durable yoga mat
  • 6 feet yoga strap
  • Yoga block to enhance stability
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Yoga Starter Kits for Beginners

  • Mat Size

The mat will manifest in varying dimensions to accommodate different sizes. Other options have standard sizes that measure 24 by 68 inches. In case you are taller, you should buy the right size that will accommodate your stretches and poses comfortably. 

  • Texture

A good mat should stop you from slipping. In other words, it should have a textured surface that increases grip when you perform your exercise. The non-slip design is a guarantee that you will not experience fallout due to wetness. 

  • Durability

It will be reasonable for you to purchase something worthy of your cent. The materials used for construction should be sturdy and durable. As such, you will use them extensively without tearing or wearing them easily. 

  • Weight

The weight of the kit should be an aspect of great concern. If you are a traveling enthusiast, it would be better to settle for a lightweight and durable kit. Most of the products will range between 1 and 9 pounds. 

  • Pricing

You should buy an item that will not cause you to empty your bank. Interestingly, not all highly-priced commodities carry the right solution for your needs. On the contrary, affordable items like mats will still offer you a commendable service. 

In Conclusion

Do you want to operate a healthy lifestyle? Indeed, you need to supplement it by acquiring the best yoga starter for beginners. The kit has a collection of different items that you will involve to enhance your pieces of training. 

If you are still undecided, then pick your choice from our list. The options are dependable and worth your cent. 

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