The Best Toilet Bowl Brushes Reviewed Of 2021

The 12 best toilet bowl brushes reviewed
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Since you spend some reasonable time in the toilet every day, it is very important to keep it clean on a regular basis. The best way to keep your toilet clean starts with the best toilet bowl brush. These toilet brushes come in multiple designs so you can find one that cleans your toilet very well.

They have ergonomic handles that feel good in your hand for effortless cleaning each time. Some even come with high-quality canisters that in addition to storing the brushes, also prevents bacteria and odor-build-up.

To help you find the best toilet bowl brush, we have compiled the following top 12 best reviews. Have a look!

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below  :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 12 Best Toilet Bowl Brushes” :

#12. TOP BEAUTY Toilet Brush Cleaner

TOP BEAUTY Toilet Brush Cleaner

Featuring an ergonomic design with a non-slip matte handle, the TOP BEAUTY Toilet Brush Cleaner fits nicely in the hand for a secure and comfortable grip. It is equipped with soft and long bristles to enable you to remove stains without you having to press hard. This toilet brush is made from high-quality ABS plastic, making it strong enough not to bend during use. Moreover, it is detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

What we like

  • Comes with a decorative storage holder
  • Mounts easily to the wall with the included seamless wall sticker
  • 15.4-inch length is long enough for you to clean up to the bottom of the bowl
  • A removable base prevents the accumulation of water and odor

#11. Marbrasse Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush

Marbrasse Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush

Made from ABS and PP, the Marbrasse Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush is flexible and durable to serve you long enough. It features a hemispherical brush head design to provide deep cleaning under the rim and other hard-to-reach places. This unit is equipped with soft fibers to ensure effortless but efficient cleaning, saving you valuable time. Better yet, it boasts a non-slip handle that fits closely in the hands for a comfortable grip and easy cleaning.

What we like

  • Space-saving design that fits nicely in tight bathroom areas
  • Comes in three different options for you to choose from
  • The brush holder has a vented design to give off a bad smell
  • The stiff handle does not bend or rust for optimum durability

#10. Homemaxs Toilet Brush and Holder

Homemaxs Toilet Brush and Holder

Simple, compact, and rounded in shape, the Homemaxs Toilet Brush and Holder will feel like decoration with any kind of tiles. It comes with dense bristles that are firm yet soft and flexible to give your toilet a deep and thoroughly clean each time. This toilet has an improved design to enable you to clean around, under the rim, and all hard-to-reach-places without a struggle. In addition, it comes with a canister that holds drips to avoid staining your bathroom.

What we like

  • Shed-free brush bristles ensure long-lasting performance
  • The matte finish holder provides a secure and comfortable grip
  • This unit is stylish, decorative, and functional at the same time
  • Looks sturdy to last years in the same conditions

#9. simplehuman toilet brush and plunger set

simplehuman toilet brush and plunger set

Designed with a magnetic collar, the simplehuman toilet brush stays secured to the plunger’s stainless steel rod to allow you to carry them at once without drips. It has a large opening that not only allows you to detach the plunger easily but also keeps the plunger discreetly out of sight. This toilet bowl brush has a long and narrow profile to work easily and efficiently with modern toilets. Besides, it comes with a crescent-shaped brush to allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas around the rim without a problem.

What we like

  • The brush head screws on and off for easy replacement
  • Available in two colors to suit people with different needs
  • The dome-shaped cover keeps the toilet brush nicely hidden

#8. BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set

BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Scrub and remove debris in the toilet bowl easily when you have the BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set. It comes with a heavy-duty base to prevent the brush from turning over and falling. This toilet brush has a strong cleaning ability with no dead ends to ensure a deep clean into the corners as well as other hard-to-reach places. It is accompanied by concealing tweezers to enable you to remove fallen hair or anything caught up in the brush.

What we like

  • Low-profile and elegant design goes well with any décor
  • Washable brush head allows for simple cleaning and maintenance
  • The brush head dries fast not to hide bacteria
  • The ergonomic handle feels comfortable to hold

#7. MR.SIGA Toilet Brush with Holder, Pack of 3, Black

MR.SIGA Toilet Brush with Holder, Pack of 3, Black

The MR.SIGA Toilet Brush with Holder is the combination of a basic toilet brush with a plastic handle. It comes as a set of 3 pieces in the same purchase to give you great value for money. Each toilet brush set is compact for space-saving performance in a small bathroom. They are made of high-quality materials that make them practical and durable to last several uses. Moreover, these toilet brushes are stain and odor-resistant to give you the best performance.

What we like

  • Comes in two options to suit people with various needs and budgets
  • Each item is accompanied by a caddy for convenient storage
  • The plastic handle feels comfortable to hold and to use

#6. ToiletTree Products Freestanding and Plunger Combo

ToiletTree Products Freestanding and Plunger Combo

Be prepared for plunging emergencies and a thorough clean-up afterward when you have the ToiletTree Products Freestanding Toilet Brush and Plunger Combo. They come in a decorative stainless steel finish that will go well with any bathroom décor. The toilet brush kit is complete with a heavy-weight double holder that looks sturdy and stylish next to any toilet. The stand is solid and secure not to flip or tip over during use. Additionally, this brush set is easy to clean for easy care and maintenance.

What we like

  • Heavy-duty bristles provide thorough and deep cleaning
  • Black rubber plunger design ensures a comfortable grip
  • Drips from the brushland on the storage holder to protect your floor

#5. Uten Toilet Brush

Uten Toilet Brush

Contemporary with a deluxe design, the Uten Toilet Brush is a must-have in any modern home bathroom. It is equipped with ABS plastic handle that is lightweight and comfortable in the hand to give you better grip and control. This toilet brush comes with a hand-polished stainless steel base that is tough to resist daily scratches and rust since it is waterproof in the humid bathroom environment. What’s more, this entire unit comes out as a stainless steel piece all around to look good in any bathroom.

What we like

  • The umbrella-shaped handle prevents dirt from splashing back into your hand
  • Thick bristles ensure deep and thorough cleaning
  • Available in three colors to choose from

#4. Glendan Toilet Brush and Holder

Glendan Toilet Brush and Holder

With a high-quality full brush that uses dense bristles, the Glendan Toilet Brush cleans the toilet effectively and will last several uses. It has a rounded shape with a slim waist design to create an artistic atmosphere in any bathroom. This toilet brush is made from PP and Thermoplastic Rubber to ensure long-lasting performance. It is available in three different options to enable you to choose from. Moreover, the handle is made of a rubbery material that conforms well to the shape of the hand for a comfortable and non-slip performance.

What we like

  • Soft brush fibers deliver effortless toilet cleaning
  • The closed bottom design prevents drips from staining your floor
  • The handle is stiff for comfortable and durable performance

#3. OXO Good Hideaway

OXO Good Hideaway

With a tapered brush head and sturdy blue bristles, the OXO Good Hideaway Toilet Brush provides deep cleaning under the rim and hard-to-reach corners. It is equipped with a canister drip tray that is ventilated to allow water to quickly evaporate for odor-free performance. The canister door automatically opens when the toilet brush is taken out for a neat performance. This brush features an ergonomic handle to promote a secure and comfortable grip. Moreover, it comes in several varieties to fulfill different needs.

What we like

  • Offers deep and thorough toilet cleaning
  • There are several sizes to choose from
  • The toilet seems sturdy and durable
  • Fits nicely in a small bathroom

#2. mDesign Freestanding Plastic

mDesign Freestanding Plastic

Given its compact craftsmanship, the mDesign Freestanding Toilet Bowl Brush tucks nicely to fit well in small bathrooms. It is made from shatter-resistant plastic to ensure long-lasting performance use after use. This toilet brush features sturdy bristles to clean each and every corner for a spotless sparkling toilet. It comes with an individual holder to ensure simple and discrete storage for dry and clean floors. Better yet, this toilet brush comes in different colors for you to choose from based on your tastes and preferences.

What we like

  • A non-slip base keeps the bowl brush secure
  • The brush has a durable construction to stand up to daily use
  • Cleans easily with mild soap and water

#1. Clorox Toilet Plunger

Clorox Toilet Plunger

Maintain the proper functionality of your toilet at all times using the Clorox Toilet Plunger. It has a long ergonomic handle to allow for a comfortable grip and better control. This plunger is housed in a nice caddy for a neat appearance in the bathroom. The caddy has a rubber base which keeps in place for non-slip performance. This plunger is complete with an antimicrobial plunger cup to protect against odor-causing bacteria. Besides, the caddy opens automatically when the plunger is lifted for utmost convenience.

What we like

  • Easy to use and works well
  • Seems durable to last several uses
  • Creates the right amount of force for the job at hand
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Toilet Bowl Brush

Why Do You Need the Best Toilet Bowl Brush?

The best toilet brush has high-quality bristles to help you clean the toilet effectively without applying too much force. They are well-designed to help you clean all corners and hard-to-reach places. These brushes are generally easy to use to cut down your cleaning time by almost half.

They come in affordable packages to enable you to find the right one that fits your needs and budget. And the best part is that these brushes are durable so you will use them for a very long time before you can think of replacing them.

How to Choose the Best Toilet Bowl Brush?

Finding the correct toilet bowl brush can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look for. That is why you need to check out the following buyer’s guide.

  • Size:
    The best toilet bowl brush has a small handle to ensure in-depth cleaning. However, if the handle is too short you are likely to get drenched by the toilet and this is the last thing you want. On the other hand, a long handle can make cleaning the toilet bowl tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, you need to consider toilet brushes that are 15 to 19 inches in length.
  • Handle Design:
    For ease of use and cleaning, consider a toilet brush that has an ergonomic handle. Such a handle is comfortable and fits nicely in the hands for effortless cleaning. At the same time, the handle should be non-slip to give you better control for deep and thorough toilet bowl cleaning.
  • Construction:
    Even though construction materials vary from one toilet bowl brush to another, the toilet brushes should be well-made to stand the test of time. Therefore, go for toilet brushes that are made from high-quality materials that don’t break or rust easily to sustain the humid bathroom environment.

Also, it should come in a color that matches your bathroom décor for an eye-catching appeal.

Final Verdict

Toilet cleaning is one of the daily chores you have to do to keep your home clean and fresh. And there is no better platform to find genuine toilet bowl brush products than this.

So make sure you go through the above reviews carefully to discover which brush best suits your needs.

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