The Best Studio Lighting Soft Boxes Of 2021

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When you want to capture a perfect photograph in the studio, softbox lighting is a must. It will ensure that the lighting is in the right condition. Also, if you want to shoot a video in the studio, you need to use a softbox lighting. This is an essential thing for any professional photographer.

There are different products in this category. Each one has something unique feature. So, when you want to choose the best Studio Lighting Soft Boxes, it becomes difficult. You can solve the issue by reading this buying guide for a softbox with the top 10 products.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the Best Studio Lighting Soft Boxes” :

10. Fovitec StudioPRO – 1x 20″ x 28″ Softbox Lighting

Fovitec StudioPRO - 1x 20" x 28" Softbox Lighting

If you are just started professional photography, then you should purchase this soft box. You can also use this item for shooting professional video for live streaming. It comes with an adjustable height stand, so, you can set up in the right position. Also, this is an energy efficient soft box.

What we like

  • Five 45W lights are included in it.
  • Height adjusting knob for convenience.
  • Non-flash lighting compatible with all cameras.
  • Silver interior lining allows for maximum light reflection.
  • Comes with the carrying case.

9. CRAPHY Upgraded 20×28″ Photo Studio Softbox Lights

CRAPHY Upgraded 20x28" Photo Studio Softbox Lights

This is a 5500k color temperature daylight balanced fluorescent floodlight soft box that comes with durable construction. This is an affordable soft box studio lighting for the professionals. The light holder has a silver interior for providing shadow-free lighting. It comes with all essential instruments.

What we like

  • Height adjustable stand.
  • Portable design for carrying.
  • Carrying kit comes with the soft box.
  • Movable head for the right angle.
  • The stand is 80” tall.

8. Fovitec StudioPRO – 3x 20″x28″ Softbox Lighting

Fovitec StudioPRO - 3x 20"x28" Softbox Lighting

This is a pro-soft box studio lighting for high professionals. There are three lightboxes in the product. When you are using this unit, there is no need for additional lighting for the studio. It comes with the Boom, Stands, Softboxes, and Socket Heads. Also, there are eleven 45W bulbs for a high-quality lighting.

What we like

  • Deliver accurate and accurate colors of the object.
  • Height adjustable light stands.
  • Reflective inner lining to increase the light.
  • Sturdy construction for longevity.
  • Non-flash lighting compatible with various cameras.

7. Excelvan 2000W Photography Studio LED Lighting

Excelvan 2000W Photography Studio LED Lighting

Are you looking for a budget-friendly professional soft box lighting? Then you should purchase this product that comes with sturdy construction. The soft box has high quality imported fabric that reflects the light to increase the power. You can balance the lighting of your studio with this item.

What we like

  • Three stands with LED lights.
  • Stands are height adjustable.
  • Remain stable during works.
  • Made of aluminum for the durability.
  • A 1-year warranty is available.

6. Fancierstudio Lighting Kit

Fancierstudio Lighting Kit

If you need to shoot a video in the studio, this product will be the right choice. It will balance the lighting of the studio. Also provides the natural color of the object. Any professional videographer or photographer can use this softbox. This studio LED Lighting Kit ensures the best lighting system.

What we like

  • Best for studio photography and video shooting.
  • 2400-Watt professional video lighting kit.
  • Three light stands with 6′ height.
  • Comes with carrying kit.
  • Highly durable for long time usage.

5. LimoStudio Umbrella Soft box Lighting Kit

LimoStudio Umbrella Soft box Lighting Kit

If you looking for an umbrella lighting kit for photography? This product will fulfill your requirement. This item is suitable for any beginner and professional photographer. You can also use it for portfolio video shooting. There is a background support system in the soft box for the convenience.

What we like

  • Comes with the bulb socket.
  • Ideal photo and video lighting studio kit.
  • Keeps the natural color of the object.
  • Creates soft lighting with the balance.
  • Background support for shooting videos.

4. Neewer 700W Professional Photography Soft Box

Neewer 700W Professional Photography Soft Box

No matter if you have a small budget. You can start with this soft box that comes with two light stands. This is a professional lighting kit for advertising products, photo-art, industrial and scientific photography. You can connect light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, or slave flash directly in the socket.

What we like

  • Affordable price.
  • Ideal for a variety of photography.
  • Locking system for the height adjustment.
  • Carrying kit comes with the soft box.
  • Durable construction ensures the longevity.

3. LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light

LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light

If you are a beginner in the photography industry and can’t afford high priced products can try this unit. There is two light stands with this soft box. You can connect a single bulb to each stand. It comes with the portable design for carrying. So, you can carry it to your worksite.

What we like

  • 50–86-inch height adjustable light stand tripod.
  • Easy to install in the studio and worksite.
  • Comes with long power cord for the electric connection.
  • Fabric carrying case for the convenience.
  • Stable regular screw base.

2. LimoStudio Photography Video Studio Soft Box

LimoStudio Photography Video Studio Soft Box

If you don’t want to purchase a full package of the soft video box, can buy this. You can add this item to your regular setup for the videography. This one comes with CFL bulb which is energy efficient.

What we like

  • Height adjustable stand.
  • Umbrella shape box that reflects the light.
  • Doesn’t spoil the natural color of things.
  • Standard screw base which is durable and stable.
  • Its price is affordable.

1. Proxelle 700W Photography Softbox Studio Lighting Kit

Proxelle 700W Photography Softbox Studio Lighting Kit

This is a popular professional photography softbox lighting kit for photographers. There are two stands for setting the light. You can set the box at different angles for getting the right light balance. It ensures natural lighting in the room. This studio LED lighting kit is also suitable for shooting portfolio videos.

What we like

  • Installing in the studio is easy.
  • Made of high-quality nylon.
  • The silver lining to increase the light.
  • Portable design with carrying kit.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Studio Lighting Soft Box

Before you confirm a softbox for the studio, should look for some essential features. Here are the essential things that you need to check.

  1. The shape of the Lightbox:
    The first thing you need to consider is the shape of the lightbox. Most of the products come with an umbrella and deep box shape. You can also choose other shapes when necessary.
  2. The height of the Stand:
    The next thing you need to consider is the height of the stand. Based on the product, the height will vary. You need to choose the right one that can fulfill your requirement. Also, look for the adjusting system in the stand.
  3. Movable:
    The head of the lighting stand should be movable at different angles. This feature allows the users to set the light at the right perspective according to the need.
  4. Lighting Power:
    You need to look for the number of lights in the softbox. Most of the softbox comes with 4 to 5 lights in it. Also, look for the watt of the light to get the proper lighting in the studio.

Final Verdict

Here you have an exclusive list of best studio lighting soft boxes. Each one has some different features. Before ordering any of the lighting kits, identify your requirements. Choose the right one that matches your necessity.

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