Best Smart Pet Camera and Monitor Review in 2021

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Ever wonder what your pets are up to when you’re away from home? A smart pet camera and monitor allows you to see whatever mischief they are up to, talk to them, get alerts on intruders, and some even let you toss treats to your furry friend.

However, picking the best can be a challenging task that will consume your time. There are many pet cameras on the market, some basic and others with advanced features. We have compiled a list of the best smart pet cameras and monitors to help you with buying.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 5 Best Smart Pet Camera and Monitor” :

5. HONGSA Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser & Tossing

HONGSA Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser & Tossing

This is a high-quality pet camera and monitors with built-in HD speakers, 1080 HD video cam lens, and microphones. Also, it has a two-way voice intercom and an infra-red night vision sensing of up to eight meters. Note, you can sync it with your phone via an app, from which you can listen to sounds, throw food from the treat dispenser, view video, play a pre-recorded recording, and even talk to your pet remotely. To download the app, scan the QR code at the back of the feeder.

With the app, you can also control the infra-red light by moving it up, down, and sideways so you can play with your pet at any time. The product has a detection screen to monitor motion and sound. If it detects large motion and loud sound, it records a real-time video and reminds you through information push on your app.

Additionally, you can share recorded videos and photos taken through the app on your social media sites. Your friends can also log in to watch your pet if you share the device number with them. It also features a treat dispenser where you put the treats, then you can use the app to toss them to your pet, and it has WiFi connectivity.

What we like

  • 1080P HD night vision camera
  • Infra-red laser light
  • Treat dispenser and tosser
  • Two-way voice intercom
  • Built-in HD speakers and microphones
  • Supports APP
  • 2.4G WiFi connectivity

4. HD 1080p Pet Camera

HD 1080p Pet Camera

HD 1080p Pet Camera is a multi-functional smart home camera that can be used as a security camera at home to monitor pets, babies, toddlers, and elders. This device is fitted with a 1080p full HD camera with a 360° panoramic view and 3D navigation-intelligent tilt. It supports 2.4G WiFi and is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. This means you can download an app and sync it with the device.

The device has built-in motion detectors and supports SD and cloud storage. Whenever the motion sensors are triggered, they alert the cameras, record video, take pictures, and then send them to your phone through the app. The built-in microphones and two-way audio system allows you to talk to your kids and pets. You can also share photos and videos with multiple family members. Don’t worry about privacy breaches as the videos and pictures are protected by privacy encryption.

The device is easy to set-up and use. You only need to plug it into a power source, scan the QR code to download the app then configure the settings through the app. If you want to find a specific location accurately, you can get up to 15 scenes with the new 3D navigation features by pointing at the image using your fingertips. There are 12 infra-red LEDs for night vision that can sense up to a distance of 50ft.

What we like

  • Ultra HD 1080P camera with 360° panoramic view
  • Two-way audio system with built-in microphones
  • Supports 2.4G WiFi, iOS, and Android OS
  • Built-in motion sensors
  • Supports SD and cloud storage
  • New 3D navigation features
  • Night vision infrared light
  • Privacy encryption

3. [New 2021] Petcube Play 2 WiFi Pet Camera

[New 2021] Petcube Play 2 WiFi Pet Camera

The Petcube Play 2 pet camera has all the features you’d need in a pet monitoring camera. For starters, you’ll get a 1080 HD video camera with a 160° wide-angle view, night vision, and you can zoom in for up to 4x. It supports 2.4G and 5G WiFi connections, and you can sync it with an app on your smartphone. It supports Android 7 and higher and iOS 11 and higher.

There’s a built-in laser toy that you can easily control up, down, and sideways to play with your pet remotely or set the autoplay mode if you are busy playing. You can also speak to your pet through the two-way audio system, four microphones, and high-quality speakers.

Our favorite feature about this pet monitor is the built-in Alexa assistant. You can control your smart home devices, play music, get weather updates, order treats for your pet through your Petcube Play 2 smart pet camera, and monitor. Remember, the voice assistant feature is optional and can be disabled anytime.

The product is made from hard plastic and high-quality aluminum, which is almost indestructible; thus, you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed by your playful pets. It has an anti-slip rubber bottom to prevent sliding, and you can also mount it on a tripod stand. This Petcube branded product comes with a 12-month warranty.

What we like

  • Ultra HD 1080p video and images
  • 165° wide-angle view and 4x zoom in
  • Night vision
  • Built-in infrared pet toy
  • Built-in Alexa assistant
  • Supports 2.4G and 5G WiFi connectivity
  • Two-way audio system
  • Four microphones and speaker
  • 12-month warranty

2. WOpet Smart Pet Camera

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

WOpet Smart Pet Camera comes with a full HD camera with night vision so you can monitor your pets in real-time. It offers a wide-angle view with clear pictures and videos even when it’s dark. It has a built-in microphone and speakers two enable two-way communication between you and the pet. You can talk to them, send commands, and even listen.

The device has a treat dispenser so you can reward your pet with their favorite treat for good behavior. However, it’s suitable for dry food only. It supports 2.4G WiFi connectivity and is compatible with Android 5.0 and higher and iOS 7.0 and higher.

Also, it supports Alexa voice assistant, so you can play your pet’s favorite video and listen to the news. To set-up, you’ll need to plug into a power source, download and install the WOPET app then sync it to your home WiFi.

What we like

  • Full HD camera with night vision and wide-angle view
  • Two-way audio system
  • Supports Alexa
  • Supports 2.4G WiFi connectivity, Android and iOS
  • Treat dispenser
  • Built-in microphones and speakers

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

Our first choice is the Furbo Dog Camera with a treat dispenser. Furbo has a beautiful and sleek design and is specially designed for dogs. It features a full HD 1080p camera with night vision to take pictures and live real-time stream videos to monitor our dog. It also has a 160° wide-angle view that’s functional both day and night. One exciting feature is the barking sensor. It detects barking from your dog and notifies you via the smartphone app. You can check on what’s going on and if it’s nothing serious, talk to your pet to calm them down. The audio system is two-way, enabling you to communicate with your dog and loved ones in the home.

The device supports WiFi connectivity through the Android, and iOs supported Furbo smartphone app. You can toss your dog’s favorite treat through the app. You only need to fill the dispenser with the treats, then play the game of catch through your phone, You also get to know what triggers your dog to bark through the event-triggered cloud recording. The app keeps a dog diary where you can download and view your dog’s day’s highlights in 60 seconds.

It also alerts you on your dog’s activities, including when they are chewing on cords, scratching furniture, or playing by detecting the motion sensors. You can easily know when they’re suffering from separation anxiety, pacing around, or even when they’re missing you. The Furbo camera takes cute selfies when it detects your dog facing the camera and sends them to your phone. It comes with a USB charging cable and a power adapter.

What we like

  • Barking sensor
  • Treat dispenser and tossing
  • Full HD 1080p camera and night vision
  • Two-way audio system
  • Supports Alexa, WiFi connectivity, Android, and iOS operating systems
  • Event-triggered cloud recording
  • Dog diary
  • 160° wide-angle view
  • Comes with charger

Wrapping Up

Pets can be mischievous. You can’t help but wonder what they are up to when alone in the house. Smart pet cameras and monitors allow you to spy on them and even interact with them. They also send you alerts in case of intruders.

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