The Best RV Leveling Blocks Reviewed in 2021

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Have you ever experienced parking RV on uneven ground while camping out? If you are a frequent visitor to rarely visited places, you may have struggled to find a leveled area for parking. Parking your RV on the leveled surface is vital to save your motorhome appliances. Therefore, most of the drivers never rely on jacks and rocks and always prefer using RV leveling blocks.

However, buying the best RV leveling blocks is a trick because of the flooded market. Reading this article will streamline your buying process.

Going through reviews of the following RV leveling blocks, you will surely become a happy customer.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below  :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best RV Leveling Blocks” :

7- Homeon Wheels 3 Curved Heavy Duty RV Leveling Blocks

7-Homeon Wheels 3 Curved Heavy Duty RV Leveling Blocks

These are one of the easiest to use ramp designs that will never let your wheels slip. The company has used durable plastic to make this three-level ramp. It can lift your RV to a maximum height of 3.94 inches. The design of these ramp blocks creates friction between wheel blocks and wheel to secure your vehicle with the help of additional traction. You can also use these leveling blocks as a support to stabilize other equipment.

These lightweight blocks have a load capacity of 5000 lbs per axle. However, its design does not make it ideal for dual axles.

What we like

  • Made of durable plastic
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty
  • Offer three height levels

Lightweight and use of durable plastic make these blocks top sellers in the market. Three different height levels are ideal for all kinds of vehicles. Your parking experience at odd places is no more a test of time with these RV leveling blocks.

6-Homeon Wheels Heavy Duty Trailer Wheel Chocks

6-Homeon Wheels Heavy Duty Trailer Wheel Chocks

If you own a Caravan Truck, van, and SUV, these unique designed wheel chocks are for you because you enjoy three different ramp levels. Like many other Homeon ramping blocks, it can also lift your RV to a maximum height of almost 4.3 inches. The beautiful pattern design increases the friction level between ramps and wheels to stabilize your loaded vehicle.

Moreover, you can also utilize these ramping blocks as a support to sustain other substantial items in a balance to avoid any loss. The loading capacity of these blocks is 4000 lbs per axle, which means that you can part loaded trucks on uneven surfaces quite easily.

What we like

  • Unique pattern design to increase traction
  • Made of heavy-duty and durable plastic
  • Provide three different height levels

The use of durable and heavy-duty plastic material is among the selling propositions of these blocks. Also, the provision of three different height levels makes its usage ideal for almost all surfaces.

5-Camco FasTen Single Tire Leveling Blocks

5-Camco FasTen Single Tire Leveling Blocks

Camco FasTen is an interlocking type of blocks that come with the anti-slippery design. It is ideal for your small RVs with single wheels. The company has used thick plastic to make these blocks durable enough to last a multitude of uses. These blocks work well on asphalt and do not slip like ordinary leveling blocks.

The loading capacity of these RV leveling blocks is 10,000 lbs. You can attain your desired height by customizing these ten interlocking blocks.

What we like

  • Interlocking nonslip design
  • Made of durable plastic for a multitude of uses
  • High weighing capacity of 10,000 lbs

The bright yellow color makes these blocks the first choice of drivers because these are easily noticeable. You can also use it for dual axle wheels by buying a second set.

4-OxGord Set of 2 Trailer Leveler Blocks

4-OxGord Set of 2 Trailer Leveler Blocks

The easy using process is the praiseworthy feature of these leveling blocks that have a leveling capacity of 11,000 lbs per axle. The manufacturer has used lightweight, heavy-duty plastic to make these blocks durable. You can manage and use these RV leveling blocks easily because of lightweight. The unique design increases the friction between wheels and the blocks to ensure no slippage. For convenience purposes, it comes in a pack of two to satisfy the needs of customers. However, you should always use these blocks carefully on rocky surfaces.

What we like

  • Easy setup and simple usage
  • 11,000 lbs maximum loading capacity
  • Much affordable

Simple and easy usage and lightweight make these best sellers on the market. Moreover, 11,000 lbs loading capacity per axle is higher than the ordinary RV levelers. Different lift height levels make these suitable for all kinds of vehicles.

3-Carmtek Curved RV Levelers

3-Carmtek Curved RV Levelers

These are among the modern designed leveling blocks that have a unique jointing system with precise grip channels that prevent levelers from slippage. The company has used a high-performing polymer and offers a lifetime warranty and free replacement in case of issues. You can use these blocks for RV wheels with up to 32-inches diameter.

The loading capacity of 35,000 lbs is higher than almost all other RV leveling blocks. These are simple and easy to use and enable you to park your loaded vehicle within 5 minutes. You can also customize these to adjust the height with the help of the instructions guide.

What we like

  • Unique jointing system with precise grips
  • 35,000 lbs high loading capacity
  • Lifetime warranty

Most of the drivers like these blocks because of simple and easy usage. It makes your journey memorable by relieving you of the parking hurdles with a lifetime warranty. High loading capacity and 32-inch diameter make it the top choice of people.

2-Camp’N RV Leveling Blocks with Built-in Ramps

2-Camp’N RV Leveling Blocks with Built-in Ramps

If you are looking for many features, go with these leveling blocks because these have a long list of unique features. One of the most touting features of these RV leveling blocks is their heavy-duty build quality. You do not need to buy any more in your life once you purchase these blocks. Another feature is their thickness that increases the durability of the blocks.

Carrying strap packed with these makes it convenient to transport and store these blocks. These also come with Patent Pending built-in ramps that help to fix these blocks in place.

What we like

  • Thick and heavy-duty structure
  • Has 12 ramping pads
  • Convenient to move and store

These ramping blocks can handle the most massive trailers and campers. Unique designing makes these leveling blocks the priority of all drivers. The carrying strap makes it easy to manage these blocks.

1-Hopkins RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock

1-Hopkins RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock

Hopkins brings another complete leveling kit that has everything you need to part your loaded vehicles. It has wheel dock, wheel chock, and non-skid traction and slipping remain no more an issue after buying these blocks. Non-skid mat also functions as a carrying strap to make transportation and usage quite easier.

On top of that, the use of both plastic and wood increases the durability of this leveling system. The company offers a three years warranty on this product.

What we like

  • Comes in the form of a complete kit
  • Has non-skid mat that also works as a carrying strap
  • Use of plastic and wood for high durability

Too many features at an affordable price make it the best seller. You need not worry about using it because it packs a complete kit. It is the only leveling ramp that has wood and plastic in its structure.

The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best RV Leveling Blocks

After reading the reviews of the above leveling blocks, you have a better grasp as to what to look for while buying leveling blocks. This section will further extend your knowledge about the things to look for in RV leveling blocks.


The very first and foremost feature to look for in an RV leveling block is durability. It is the feature that will make you tension free for years. Always look for the blocks that have a dense structure and quality plastic treated with UV. It should be tough enough to resist extreme weather conditions.

Reading customer reviews for the product will give you an idea about the durability of the product.


Simple and easy usage is another fundamental trait of most of the RV leveling blocks. Most of the people go for the options that are easy to clean, store, and transport. Lightweight leveling ramps are usually easy to use and transport. Some leveling blocks take only five minutes to usage time and park your vehicles with ease.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Different RV leveling blocks have a different weight capacity. You should always buy the ones that offer maximum loading capacity enabling you to park all kinds of vehicles. The weighing capacity of leveling blocks depends on the materials used in these. Prefer buying leveling blocks with 35,000 lbs weight capacity.

Price and Warranty

Price and warranty are also factors that affect the sale of RV leveling blocks. Always prefer buying blocks that offer a multitude of features at an affordable price. Many of the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for the products while others offer different warranty periods.

Whatever the case may be, an RV leveling block with a lifetime warranty is the best option because it relieves you of the tension of buying new after short periods.

Our Verdict

After reading the entire article, we advise you to buy Home on Wheels 3 Curved RV leveling blocks because these have a sturdy structure made of durable plastic. The pattern design increases the friction between wheels and leveling blocks to diminish the chances of slippage.

These blocks can lift your vehicles to 4 inches in height. You can also use its multi-leveling ramp to stabilize and support other equipment. It also offers a 5000 lbs weighing capacity per axle.

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  1. I bought Camco to replace the old 2X6 lumber I used to carry in my camper. These are far superior in design and use. I bought the 4X2 (17″ X 8.5″) rather than the 2X2 for my single tire camper because you can build steps linked together (longwise 2X2 exposed) which allows you to build higher leveling blocks. If you put 2X6’s or 2X2 leveling on top of each other they tend to “squirt” out from under the tires. These don’t. One caution is that if you are on dirt, mud, or gravel I would recommend you place a 1/2″ piece of plywood cut to 18″X9″ under these to help stabilize them and keep them from distorting due to soft or uneven surfaces.

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