The Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks In 2021

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Do you often walk around your garage looking for ways to create space, wondering what to throw away and reclaim that space? Worry no more. Mounted storage racks are your best solution. These racks are mounted on the wall or overhead- on your ceiling. Manufacturers use metals like steel to build them for quality and stability: You can mount them on wooden and concrete ceilings.

Overhead garage storage racks declutter your garage, giving you more room for an additional car or relaxing area: you may buy these racks in singles and pairs with large capacity that will fit your needs. Below is a curated round-up of our top five overhead garage storage available for you.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

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5. SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Rack

SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Rack

SafeRacks overhead garage storage racks offer you a lifetime of stable and quality product with its lifetime warranty- you’ve nothing to lose. It weighs 82 pounds and can hold items weighing 600 pounds. You can utilize the overhead space and free up the garage for an additional car or the children’s play area.

You can mount this storage rack on the wall and the ceiling. It comes with adjustable height options to give you the desired storage- it holds two stacks of medium storage boxes stacked in 4 rows. This 4’by 8′ rack can be customized to dro-down the ceiling at 18″ to 33″. You can store as many bikes as you want on it or hang them underneath it with hooks.

Installation is easy with the detailed step by step user’s guide; if you’re unsure of doing a little DIY, the manufactures’ support center is available 24 hours to lend a hand. It comes with a powder coating finishing. In case of defaults, you can utilize the lifetime warranty over time. The manufacturer offers a refund or return policy.

What we like

  • Life warranty
  • It holds 600 pounds.
  • Safe- no risks of falling.
  • Metal material.

4. NewAge Products VersaRac Mounted Storage Rack

NewAge Products VersaRac Mounted Storage Rack

If you’re looking for durable steel-made mounted storage racks, look no further. NewAge rack comes in 13-gauge steel. Mount it on your wall or ceiling, and it will serve you many years. This steel is strong and durable; it does not rust, bend or break under heavyweight: Install this 104 cubic ft rack, and it will support items within 600 pounds.

If you opt for DIY, mounting will require a ladder- the height will determine the size of your ladder, driver bit set, a ratchet set, and impact driver gun. The package includes lug bolts. It weighs 91 pounds, measures 48’by96’by42, and it will offer you 104cubic ft of 600 pounds storage. What’s more? It comes with adjustable shelves and height.

If you’re not satisfied with this storage rack, the manufacturer offers you a full refund or replacement policy for a lifetime- you have nothing to lose. NewAge VersaRac is available in gray, powder-coated, and high gloss white color: You may want to mount it on a concrete or wooden ceiling. Proper installation ensures that it is safe overhead and will last long- it has a powder-coated finish.

What we like

  • Steel material.
  • Adjustable height.
  • It Weighs 91 pounds.
  • It holds 600 pounds.

3. MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage

MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage

MonsterRax is your ultimate choice if you’re looking for a durable and white powder-coated overhead garage storage rack to match your white-colored garage. It comes in white rails and silver decks with patented brackets. It is available in two color options; hammertone and powder-coated white. These two colors are anti-corrosion, water-resistant, and scratch-free. The powder coating has a longer-lasting finish.

Industrial steel gauge makes MonsterRax. Steel makes it sturdy, secure, and durable; install it well and worry not about falling risks. You can opt for DIY; however, the manufacturer offers an easy step by step guide with free expert installation if needed. This steel-made rack can support 600 pounds. It weighs 80 pounds with 4’by8′ measurements. You can drop it down the ceiling at 24”-45” distance from the top.

MonsterRax overhead storage has an adjustable height; you can fit it in any garage; the manufacturer also offers two rack packages sold as a pair. You can utilize the lifetime warranty policy over legitimate default with a surety of full refund or replacement.

What we like

  • Life warranty
  • It holds 600 pounds
  • White rails
  • Powder Coat Finish

2. Overhead Garage Storage Rack Set

FLEXIMOUNTS 3'x8' Overhead Garage Storage Rack Set

It’s about time you freed up the garage floor and utilized the overhead with FLEXIMOUNTS overhead garage storage 2-pack set to create space. These two-piece ceiling mounted storage racks will declutter and allow you to arrange your garage spaciously.

This pack weighs 52 pounds with 96’by36’by40 dimensions; you can store things up to 600 pounds; organize, tidy up, and declutter your garage floor with these 2-pack storage racks. Steel alloy material makes these racks, thereby making them durable and stable. Steel does not rust, corrode, or bend.

You can joist these racks on wood and concrete ceilings; you can adjust the height from 22′ to 45 inches from the ceiling. The package includes installation hardware. The integrated wire design makes it more sturdy and stable while easing installation. If you’re not satisfied with it, worry not; the manufacturer offers you a hundred percent money back or replacement policy over a lifetime.

What we like

  • Two-piece
  • Adjustable height
  • Steel Alloy material
  • Integrated Grid design

1. FLEXIMOUNTS 4’x8′ Overhead Garage Storage Racks

FLEXIMOUNTS 4'x8' Overhead Garage Storage Racks

If you’re looking for an overhead garage storage rack that will not sag in the middle, then look no further. FLEXIMOUNTS 4’by8′ comes with a metal bar that holds middleweight making it more sturdy than its peers.

FLEXIMOUNTS has 13 steel gauges with an integrated wire grid; this rack will offer you enough storage that holds up to 600 pounds. Steel is secure( with proper installation), durable, and provides a tidy organization in your garage. It is available in two color options; black and powder-coated white. The coating offers an elegantly looking finish.

It weighs 59 pounds and measures 96’by48’by40 inches with 105 cubic feet of storage. Hang it down the ceiling up to 40 inches- it has an adjustable height set-up. You can mount it above the garage door with expert installation. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

What we like

  • Steel material.
  • It weighs 59.7 pounds.
  • It holds 600 pounds.
  • Adjustable height.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Below are several characteristics that may help you to pinpoint the best overhead garage racks. Take a look.


Most brands use steel and steel alloys to give you a product that cannot wither away, bend or rust. Steel-made racks come with an integrated wire base that offers stability and sturdiness. It would be wise not to settle for any other metal but steel.
You may want to verify the hardware to use for installation. Most brands will offer you lug bolts, but their quality will determine whether your storage rack will last long or not.


Most manufacturers offer a detailed but easy to use step by step installation guide. If you’re not a handy person or worry the overhead storage might fall off, it’d be wise to call in an expert. Many users have professed to have installed these racks on their own with ease.


Before making the ultimate purchase, it would be wise to locate the space you want to use to mount the overhead storage. You may use the freed-up space as a play area for children or an additional car.


You may want to estimate the weight of the items that you want to be stored overhead. Having this in mind, look at the list above and pick a storage rack to support the estimated weight.


You may put the height into two ways consideration; storage height and your cars’ height. You may want to place overhead storage racks on one end of the garage if you own vehicles like vans whose top is towering below the ceiling.


Durability goes hand in hand with the material used. Steel-made racks will last you many years.

Finally, you may want to have a pair of extra hands to help you mount these racks easily. You may also want to check that your overhead storage does not block the garage lighting and it is not too low to block peoples’ movements.

Wrapping Up

Do you want to free up more floor space, but you’re unsure how to go about it? Mounted overhead garage storage will help you organize, tidy up, and free up garage floor space. You can also utilize the overhead space above your garage door with help from an expert installer.

If you have too many items that you don’t want to let go of, these overhead storage racks will help you stash them away while creating room for an additional car or relaxing space in the garage.

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