The Best Mattress Protectors Reviewed in 2021

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Are you using a mattress in your bed for comfort? Do you want to increase the longevity of the mattress? Then you should use a mattress protector. The mattress protector helps to keep the mattress clean and look like new. Also, it prevents dust, water, and different liquid. There are different mattress protectors you will find online. Try to pick the right one so that you can stay comfortable. If you don’t know how to choose the proper mattress protector, you can read the following the buying guide.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Mattress Protectors” :

7. Utopia Bedding Bamboo Mattress Protector

Utopia Bedding Bamboo Mattress Protector

If you are looking for a waterproof mattress protector with high-quality material, should pick this one. It comes of polyester and viscose rayon material. This protector has a fitted style. Using the protector for a king size mattress is ideal. The dimension of the protector is 78 X 80 inches. You will be cool and comfortable with it. It has good ventilation to ensure comfort.

What we like

  • Durable construction for long time service.
  • Machine washable fabric for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Comes in king size to fit on a large mattress.
  • Waterproof material for the best safety.
  • Breathable top with great comfort.

6. Queen Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector Cover

Queen Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector Cover

Do you have a queen size mattress at home? Want to cover it with a waterproof mattress protector? Then you can go for this product. It comes at an affordable price. The main material of the protector is cotton. So, you will be comfortable in it all the seasons. Also, it passes the air sufficiently to keep you cool. Because of the waterproof design, now you can do whatever you want on the bed.

What we like

  • It is TPU certified by SGS.
  • It is free of vinyl, PVC, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals.
  • Anti-bacterial out layer.
  • 80% cotton & 20% Polyester blending surface for durability.
  • Machine washable, so easy to clean.

5. LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

This mattress protector comes with cotton construction. So, you will feel comfortable with it. Also, the surface is waterproof to keep safe your mattress. No matter if accidentally you pour any liquid in it. Unlike some low-grade products, this one doesn’t make any noise. It is an elasticized fitted sheet style that fits perfectly with the mattress.

What we like

  • Using for queen size mattress is ideal.
  • Cotton terry surface with a polyurethane backing.
  • Highly durable for long time performance.
  • 15-year warranty from the manufacturer.

4. LINENSPA Premium Smooth Fabric

LINENSPA Premium Smooth Fabric

Looking for a smooth fabric mattress protector? Then you can try this one. It is comfortable and doesn’t make any noise. Polyurethane backing blocks dust mites and allergens to keep you secured on the mattress. It is an ideal mattress protector for queen size. You can stay secure with quality. It comes with durable construction.

What we like

  • The dimension of the protector is 60″ x 80″.
  • Crinkle-free protector.
  • It is machine washable for hassle-free cleaning.
  • 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.

3. Utopia Bedding Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

Utopia Bedding Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

Looking for a premium waterproof mattress protector at a reasonable price? Then I recommend it. Adjusting to the mattress is easy. Ideal to use in a twin-size mattress. The main material of the protector is cotton. So, it is comfortable enough to ensure sound sleep. The fitted style keeps the protector adjusted with the mattress.

What we like

  • Round elastic for perfect fitting.
  • Air passing system to keep the user comfortable.
  • Waterproof surface to give protection from any liquid.
  • Machine washable fabric for easy cleaning.
  • Highly durable for improved performance.

2. LINENSPA Premium Smooth Fabric

LINENSPA Premium Smooth Fabric

Looking for a mattress protector to use in a twin-size? Then try this vinyl-free mattress protector which doesn’t have any harmful effect on the skin. It comes with an elasticized fitting style. So, no hassle of covering the mattress. You can use the protector for mattress up to 18” depths.

What we like

  • It comes with a 39″ x 75″ dimension.
  • Using the mattress is easy.
  • Machine washable for low effort maintenance.
  • Soft and 100% waterproof surface.
  • Its price is affordable.

1. Queen Size SafeRest Hypoallergenic

Queen Size SafeRest Hypoallergenic

If you are looking for something premium and your budget is high, I can’t recommend anything but this mattress protector. It comes with a high-grade construction. It comfortably fits with a queen size mattress. The surface is protective of water, dust, urine, fluid, etc. So, your mattress will be safe. Also, this protector is cozy and comfortable. Well, ventilation ensures a sound sleep.

What we like

  • Hypoallergenic cotton terry surface.
  • Stay stable for a long time.
  • You will feel comfortable with it.
  • FDA approved the product.
  • Ideal for queen size mattresses.
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Mattress Protector

Before ordering a mattress protector, you need to look for some essential features. Here I have shared the most important factors.

  • Material: Check the material carefully to ensure longevity. Some common materials are cotton, polyester, vinyl, polyurethane. If you think about comfort, then the cotton material is the best. For durability, you can check other materials.
  • Sizing: Don’t be a hurry when purchasing it. You should check the size carefully so that it fits appropriately with the mattress. You don’t have to be tense, most of the products come with a variety of sizing.
  • Type of Closure: For the right fitting, check carefully the form of the closure. You will mainly find three types of closure which are a zipper, elastic strap, fitted. If you want to cover the mattress entirely, the zipper closure is the best. Otherwise, you can check the other two types.
  • Waterproof Design: For keeping your mattress secure from water, you should choose waterproof mattress protectors. They keep the mattress safe from water and dust.
  • Cost: Estimate the budget for a mattress protector based on your necessity. There are both budget-friendly and expensive options available for you. If you wish to get all features of it, should increase the budget.

Final Verdict

The above mattress protectors are the best in their price range. You will find similar products for the same price, but those may not come with the best quality. The above products also have a lot of positive feedback that indicates high quality. You can order any of them without any doubt.

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  1. My eldest son has a waterproof mattress protector which we got with the bed when we purchased it. I would love to win this for our 19 month old who is going into a big boy bed very soon. They are great, ezy to use and very effective.

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