The Best Label Printer Reviews in 2021

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Are you trying to organize your store and want to put labels on different sections of items? Or maybe you’re organizing your home library or your storeroom? No matter what the case, thermal label printers are tiny boxes that can print tiny labels according to your orders.

These devices are efficient, portable, and long-lasting. However, like most products these days, there are tons of brands making thermal label printers and a lot of them do not meet the standards.

Therefore, we have compiled this article to help you find the ones that will not only last long but also facilitate you in your tasks. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Label Printers” :

#7. MFLABEL Label Printer

MFLABEL Label Printer

The MFLABEL is one of the most widely used thermal label printers and that’s for several reasons. It’s fast, it’s efficient and it doesn’t require ink. It can print labels at a staggering speed of 127mm/s. It’s ideal for printing labels that are 1.57″ to 4.25″ wide.

The MFLABEL can be connected to your computer using a USB cable and can take orders from its software that is provided in the CD. In case a buyer doesn’t receive the CD, the software can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer’s website.

One thing you should know about this printer is that it’s only compatible with Windows computers and not with Apple or Android OS. However, Apple computers and Android OS are rarely used in office or store setups.

Besides, this thermal printer can read labels and send the information to your computer. This makes it ideal for printing barcodes, stamps, shipping labels, and a lot more.
Lastly, its durable construction makes it survivable at home and office for several years.

What we like

  • Most commonly used thermal printer
  • Only compatible with Windows, not Mac OS
  • Affordable and Durable
  • Printing speed of 127mm per second

#6. Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

The Arkscan is another label printer that passed our test and standards with flying colors. It can print labels and receipts from all popular shipping labels and software. Look at the long list of shipping companies, eCommerce giants, and software and you will definitely find the ones you work on. It prints precise and clean labels, barcodes, and stamps.

This model can print all sizes, starting from a width of 0.75″ to 4.25″ and a length of 0.4″ to 90″. It can print 5 inches per second and needs a roll paper loaded inside while a fanfold paper is loaded through its rear.
It too can only support Windows, sorry Mac users. However, it does support smartphone connectivity using its software. This helps in overcoming the need for the USB cable and you are free to use it remotely.

The free software is provided in a CD inside the package. However, in case you didn’t get it or lost it, the free software is available online and has all the features you need in a thermal label printer.
Although this label printer is a bit expensive than the other ones on our list the added cost is worth the features.

What we like

  • Can print labels for all shipping companies and eCommerce giants
  • Can print from 0.75″ to 4.25″ width
  • Compatible with Windows but not Mac OS
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Software provided
  • Prints with precision and clarity

#5. Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer

Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer

This is another great thermal label printer. It can print black and red labels at a speed of 93 standard labels per minute. It can also print 3 feet long banners and placards, thanks to its auto-cutter. Brother QL-800 has a nice outlook and an easy-to-understand operating system. It has four buttons on the front and connects to computers using a USB cable, which is sadly not provided with the initial offering. However, it’s a simple USB which is mostly available in homes and offices already but in case it’s not, it is affordable and easy to find.

This model doesn’t require any ink or toner but you will need to add a paper roll, ideally from Brother DK rolls. It also doesn’t require any software, once you connect it to your computer a window will open asking you to give your orders. A remarkable feature of the Brother QL-800 is that it can support Macs and Windows OS. This is a great option for Mac users who have a hard time finding accessories that are compatible with their system.

What we like

  • Printing speed of 93 labels per minute
  • USB compatible
  • Can print 3 feet long banners
  • No software needed
  • Can support Windows and Mac OS
  • Easy to understand

#4. DYMO 450 Twin Turbo label printer

DYMO 450 Twin Turbo label printer

The DYMO 450 is a sleek, stylish, and efficient label printer that is widely used around the country by offices and stores. Its modern and unique look is a major reason for its popularity along with its speed and precision. Another remarkable thing about this label printer is that it has the holding and printing capacity for two roles. This not only increases your productivity but also makes life easier for users to print labels of varying sizes without having to change the rolls.

It is also one of the few thermal label printers that support Mac OS as well as Windows. The software is provided with the package and can also be downloaded from their website. It’s easy to use and easy to install. This product doesn’t require ink or toner. Just keep adding the rolls when the previous one runs out.

Also, it has a spectacular speed of printing 74 labels per minute, making it an ideal option for your office and warehouse labeling. With the USB cable, power cable, and two paper rolls included in the box, you only have to plug it in and get started.

What we like

  • Best looking label printer
  • Prints two paper roles simultaneously
  • No ink or toner required
  • USB cable compatible
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

#3. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer

MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer

If you are looking for a thermal printer for a variety of labels, stamps, and receipts then the MUNBYN might be a great option for you. It can print labels as wide as 4.1″ and as narrow as 1.7″ covering all the labels that famous brands and eCommerce platforms need. It is equipped with automatic label identification software that immediately matches the label with the right shipping label. This will make work easier in any setting, either shop, office, or warehouse. This model prints at a speed of 150mm per second

Moreover, It also supports Mac systems on top of Windows but has a problem with Chrome OS. This product can be connected to any computer using a USB cable. However, it also has a 4GB internal storage which allows it to store data and designs

It does not need ink or cartridges to print on the paper, it used thermal punching instead. It has also an overheat protection system in place to make sure it has a long life. The print head is Japanese made to ensure it avoids paper jams and lasts longer.

What we like

  • Can print labels from 1.7″ to 4.1″
  • The printing speed of 150mm per second
  • 4GB flash memory
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • No ink or toner needed
  • Japanese made print head ensures no paper jams
  • Durable

#2. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Direct Thermal Label Printer

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Direct Thermal Label Printer

This is another label printer from DYMO but instead of printing two rolls, this one only prints one. However, speed and precision are of the utmost quality. The design is also great at would look great in a high-status place such as a restaurant’s reception or a multinational’s lavish office.

No ink or cartridge is required working with this thermal label printer. However, you can buy several paper rolls in advance with this one. If you are sure that you’ll be printing quite a lot of labels, buying several rolls upfront will save you time and money.

Moreover, with the DYMO LabelWriter 450, you will be able to print 51 labels per minute which is great for places where excessive printing is routine.

It can connect to a computer using a USB and take direct printing instructions from Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and Google contacts.
One thing you should keep in mind when considering this one is that it does not support DYMO stamps, unlike the DYMO turbo twin.

What we like

  • High-quality precision and speed
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Can print 51 labels per minute
  • USB connection
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Google contacts
  • No ink or cartridges

#1. ROLLO Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High-Speed Label Printer

ROLLO Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High-Speed Printer

Finally, we are down to our last and our best one, the ROLLO thermal label printer. It’s got everything going for it but be aware, it comes with a price. However, for users who need 5000+ high-quality labels printed per day, the price is an anomaly. The good thing about the Rollo label printer is that it can work with any kind of paper, unlike some of its contemporaries. It saves tons of hours and paper by providing a printing speed of 150mm per second, without using ink or cartridges.

The ROLLO thermal label printer is compatible with all the eCommerce giants and shipping platforms. It also supports Mac and Windows operating systems. It can print labels as narrow as 1.57″ and as wide as 4.1″ whereas there’s no limit on the height. It’s quite easy to use but to avoid any confusion for the customer, the manufacturer sends how-to videos as well as on-call customer service.

Lastly, it is equipped with an automatic label identification feature that immediately recognizes a label and matches it to the brand that uses it. This is a huge advantage for small and medium businesses that ship for giant companies.

What we like

  • Can print 5000+ high-quality labels per day
  • Can work with all kinds of paper
  • No ink or cartridges needed
  • Compatible with all eCommerce brands and shipping platforms
  • Print from 1.57″ to 4.1″ width
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic label identification
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Label Printer

What to look for when buying a thermal label printer?

Now that we are done with label printers that have passed our trials and secured a place in our recommendation list, we don’t want to stop here. We want to go beyond recommending a list of products because it’s possible that you might not like them or you can’t find them in your local store.
Therefore, we have combined a buyer’s guide to help you find the right label printer that caters to your needs.

  • Single color or multicolor printer:

You will see words like “monochromatic” thrown around in the feature sections of label printers. However, to a layman, that’s very difficult to understand and that’s why we have used simple terms.
A single-color label printer is the most commonly used type and almost always prints in black color. This is ideal for small and medium businesses. If you are buying a label printer for printing black and white labels, receipts, and shipping stamps then a monochromatic printer will be enough for you.

Multicolor printers on the other hand will print red, blue, and sometimes even more colors on the label. However, this is rarely required such as in the case of printing warning signs, pamphlets, and brochures. Otherwise, even big businesses don’t usually need a multicolor printer.

  • Printing Speed:

Often, label printers are required to print at a faster speed and for long hours consistently. If such is your case then you need a thermal printer that can print 1500mm per second or 50+ labels per minute.
If you are looking for a printer with a higher speed then make sure it also has overheat protection. It is common for thermal printers to get overheated and subsequently malfunction. This is something you want to avoid.

  • Paper size:

Paper size is an essential factor that influences the type of label printer you need. If you want to print narrow labels to attach on counters then you’ll find small and portable printers. If you want to print brochures and signposts then you will need a printer that can print wide papers.

However, you might need to print both, narrow and wide papers. In that case, you will find printers that can hold two paper rolls. You may also find printers with a single paper roll but no matter what paper size you plug-in, they will print them for you.
Make sure you’re buying according to your needs.

Final Verdict

That’s all you need to know about label printers but in case we have missed something or if you have a unique query, let us know in the comment section. We would love to answer it for you.

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