The Best Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Reviews Of 2021

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A thermal imaging camera, also known as TIC, is the device that converts the thermal energy or heat, into optically visible light to examine and investigate a particular scene or object. Thermal imaging cameras are an expensive piece of equipment and are sophisticated devices that capture a particular image and display it on a screen. The image that it produces is known as a thermogram, which is analyzed through thermography.

If you intend to buy a handheld thermal imaging camera, you will find many options available in the marketplace. Therefore, here we have shortlisted the 7 best handheld thermal imaging cameras for your convenience so you can pick and choose the best one that meets your needs.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Handheld Imaging Cameras” :

#7. NYOFA Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

NYOFA Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

The NYOFA handheld thermal imaging camera has an advanced thermal imaging ability that can proficiently display hot and cold spots on the screen. This can help you in detecting the temperature changes efficiently and observe any deviances. The user can quickly lock in the target area and perform the diagnosis immediately.

This handheld thermal imaging camera generates high-quality images that can serve various purposes for you. Its standard 8GB storage card can save a huge number of images and data for your ease.

It comes with a 2-megapixel white lens and abroad 2.4 TFT LCD for an immaculate experience. This cutting-edge thermal camera comes with a chargeable Li-ion battery for an uninterrupted power supply.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Produces High-Quality images
  • Vast Storage

#6. HIKVISION Thermal Imaging Camera

HIKVISION Thermal Imaging Camera

This high sensitivity, handheld thermal imaging camera has an incredible resolution of 160 x 120 resolution to give you high-quality images of your requirements. It has the dynamic 4 palette feature so you get the option to choose the colors of your choice.

With an extensive temperature range of 30 degrees – 45 degrees centigrade and measurement accuracy of ± 0.5°C, this handheld thermal imaging camera is a very helpful device to detect temperatures at various places.​This thermal imaging camera gives a massive 8-hour continuous operation and comes with a built-in li-ion battery that is rechargeable.

What we like

  • Reliable
  • 4 Palette Feature
  • High battery run time
  • Wide Temperature Range

#5. EnnoLogic Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging Camera

EnnoLogic Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging Camera

This high tech Emologic handheld thermal imaging camera gives incredible wide-angled images with its brilliant 3.5″ TFT display and 640×480 pixel resolution that significantly augments the infrared image. It is Wi-Fi enabled so you have the ease to stream the images in real-time with a mobile device or your laptop. Just connect and run this thermal camera without installing any apps.

Moreover, this model has a wide temperature assortment of -4℉ to 842℉. It gives you the option of viewing the visible and infra-red images separately or in an overlaying manner adjusting the opacity. This product also has a massive internal memory of 6.8 GB, and it uses the micro USB slot for swiftly transferring images.

What we like

  • Wifi-enabled
  • Adjustable Image Alignment
  • Large TFT Display
  • Real-time temperature measurement

#4. PerfectPrime High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera

PerfectPrime High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera

The PerfectPrime IR0019 is one of the finest quality handheld thermal imaging cameras that is sleek with a compact design so you can carry it anywhere with ease. It uses the best quality thermal resolution to give you a striking resolution. Its 3.2” full-color TFT screen shows sharp and rich thermal images with the huge 76,800-pixel images

Perfect for plumbing, building, and construction, and HVAC check, this handheld thermal imaging camera gives you extensive details so you do not miss out on any vital details. Incorporated with an SD slot, it has a massive memory of 4 GB so you can store as many images as you would prefer and transfer files in JPG format.

What we like

  • Crystal Clear Thermal Vision
  • Ideal for professional and home use
  • Top-notch thermal vision
  • Great accuracy and precision

#3. ACEGMET Waterproof Thermal Imaging Camera

ACEGMET Waterproof Thermal Imaging Camera

Super precise ACEGMET handheld thermal imaging camera uses a highly correct thermal sensor to assist you in seizing detailed thermal images that otherwise may be overlooked. The 2.8-inch full-color display shows images at a resolution of 160 x 120, allowing users to see the complete range of infrared images.

This unconventional handheld thermal camera gives you the option to choose your color palette from 5 imaging modes including rainbow, iron, or black and white, making it easier to spot even the slightest temperature differences. Integrated with a massive 16GB storage card to stores as many images as you want which can be swiftly transferred to your laptop via a USB cable.

Constructed with a robust body, this thermal imaging camera can even resist the impact of 2 meters fall. With a 60-day return offer, this camera also comes with an amazing 18 monthly warranty.

What we like

  • Durable and Shock Resistant\
  • Crips Display
  • Multiple Color Imaging Modes
  • Huge Memory
  • 18 Months Warranty

#2. Hti-Xintai Thermal Imaging Camera

Hti-Xintai Thermal Imaging Camera

An extraordinary handheld thermal imaging camera for strikingly clear images that brings you the best value for your money. Constructed with a large screen, it gives a better viewing experience to spot the problematic areas efficiently.

Integrated with the HT – 18, this handheld thermal imaging camera uses a lithium-ion battery that augments its operation time successfully. Its exclusive feature of image overlay enables you to enhance the positioning of normal images with that of the thermal ones. The sleek and compact design of this camera makes it very comfortable to hold even for a longer time.

What we like

  • Crystal Clear images
  • 5 Palette Color Selection
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Precise Readings

#1. FLIR Spot Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR Spot Thermal Imaging Camera

This durable FLIR handheld thermal imaging camera duly takes the number one spot on our list. Integrated with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton micro thermal sensor, this TG165 will show you the exact point of heat so that you can measure it competently. Giving you the ease of finding the cold and hot spots of up to 716° F (380°C) seamlessly and store endless images for your future use.

This extremely handy thermal imaging camera with great quality, easily save images on its massive 8GB micro SD card. Easy to use and super light to carry around, this cutting edge thermal imaging camera comes with 2 years product and 10 years thermal imaging detector warranty

What we like

  • Easy to Use
  • Dynamic Lepton thermal sensor
  • Massive Capacity
  • 2 Years Warranty
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

How does Thermal Cameras work?

They are typically handheld, however, their helmet-mounted versions are also available in the market. These cameras when detecting a varying temperature transforms that temperature difference into a picture showing the heat difference of a surface. These images can be processed through various software for further evaluation or they can also help in establishing an immediate verdict.

All the objects around us absorb, diffuse, or reflect energy at varying levels. Depending on the materials, some objects give off cold energy while some give heat. Thermal imaging cameras help in detecting that energy and display them as images rather than merely showing the temperature difference. Thermal cameras are an excellent tool to predict and detect any deviations because they are capable of making visible what stays invisible to the naked eye. The glitches seem to jump right in front of you on a thermal image.

The Many uses of Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera:

  • Construction and Building Work: Handheld thermal, imaging cameras are very useful when it comes to home and building work. They help in testing energy efficiency. They also help in detecting any defective or missing insulation in walls, the supply line faults, and air leaks, if any. While they assist in locating thermal bridges, thermal imaging cameras are also very helpful in monitoring building materials whether they are dry or not.
  • Electrical Work: Thermal imaging cameras are extremely useful in electrical work. They help to identify overloaded circuits or any faults in wiring and transformers. They also assist in detecting loose or hot connections and finding defects in electrical insulation.
  •  Hunting: If you enjoy hunting, thermal cameras are a must-have for you. The most important use of these thermal imaging cameras is that they detect the animals approaching from a far off distance and any threat from the predators. This way you can take enough precautionary measures in advance. Tracking game in low-light conditions. They also help in detecting the scat freshness and bedding areas. Hence, handheld thermal imaging cameras are an absolutely important factor for hunting lovers.

Other factors to be considered:

  •  Firefighting and Rescue Work: The importance of thermal imaging cameras cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to firefighting and rescue work. It is an excellent source to find victims in case of haze, fog, or smoke. Moreover, it also helps in finding sufferers in water. It helps in detecting fire temperatures and locations that have the potential to flare-up. Thermal imaging can help search large areas from an aerial view as well and can assist in finding victims in the underbrush. Even in darkness, they can find heat signatures that can help immensely in rescue work.
  • Automotive Safety and Inspection: Handheld thermal cameras have been exceptionally helpful in automotive inspection and safety work. They identify the electrical issues and any sources of overheating beforehand so the corrective measures can be taken as early as possible. Moreover, they augment driving visibility and their heat-detecting mechanism can sense any pedestrians in case of low light so you can avoid any mishap.

Features of a High Performing Thermal Imaging Camera:

Thermal imaging cameras offer a wide array of choices when it comes to their features. You can choose a comparatively simpler handheld thermal camera with basic minimum features that will only read the temperature difference. However, there are more technologically advanced thermal imaging cameras with multiple features that will allow you to select several crosshairs and makes a comparison among various temperatures that are on display.

Moreover, you also have the option to select the color palettes including rainbow, black and white, or iron. The rainbow palette has the most advanced sensitivity to display the variance in temperatures, while the black and white palette helps in identifying the specifics of the image on display.

Following are some specifics that you must check when buying a high performing thermal imaging camera

  • An advanced handheld thermal camera will give you an option of a picture in a picture that will show a colored thermal image within a standard digital image. Temperatures are shown for the thermal portion of this image.
  • You can also have the option of blending the temperature of a thermal image with that of the standard digital image. You can combine the average, minimum, or maximum temperatures.
  • Thermal imaging cameras have also got a very interesting color alarm feature with the help of which you can select one temperature and the camera will then only show a thermal image of anything that is above or below the selected temperatures,

What to look for when buying a Thermal Imaging Camera?

With the plethora of options available, it is essential to find the right handheld thermal imaging camera that has accurate functionality according to your needs. Your intended application must correspond with the system features of the thermal camera.

Depending on your needs which could be building and construction, plumbing or firefighting, maintenance, or research, don’t forget to look for the following factors when making a handheld thermal imaging camera purchase;

  • Price
  • Temperature Range
  • Lens Option
  • Focus
  • Weight and Size
  • Color Palette
  • Basic Functions
  • Storage Size and Image Saving
  • Warranty
  • Image enhancements
  • Temperature Accuracy

Final Verdict

As we conclude this guide, we can assure you that we have tried to cover every aspect of thermal imaging cameras in detail to make your buying experience a breeze. Thermal cameras are an absolute necessity in many fields and buying one could be a tricky process however, keeping in mind the above-mentioned details, it will be very easy to shortlist your favorite handheld thermal imaging camera.
Do let us know which one is your favorite pick.

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