The Best Golf Gloves For Beginners Reviews Of 2021

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Golf gloves are primarily the most essential element in golf gear. But, many a time, they are overlooked and their real worth is undermined.

The right golf gloves have a magnanimous impact on the quality of your game and keeping that in mind, we have gathered some significant information regarding the golf gloves that will be of great help to you as a beginner who has just entered the incredible world of golf.

Once you start knowing the basics of the game, it is essential to pick the right kind of equipment and gear for your game. Gloves are the most essential component of golf gear and here we have narrowed down the best and most sought-after golf clubs for beginners. Read on to see which one suits you best.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Golf Gloves for Beginners” :

#7. Wosofe Soft Ladies Golf Gloves

Wosofe Soft Ladies Golf Gloves

Step up your golf game with these comfortable ladies golf gloves that are a perfect choice to start your golf journey with. A combination of leather and cotton, these golf gloves for beginners are breathable and skin-friendly to ensure your comfort. While you have the option to choose a glove that suits your size, it is the best option to keep your hands protected from injury during the game. A stunning design with vibrant colors, they are also elegant and very pleasing to look at.

These non-slip Wosofe gloves not only look beautiful but are also perfectly wearable in any weather. So whether you like to play in summers or winters, these gloves will prevent the palm from cocooning and the venting holes will allow the hot air to exit from the hand. The superior craftsmanship used for this golf glove makes them flexible and easy to fit around the wrist so the player can have great control over their club.

What we like

  • Breathable
  • High-Quality Material
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Attractive Design

#6. Zero Friction Men’s Synthetic Golf Gloves

Zero Friction Men’s Synthetic Golf Gloves

Available in a stunning assortment of colors, the Zero Friction golf gloves are a universal fit glove. These golf gloves have a dynamic one size that features a compression fit technology that will mold according to the size of your hand for a flawless fit. This innovative technology allows the glove to expand and contract exponentially so every time you wear it, it feels just like the first time.

Prepared with black mesh lycra throughout the fingers, back, and palm which makes these gloves super breathable and gives you an excellent fit while promoting solid gripping

With a detachable, zero friction hybrid Tee and a ball marker, these are equipped with a palm patch for resilience and added comfort.

What we like

  • Innovative Compression Fit Technology
  • Removable Tee and a Ball Marker
  • Lycra Stretch
  • Microfiber Material

#5. Finger Ten Men’s Golf Gloves

Finger Ten Men’s Golf Gloves

The very chic Finger Ten men golf gloves will help you outperform in every golf game. Prepared with top-notch Cabretta leather these gloves give an excellent grip and a soft feel.

These durable gloves not only look attractive but also have a flexible fit. With the lycra spandex to ensure breathability in key areas for your added comfort, it is also equipped with a ball marker placed right on the logo to make it appropriate to attach and detach.

Available in a wide assortment of sizes, you have the option to choose a size that perfectly fits your hand. And in case you are not satisfied with your purchase, these Finger Ten gloves are covered under 30 Days return policy

What we like

  • Solid Fit
  • High-Grade Leather
  • Detachable Ball Marker
  • 30 Day Return Policy

#4. TaylorMade Flex Men’s Golf Gloves

TaylorMade Flex Men’s Golf Gloves

The TaylorMade Golf Company is synonymous with novelty and groundbreaking innovations in the field of golf. Since its inception in 1979, TaylorMade has evolved over the years to reach new heights by discovering and conceiving breakthrough ideas. The supreme TaylorMade golf gloves prove that through and through.

Prepared with four stretch nylon inserts, these golf gloves are crafted to give you an extraordinary fit and ultimate comfort. Its high-quality Cabretta soft tech leather ensures that the gloves fit your hands like your second skin.

The strategically placed perforated leather ensures augmented breathability and greater flow of air in and out of the gloves. The wrist band of the glove gives a superior fit with moisture wicking for a solid grip.

Undoubtedly, TaylorMade will make your golf game a different experience altogether.

What we like

  • Innovative Design
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship
  • Superior Grip
  • High-Grade Material

#3. Titleist Men’s Golf Glove

Titleist Men’s Golf Glove

The soft Titleist men’s golf gloves give great grip for a fine performance in your every golf game. Its high-quality material and excellent craftsmanship will ensure that your knuckles don’t get restricted.

Giving you an infinite sense of superior control, this glove enables the ungloved hand to unite nicely so both of your hand function in perfect harmony. The ultra-thin structure of this glove provides a quality fit to your hand that eventually means a seamless connection to your club which will enable you to give a lasting performance in every match.

Highly breathable fabric provides added comfort while the satin reinforcement at the cuff and thumb gives strength and durability.

What we like

  • Soft and Supple
  • Ultra-Thin Structure
  • Highly Breathable
  • Flawless Fit

#2. Callaway Premium Men’s Golf Gloves

Callaway Premium Men’s Golf Gloves

Prepared with premium synthetic Japanese material, the Callaway premium men’s golf gloves are the ultimate favorite of countless golfers around the globe.

With a great feel, superior flexibility, and high durability, these gloves will have a perfect synchronization with your club. A four-way stretch at the knuckles augments flexibility and the perforations on the palm and the fingers will wick away the moisture and enhances the breathability. The palm patches on the gloves increase the grip in all weather conditions making them highly durable.

They are extremely lightweight so your game flows seamlessly with a stretch binding cuff to give you a perfect fit.

What we like

  • Light Weight and Durable
  • 4 Way Stretch Capability
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Optic fit Adjustable Closure

#1. FootJoy WeatherSof Men’s Golf Gloves

FootJoy WeatherSof Men’s Golf Gloves

Every golfer’s dream glove, the revolutionary FootJoy is the number 1 selling golf gloves in the world. Its futuristic design unites the aesthetics with durability to give you a high performing glove that will perfect every game you play.

Its exclusive Fiber Soft material will provide you with an astounding soft feel and a superb grip for a consistent fit. The soft Power Net spread around the knuckles will give you improved breathability and a secure feel. The unique Propriety Comfort Tab is a 3 directional closure that adjusts easily for a reliable fit. The thumb is constructed with premium Cabretta leather to give you comfort and the needed control.

With more than 90 million golf gloves sold by FootJoy, one of them is made just for you.

What we like

  • Advanced Fiber Soft Material
  • Premium Cabretta Leather
  • Comfort Tab 3 Directional Closure
  • Dual Power Net Mesh
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Golf Gloves for Beginners

Why do you need a Golf Glove?

If you are about to begin your journey as a golfer, you must need proper gear before starting your game. And the reason why exactly you must wear golf gloves is quite simple.

Wearing a glove will help you in having a great grip over your golf club so it doesn’t keep slipping out of your fingers because of the friction they provide. Moreover, they will also protect your hands from any injury or wear and tear since But have you ever wondered why do golfers only wear one glove?

That’s because the weak hand does most of the working with the club hence it requires more protection. So, if you play golf with your right hand, you must wear a glove in the left hand and vice versa.

Benefits of wearing a Golf Glove:

Golf gloves provide many benefits to the golfers – be it a novice or an experienced player. Some of the benefits are physical and some for the betterment of the game;
Following are some major benefits of wearing golf gloves;

  • Great Grip: As discussed above, the very important benefit of wearing a golf glove is the grip that it provides because the better the grip is, the better your game will be. They are textured and designed in a way that gives you more control over your club. Moreover, the manufacturers of many high-end golf gloves ensure that the gloves are breathable so your hands may not become sweaty and slippery.
  • Protecting your Hands: Usually playing the game for long hours and holding the club for a long time might hurt your hands causing blisters and pain. A superior quality golf glove will protect your hands giving you comfort and ease throughout your playtime.
  • Training: The modern technology and continuous advancements involved in golf gloves production have resulted in many hi-tech versions of golf gloves. You can now get a golf glove training aid that will retain your data about your grip and will also give suggestions on how to improve the grip for a better swing.
  • Wrist Closure: Wrists are usually at risk when you are playing golf. With the continuous movement golfers usually hurt their wrists if they are not protected properly. It is essential to keep the wrist protected with a sturdy golf glove so you can enjoy your sport without any pain.

How to Choose the Perfect Golf Glove for Yourself?

There are several factors you must consider when you intend to buy a golf glove. Some of the most important factors we have listed down for you here so you can check a golf glove thoroughly before investing in it.

  1. Size: One of the most crucial factors is size. Getting the right size means a glove that should fit on your hand like a second skin. However, they shouldn’t be too tight either so that it creates any hindrance while playing and leaves you feeling uncomfortable or cut off the blood circulation in your hand. Hence, it is important to measure the circumference of your glove hand correctly and purchase a glove that is close to this measurement.
  2. Material: The best golf gloves are prepared with soft leather. They may be a bit pricey however, the durability and comfort that they provide, the lesser-priced golf glove may not provide you.
  3. Price: The price for Golf gloves ranges over a wide spectrum depending on the brand and quality you choose to purchase. Carefully look at the material and grip of the glove and the brand repute to ensure you get the best value for your money.
  4. Features: What is your priority when buying a golf glove? Is it grip or is it the protection of your hand? Are you looking for a low-priced glove or a high-end one? Understand the features you are looking for and make sure you get what you are paying for and not paying extra money for features that you don’t need.

How to Take Care of your Golf Gloves?

To ensure that your golf glove lasts longer and gives you great performance every time, it is important that you must take good care of your gloves. Following are some pointers you can take into consideration to keep your gloves safe and last long

  • Always store your golf gloves in a travel bag dedicated to golf gloves to prevent them from wear and tear and any kind of damage.
  • Try to take good care of your golf gloves so they don’t get too dirty. But if they do get dirty, try to hand wash them with a mild detergent however, do not wash them too often. Also, check the specifications if your glove is washable or not. Washing the golf glove will keep it clean and germs free, however, leather gloves may not be safe to wash.
  • You may also use saline water that helps clean the sweat on the gloves by getting into the pores of the leather.
  • You may also choose to extend your glove life by taking them off in between the swings. In this way, you will cut off the amount of sweat that goes into your glove.

Final Verdict

By now, you must have gathered detailed information regarding various features of a high-performing golf glove and how important they are for extraordinary performance in a golf match, especially for beginners. Also, we have listed the best options available in the market to facilitate your golf glove buying decision that will make the best impact on your game.

Now that you are ready to purchase your most favorite golf glove, don’t forget to share with us your ultimate choice.

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