The Best Electric Citrus Juicers Reviewed in 2021

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Want to make a healthy breakfast at home? Or, feeling so tired and want to have some fresh juice? Then you need to use a citrus juicer for squeezing the juice from the fruits. You may think about the juice bottles that available in the superstores. Unfortunately, they are full of artificial flavor and preservatives which may cause health issues.
So, making juice at home is the best solution. For keeping the process smooth, you should use an electric citrus Juicer. They are easy to use and comes with user-friendly features. If you are struggling to find out the best one, just follow this article.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the Best Electric Citrus Juicers” :

10. KRUPS ZX720K Electric Acrylic Citrus Juicer

KRUPS ZX720K Electric Acrylic Citrus Juicer

The first thing you will notice in this juicer is its stunning color and look. It comes with the premium translucent acrylic design. It will not cause a messy environment at your home. There is an anti-drip pouring spot in it for avoiding any mess.

What we like

  • Comes with the plastic protection cover for the cone.
  • Easy to store the cord for hassle-free storing.
  • Compact design for saving space.
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning.

9. BLACK+DECKER CJ630 32-Ounce Electric Citrus Juicer

BLACK+DECKER CJ630 32-Ounce Electric Citrus Juicer

Are you looking for an affordable citrus juicer with all the essential features? Then you will find this one is helpful. It comes with a clear juicer. So, you can observe the juicing process. Also, it is a 20-watt juicer which ensures faster juicing.

What we like

  • Comes with standard size cone.
  • Drip-free pours spout for the convenience.
  • Dust cover for storage.
  • Comes with 32-ounce capacity.

8. J-JATI Electric Citrus Juicer Maker

J-JATI Electric Citrus Juicer Maker

No matter if got a very small budget for the new electric citrus Juicer. This unit will fulfill all your requirements. It comes with 1L capacity. So, you can make your juice for breakfast. Also, the machine comes in clear design so that user can observe during juicing.

What we like

  • Comes with two direction twist design.
  • Adjustable filter for pulp.
  • Removeable parts for easier operation.
  • Its price is affordable.

7. Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer

Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer

This is a premium citrus Juicer which comes with larger capacity. Also, you can make juice instantly with it. Just take some fresh fruit and start the juicer. It is a powerful juicer that has 160-watts of power.

What we like

  • It is designed for zero pulp in the juice.
  • Ergonomic rubber handle.
  • Highly durable for the longevity.
  • Cone is designed to enhance maximum juice extraction.

6. SOWTECH Electric Citrus Juicer

SOWTECH Electric Citrus Juicer

If you are looking for something highly durable for using a long time without any disturbance, this item is for you. It is just perfect for using at home. The main construction is stainless-steel. Also, the squeezer has the anti-drip features.

What we like

  • It doesn’t cause a messy environment.
  • Comes with a high-power rotating head.
  • Comes with all essential accessories.
  • Non-slip base for the convenience.

5. VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor

VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor

If you are living in a small apartment and got a very tiny space for the juicer, can go for this item. Its portable design allows you to store the juicer without wasting space. It is a 25-watt motorized juicer which gives you fresh juice within a minute.

What we like

  • Comes with a large 1.2L transparent jug.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Its size is perfect for small space.
  • Adjustable filter for controlling the pulp in juice.

4. Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer

Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer

Are looking for an Electric citrus juicer with massive power? Then you can purchase this item from Tribset. It comes with a sturdy construction which ensures the best performance each time. Also, it comes with an easy to use control panel.

What we like

  • For preventing the clogging, it has fine screen.
  • It pours juice directly into glass.
  • One-touch controlling.
  • Stainless-steel locking spout.
  • 50-watt motor for faster operation.

3. Secura Electric Citrus Juicer

Secura Electric Citrus Juicer

Looking for a professional quality citrus juicer with high power? Then you should purchase this item. It comes in a smaller size which you can set up within a small area. The body is made of stainless-steel for the durability.

What we like

  • 160-watt citrus Juicer.
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior.
  • Easy to control the machine.
  • Comes with BPA-free plastic 3-cup container.

2. Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer

Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer

If you use some low-grade juicer, it is difficult to squeeze the juice from the fruits or vegetables. If you are struggling with the same issue, just order this item. It comes with 160-watt power for smooth juice without pulp.

What we like

  • Space saving design.
  • Automatic on/off function.
  • Filter for cleaner juice.
  • Its price is reasonable.

1. Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Citrus Juicer

Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Citrus Juicer

Want to have some fresh juice in your breakfast without any hassle? Then you should buy this unit that comes with 160-watts power. It will make your works easier. Also, it is easy to control the whole process of getting a customized juice.

What we like

  • Comfortable rubber handle.
  • Easy to operate with a single button.
  • Doesn’t require a large space.
  • Highly durable body for the longevity.
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

the Best Citrus Juicer

When you are finalizing an electric citrus Juicer, make sure the product contains the following features.

  • Compact Design:
    Your kitchen may not have a large area for accommodating a juicer. In that case, you should check the dimension of the product. Make sure that the selected product requires less space for storage.
  • Ease of Use:
    When you are preparing some fresh juice, it is essential to have an easy operating system. Otherwise, it will waste your time.
  • Durability:
    If you are looking for a highly durable product, look for the stainless-steel body. If there is a jar of juice, make sure it is BPA free.
  • Capacity:
    Check the capacity of the juicer. If you need to make a large amount of juice each time, grab the larger one. Also, look for the power capacity of the juicer for saving your valuable time.

Final Verdict

In this list, you got the top 10 products on the market. Each one has positive feedback from the customers. So, you don’t have to think twice before ordering. Just make sure you are getting all the essential features in the Citrus Juicer.

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