The Best Door Security Bars & Devices Reviews Of 2021

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Your family and home’s security is your utmost priority and cannot be compromised in any way. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, condominium, or living in a hotel during vacations, you always deserve to feel secure and safe.

Reportedly in the US, every 13 secs a home intrusion is committed. To ensure your security is never compromised, the door security bars are one of the best instruments that give you the ease of securing your home from unwanted and unwelcome intruders. They have proved to be an imperative security layer for protecting your home and valuables and give you an utter sense of security.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Door Security Bars & Devices” :

#7. Guard Dog 3 in 1 Door Security Bar

Guard Dog 3 in 1 Door Security Bar

This premium quality door security bar comes with a high sensitive alarm that daunts an invader and alerts you from up to 1000 ft. away in case any forced entry is attempted in your house. This 3 in 1 fully advanced door security bar includes a door jammer, a massive 100db vibration-sensitive alert, and a detachable yoke for sliding doors. Ideal for standard doors, this security bar works with 40 different positions to adjust with all hinged and sliding doors for added safety and security, giving twice as much more security than the regular door security bars.

Suitable for all kinds of floors including carpet, stone, vinyl, and tiles, you can place this security bar anywhere without the fear of messing your floor while it stays put using its non-slip grip. Comes with a lifetime warranty, you can have complete faith in the Guard Dog security bars that they are for life. With the incredible 100% satiation policy of the company, you have the ease to swap the product in case you aren’t fully satisfied. Amazing isn’t it?

What we like

  • 3 in 1 Functionality
  • Highly Sensitive Alarm System
  • Life Time Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Policy

#6. Brinks Door Security Bar

Brinks Door Security Bar

With its strong 20 gauge steel, this heavy-duty security bar is an ideal tool to protect your home. It is integrated with non – marring top yoke and a hinging, padded foot for a perfect fit. Prepared with top-notch material, it can easily fit on standard sliding and hinged doors ranging from 25 inches to 43 inches in height.

For your added comfort and ease, you can use this retractable security bar to carry it along with you when you travel for complete security and peace of mind. This excellent quality, Brinks security bars go through rigorous quality checks so that it provides you and your loved ones with the highest grade security.

Constructed with a rubber bottom, it works on almost all surfaces including carpets. You can enjoy the lifetime warranty that comes with Brink Security Bar for hassle-free maintenance for life.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Hassle-Free Working
  • Travel Friendly
  • Life Time Warranty

#5. BuddyBar Door Jammer

BuddyBar Door Jammer

The robust BuddyBar door jammer is the strongest device you can get to protect yourself and your loved ones from an unforeseen threat. Rigorously tested to endure up to 2560 lbs of force, this door security bar can work on any sort of surface including carpet, wood, or even tiles.

With 8.2 lbs of powder-coated steel and no- plastic, this attractive and eye-catching security bar gives you complete protection, and neither will it fall off your door.

Its compact design makes it a perfect traveling partner so where you go, you can stay relaxed about yourself and the safety of your loved ones. Also, this door jammer is an ideal device for large homes or apartments and even dorms. This model is a no-hassle installation with its futuristic steel teeth locking mechanism.

What we like

  • Robust
  • Impact-resistant
  • Compact
  • Simple Installation

#4. Securityman High Grade 2 in 1 Door Security Bar

Securityman High Grade 2 in 1 Door Security Bar

Just because you cannot compromise on your and your loved ones’ security, you need products that will give you extraordinary performance. The revolutionary SecurityMan 2-in-1 door security bar will give you safety and peacefulness.

This innovative device has a dual purpose with stress-free exchangeable caps for sliding doors and windows or hinged doors. Made with high-grade iron for your added safety that can secure every door and window of your house. This door security bar does not involve any technicalities for its usage. It is easily adjustable and is constructed with a rubber bottom that is angled which assures complete grip on every kind of floor including carpet, tiles, hardwood, or stone without scrabbling it.

With its ability to endure a massive 400 pounds of pressure, this SecurityMan door security bar is highly reliable and gives an unwavering performance.

Moreover, you just don’t get a high performing door security bar, but you can also enjoy a 1 year of warranty for a worry-free service. The amicable customer support is always within your reach for any queries that you may have.

What we like

  • 2 in 1 Function
  • Secure
  • Easily Adjustable
  • One Year Warranty

#3. South Main Hardware Adjustable Door Security Bar

South Main Hardware Adjustable Door Security Bar

South Main Hardware brings a door security bar that gives you exactly what it promises. With a robust steel body, this no-hassle door security bar is constructed to avert forced entry from any external outlets of your home.

Perfectly suitable for standard doors, it is designed with a removable head for easy application on sliding doors also. Equipped with a rotating foot with a rubber sole, you do not have to worry about your floor getting spoilt.

Moreover, It gives you an adjustment from 29″- 45″ range and a maximum length of 41.75” when fully protracted for use with a sliding door. With a bountiful white finish, this South Main Hardware door security bar is your perfect partner in securing your house and loved ones.

What we like

  • User Friendly
  • Sturdy Steel Body
  • Pleasing White Finish

#2. Master Lock Portable Door Security Bar

Master Lock Portable Door Security Bar

Leave all your safety worries to the hi-tech, multi-function Master Lock door security bar that will provide you with extreme security so you can enjoy an infinite sense of peace, always.

The durable, Master lock door security bar is easily adjustable on hinged doors, sliding doors, and patios. Its compact and lightweight design makes it travel friendly so you can easily carry it with you where you go. Enjoy the same safety as your home even while you are in hotels during vacations.

Prepared with 20 gauge steel for added strength and robustness, it is an adjustable security bar to fit almost all standard doors and also the sliding patio doors by easily removing the doorknob jam. An easy installation security bar that requires no tools for adjustment and just one press release.

This security bar promises to keep your floors scratch-free with its padded foot that gives a strong floor grip. Master Lock security bar is certainly a piece of ideal equipment for securing your family and valuables from any unwanted entry into your home.

What we like

  • Heavy Duty
  • Adjustable Design
  • Compact
  • Easy Installation

#1. SABRE Dual Function Innovative

SABRE Dual Function Innovative

Protect your homes with these dual-function security bars that are great to keep your belongings and your loved ones safe, always. This advanced, heavy-duty door security bar is built with sturdy 1mm, 20 gauge steel for enormous strength and safety. Its pivoting ball joint will ensure complete floor contact for a secure and complete fit while the padded foot delivers a strong grip without scratching

The compact design makes this security bar portable and you can easily travel with its collapsible design to carry it to your vacation homes or hotels for a peaceful time. It swiftly fits on most of the standard doors and sliding patio doors to prevent any sort of forced entry from patios or hinged doors

Super easy to install, you will require absolutely no tools to fit this security bar. Only adjust the bar length using the simple release buttons, prop under the doorknob and adjust as you prefer.

What we like

  • Reliable
  • Collapsible Design
  • Durable
  • Easy to Install
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Door Security Bars & Devices

What is a Door Security Bar?

A standard door security bar is constructed with heavy-duty steel that stretches to a certain length and attaches itself to doors and also the sliding doors. They are available in several sizes so they are adjustable to several doors. Some hi-tech door bars are integrated with an alarm system to make your surroundings even more protected.

Why do you need a Door Security Bar?

It’s simple! Door security bars are an economical yet high performing security instrument that can provide an added layer of safety to your existing security system. Knowing that your family and your valuables are safe all the time brings an immense sense of security and the peace of mind that comes with living in a secure space is invaluable. Usually, doors are a vulnerable outlet for intruders that they attack to break into the house however, with the help of door security bars, you can rest assured that you and your house are in safe parameters.

How Does the Door Security Bars Work?

As per a study, the highest percentage of burglars try to break into a house through the front door. The door bar will make your door kick proof with its ability to endure the severe force of up to 400 pounds though a security bar itself weighs only a few pounds. Some door security bars work when they are attached to the door frame to provide a superior level of security. They are very simple to install and are fairly easy to remove when not required. Most of them have a compact design that is collapsible and are travel friendly.

How to choose the Right Product?

The following factors must be meticulously considered when choosing a security bar for your doors.

  • Material:

The products are available in a variety of materials however the two most common materials are steel and aluminum. These security bars are solid and sturdy in nature, however, steel bars are comparatively more economical The aluminum bars, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight and do not rust, unlike the steel door bars. There are plastic security bars that are also available in the market, however, they may not be very durable.

  • Strength:

Door bars are tested on rigorous standards to ensure that they have enough strength to withstand a certain amount of force. When an intruder tries to enter a home, he exerts pressure on the door hence, if the security bar cannot endure force, and it will be futile. Average security door bars can endure about 400 pounds of force to protect you from any unwanted admittances.

  • Maximum Length:

The standard door bars are long enough to fit under doorknobs and reach to the floor for a firm grip. In case of unusually high doorknobs, you must ensure the right size before purchasing the security bar.

  • Price:

Door security bars vary over a wide range of spectrum when it comes to price. The low price security bars may not guarantee you the foolproof security you are looking for. But, that not necessarily means that you have to pay a good amount of money for more security. Checking the brand repute, material, and other specs can easily give you great value for your money.

Important Factors for Door Securing:

  1. Door Size: It is essential to check your door dimensions including height, width, and thickness before purchasing a security bar to make sure that the bar adjusts with the size of your door.
  2. Placement: You must decide exactly where you would place a door security bar before purchasing one since some security bars work on hinged doors and others are suitable for sliding while some options work for both. Also keep in mind the floor where the security bar will be placed as all security bars may not be suitable for every kind of floor.
  3. Installation: Choose a security bar that is easy to install and does not require any extra tools for mounting. Hardware mounted products are sturdier but may require professional help for installing them.

Final Verdict

The riskier the surroundings are, the more watchful we must be. Hence, the door security bars are easily the most essential element for an added security for your house which cannot be ignored. It provides you with that extra protection you need to keep your home, and family secured along with your belongings.

This brings us to choose the best door security bar for our house that has all the features to make it fit for purchase. In this guide, we have added detailed information and have also narrowed down the best security bars so you can pick your most preferred product instantly.

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