The Best Disposable Fly Traps Reviewed Of 2021

The Best Disposable Fly Traps Reviewed
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As the weather gets warmer, the flies become nastier and more annoying. Anyone who lives near livestock and poultry understands the frustration of trying to keep your space fly-free. That is why we introduce you to disposable fly traps. These traps are one of the best and safest ways to keep kill flies and keep them out of sight.

A disposable fly trap comprises of a plastic that contains an attractant flies find irresistible. Adding the trap in your space can help you put annoying flies in check by killing them and controlling their population.

These fly traps have numerous benefits and capabilities than you thought possible. Read on to find out more about disposable fly traps so you can land on the right one for your needs.

Why Do You Need The Best Disposable Fly Trap?

When most people think of eliminating flies the first thing that comes to mind is spraying them to death. Compared to chemically spraying flies, disposable fly traps are environmentally friendly and safe for everyone around.

The best thing about disposable fly traps is that they are specifically designed for killing flies, thus they don’t trap beneficial insects like butterflies and bees. They are non-toxic, hence will not pose any harm to kids and pets alike.

Also, they are affordable, easy to use, and can serve you for as long as you need.

Let’s begin with a run-through of the best sellers down below  : 

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 6 Best Disposable Fly Traps” :

6. GreenWay Window Fly Trap

GreenWay Window Fly Trap

Equipped with heavy-duty glue, the GreenWay Window Fly Trap captures flies including many other flying insects. It can be used in any room and placed wherever there is a flying insect activity. This fly trap is affordable and comes with 4 traps per unit, offering great value for money. It is eco-friendly since all the materials used are naturally acquired.

As such, you can rest easy knowing your child and pets are safe in case they come into contact with the flytrap. The trap is easy to use and can go for 2 months before you can replace it. It is easy to put up and to take down for maximum convenience. Besides, the strap is big enough to help you catch lots of flies and insects before replacing it.

What we like

  • Ready to use design: Makes the fly trap easy to use straight out of the package
  • Non-toxic composition: Ensures it is safe around children and pets
  • Long-lasting craftsmanship: Promotes durable performance and longevity

5. Black Flag Fly Window Trap

Black Flag Fly Window Trap

Capture small bugs and flies that tend to invade your space using the Black Flag Fly Window Trap. This trap is very effective, hence you can place it anywhere indoors near the window. It captures flies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 2 months, eliminating flies completely from your house. This fly trap features powerful formulas that act fast and never back down to help you battle invading bugs and flies for several years.

Setting it up is as easy as pie; simply peel off the protective paper strip to expose the adhesive and press firmly against the window. Remember the more traps you place in a room the better chance you stand at eliminating flies. Furthermore, this fly trap is available at various prices in different packs to meet various budgets and needs.

What we like

  • Discrete design: Fits seamlessly behind curtains to hide bugs and flies from view
  • Long-lasting construction: Ensures this traps works for up to 60 days before replacement
  • High-quality adhesive: Prevents the flies from leaving once they land on the trap

4. Catchmaster Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps, 904

Catchmaster Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps, 904

Control nuisance flies and fly population using the Catchmaster Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps, 904. It is very simple to use as you only need to apply it directly to the window to capture flies where they hang out most. It has no mess or zapping, making the whole procedure neat and convenient.

This fly trap is designed to capture different varieties of flies and insects; therefore, you can rest easy knowing no single bug, fly or insect will find its way into your room. When you buy this fly trap, you get 3 packs of 4 straps each, ensuring optimal performance. In addition, this unit is fairly priced so you don’t break the bank just to get it.

What we like

  • Non-toxic materials: Makes it home and family safe
  • User-friendly design: Promotes the ease of use without messy procedures
  • Low-profile construction: Hides away dead bugs and flies from view

3. Black Flag Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap

Black Flag Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap

Regardless of the type of insects you are dealing with, the black Flag Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap has the necessary features to help you regain full control of your home. For starters, this unit is loaded with formulas that act quick and never back down to help you battle invading flies. There is a built-in lure that attracts all major species of insects to their trap.

This fly trap is crafted to begin working immediately so that it can fight flies as quickly as possible. It is easy to set up and to use as all you need to do is fill the bag with water to dissolve the attractant and hang. To get the most out of this unit, you can hang it near common fly sources including garbage bins, campsites, or dog kennels. You can replace the bag once the contents dry out or when the trap is full.

What we like

  • Rattan-look design: Blends into landscape neatly and seamlessly
  • Discrete construction: Ensures the trapped insects are kept out of the vicinity
  • Leak-proof nature: Prevents the trap from leaking and creating a mess



With eco-friendly bait, the STERLING INTERNATIONAL INC Rescue FTD Disposable Fly Trap is absolutely safe for use near kids and pets. The bag has a large capacity that allows it to capture up to 20,000 flies before you can dispose and replace. It comes with a strap so that you can hang it anywhere that has lots of flies flying in.

The fly trap operates on an attractant that flies find irresistible to capture lots of them in a matter of minutes. The only disadvantage is that you won’t like the site of so many flies trapped into the see-through bag. Otherwise, this unit works exactly as it should and will help you control insect population around your home.

What we like

  • Non-toxic: Keeps your pets and family safe in case of accidents with the trap
  • Built-in attractant: Ensures the trap captures as many insects as possible
  • User-friendly design: Makes the trap easy to set up and to take down for disposal

1. RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap

RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap

Catch and eliminate hundreds of the most prevalent species of insects including false stable flies, house flies, and flesh flies among others with the RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap. The trap is loaded with irresistible attractant made of food flavorings to attract most insects. This attractant dissolves when water is added to the bag to begin capturing insects immediately.

As such, you can rely on it as one of the most effective pest control solutions. The trap is quick and simple to set up so you can spend most of your time doing other things that matter. There are different verities of this trap at various prices to suit your budget and needs.

Better yet, the trap has an enclosed design to ensure you never touch the bait or get your hands dirty.

What we like

  • Powerful attractant: Captures all flies and insects
  • Large capacity bag: Catches up to 20,000 flies before you can dispose
  • Non-toxic ingredients: Ensures this fly trap uses no poisons or toxicants to kill pest insects
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Disposable Fly Trap

Just like shopping for any other product, finding the best disposable fly trap can be a nightmare. Hence, we bring you the following factors to help you arrive at the best flytrap.

  • Is It Safe?
    Safety is vital when shopping for the best disposable fly traps. This is because you are likely to set up the fly trap near people and pets. Therefore, check if the flytrap is non-toxic, free of poisons, and harmful chemicals that can put lives at risk. In this case, a fly trap made of natural ingredients is most preferred.
  • Type of Flies You Intend To Eliminate
    Different manufacturers produce fly traps to only capture a given type of flies. So, if you are battling a particular type of flies, ensure the trap you go for can capture it. However, if you have no particular fly in mind simply looking to control random flies you can pick any trap. There are some traps that can capture up to a hundred different types of flies and they are most suitable.
  • How Long Do You Need The Trap For?
    Disposable fly traps are designed to work for different periods of time. For you to get the best one, you need to know the time span that you are going to need yours. If you simply need a fly trap for camping or hiking, a fly trap that can last a couple of nights is suitable. However, if you require a fly trap for a season, you should consider a fly trap that goes for a month or two.
  • Indoors Or Outdoors?
    Most fly traps are designed to work either outdoors or indoors. So then, consider where you are mostly struggling with flies. If you need a trap for indoor use, consider one that can be placed on the window since most insects get indoors through the window. On the other hand, if you need a fly trap for outdoors, consider one that comes with a strap for hanging outdoors.

Final Verdict

Don’t allow flies to prevent you from enjoying your patio, porch, or deck when the weather gets hot. Simply arm yourself with one or more of the best disposable fly traps. They are highly effective, easy to use, and above all very convenient.

So make sure you read our reviews bearing in mind your needs and budget and you will get the right fly trap.

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