The Best Disc Storage Wallets Reviewed Of 2021

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Have you collected a lot of CDs or Discs? Or are you looking forward to collecting a lot of CDS? Well, we’ve all been there and we know how difficult it can be to store them in those huge plastic cases. CDs and DVDs are a great way of storing your favorite movies, playlists, games, and even data such as your personal files and images. It prevents your computer’s hard disk from getting full.

However, there’s one caveat to these discs and that is preserving then and keeping them stacked in one place. The best way to do so is by storing them in Disc storage wallets.

Therefore, we have compiled this article to help you find out which one will best suit you.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below  :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Disc Storage Wallets” :

#7. BUBM Portable Polyester CD/DVD

The BUBM portable polyester CD/DVD wallet is a unique disc storage bag. Its round shape stands out from other disc storage wallets and also leaves space when storing in a bag or a drawer. It is padded from all sides and therefore, keeps your discs protected even during falls or other accidents.

It can hold 32 discs and is therefore optimum for carrying around whenever you are travelling. The handle is also very convenient and ideal for the 32-disc capacity. The zipper is also very smooth and opens up almost 300 degrees.

The high-quality twill fabric resists abrasion and dust unlike anything else. It comes in three color variants. It is affordable price makes it ideal for anyone who wants a 32 discs wallet on the go.

What we like

  • Round shaped disc wallet
  • Small space
  • Ideal for carrying around
  • Ideally padded for protection and moisture resistance
  • Made of twill fabric
  • Comes in three colors

#6. Wismart 72 Capacity Heavy Duty CD DVD

If you’re looking for colorful disc storage wallets than there is no better one for you then the Wismart 72 that comes in 10 different color variants. All of them have the same storage, the only difference is in colors.

This wallet is lightweight, compact and stylish. It has a carrying handle that looks great, but we doubt it can endure for very long, especially when the wallet is fully loaded.

The sleeves have a slip lock design that prevents discs from sliding once they have been inserted properly. The exterior is made of hard plastic which is effective in preventing from falls and moisture but might develop some scratches over time.

However, the zipper is of great quality and we believe it to survive much longer than the handle. The sleeves are also thicker than the usual sleeves we find in disc storage wallets and their binding using rivets make them almost non-tear.

What we like

  • Unique colors
  • Ideal balance between compactness and storage
  • Durable exterior and zipper
  • Moisture resistant but the plastic exterior might develop some scratches
  • Thick sleeves that will keep discs safe

#5. EVW-24 EVA Molded Disc Storage

If you want a disc storage wallet that doesn’t take a lot of space, is lightweight and the quality is great, then this one might be the right one for you. The EVW-24-disc storage wallet is great for anyone who needs important disc on the go whenever and wherever.

It is EVA exterior is durable, soft and moisture resistant. Thereby keeping discs inside safe and organized. The patented pro sleeves are also great when it comes to protecting the discs and their flexibility shows that they will not be easily broken.

The zipper is also great in its smoothness as well as durability. Unfortunately, it does not have a handle for carrying it but its compactness allows one to carry it in one hand without much effort.
Lastly, its hard-exterior cover protects it from severe heat.

What we like

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Low disc space
  • EVA exterior
  • Moisture and abrasion-resistant
  • No handle but can be held in one hand

#4. 128 Capacity CD/DVD case Wallet

The Rekukos disc storage wallet is also a great wallet for those who carry it around and fear their CDs might get damaged. Its sleeves are so flexible that it seems that they will never break. All the material from the exterior to the interior, it’s all very durable and will keep CDs protected.

The Rekukos disc storage wallet comes in three colors; rose, blue and black. It’s 128 storage capacity places it in the high storage category but there’s an even bigger variant that has a storage capacity of 256 discs. However, the 256-storage variant only comes in black color.

Its material is water and tear-resistant, allowing you to carry them wherever you like without the fear of getting you cd collection damaged. The handle is also quite useful and comfortable.

However, we have received some complaints regarding the zipper. We don’t know if that’s a consistent problem or just a rare occurrence but for such an affordable price, one can easily get It fixed.

What we like

  • A perfect balance of storage and portability
  • Durable and protective
  • Three colour variants
  • Water and tear-resistant
  • Comfortable handle
  • Affordable

#3. Case Logic BNB-208 208 Capacity Disc

This is another disc storage wallet from Case Logic but with a different design and a lot more capacity. It has a disc storage capacity of 208 but it only comes in one color, black. The same polypropylene Pro sleeves are used in this one and they do provide the necessary protection from abrasion as well as moisture.

Another unique feature of the BNB-208 as compared to W-92 is the removable sleeves. If you want to add more space to your wallet and do not need some sleeves, this wallet will allow you to remove as many sleeves as you want.

Despite having such a huge capacity, its size is compact and can be carried in a bag easily. The carrying handle provided is also very convenient and seems durable. The Nylon exterior withstands all kinds of abrasions and does not allow dust to settle.

What we like

  • Huge capacity
  • Polypropylene sleeves keep discs dirt and moisture-free
  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Removable sleeves
  • Compact and portable
  • Nylon exterior

#2. Case Logic CD/DVDW-92 Disc

Case logic storage wallet is a unique and also a highly recommended CD Storage Wallets. Its innovative design makes it capable of storing booklets as well, which is a very rare and helpful feature to have.

The shiny blue exterior is what attracts one the most, but it is the functionality of this case that has a lot more to it. The way it stores CDs is unique and yet quite helpful in sorting discs.

The polypropylene sleeves have been proven quite effective in keeping dirt away. No doubt, discs will survive much longer in this disc storage than others.

The rugged exterior of this wallet will prevent it from scratches, and it will keep the color intact for much longer than the shiny surfaces. Its capacity depends on the variant; starting from 16 they can go all the way up to 132.

What we like

  • Innovative design
  • Comes in different size variants
  • Polypropylene material keeps dirt and moisture outside
  • Impact and abrasion-resistant

#1. AmazonBasics YBB12400R2 Nylon CD/DVD Binder

The AmazonBasics is one of the oldest and commonly found Disc Storage wallets in the market. Why shouldn’t it be? It has got everything to it that you’d need from a disc storage wallet; it’s compact, it has an ample storage space and it protects Discs inside it fairly well. Although it can fit in any bag you want it to, it also has a handle to it on top to help you carry it around.
You’ll find cheap replicas of the AmazonBasics but what differentiates them is AmazonBasics’ dirt proof exterior.

The AmazonBasics is made out of High-quality Nylon and PU material that does not allow dirt to pass through nor to settle. Therefore, it lasts longer than our lifetimes, meanwhile keeps our discs protected.

It has a storage of 400 discs, but it also comes in a 128-storage variant, which is much cheaper. Also, the zipper is very smooth as well as durable. We have never received any complaints from anyone.

Lastly, AmazonBasics distributes the weight of all the discs unanimously throughout the binder without putting excessive pressure on some discs as happens in some storage wallets. Conclusively, it would not be wrong to say that this is one of the best disc storage wallets out there.

What we like

  • Compact
  • Huge storage space
  • Protective
  • Portable
  • Dirtproof and waterproof material
  • Smooth and durable zipper
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Disc Storage Wallet

What to look for when buying a disc storage wallet?

Now that we have provided you with our Best Disc Storage Wallets, we believe we should also inform you of every factor that you should look for when buying a disc storage wallet. The reason for doing so is because so often you might walk into a store and not find any storage wallet from our list. In another case, you might not have the privilege to order online and in that case, the best thing to do is go out looking for your desired product from brick and mortar stores in your locality.
So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Material:

As you might have noticed that the disc storage wallets that we shared comprised of different materials. Some were made of EVA exterior while others were made of plastic. There’s a lot of variety in these materials and their application can vary a lot as well.

  • EVA material: is durable and water-resistant but it’s also soft and comfortable. It does not develop any scratches or tears. Whereas plastic exterior is hard, but it develops scratches, it can break, and the paint can come off as well. Also, plastic cannot withstand high temperatures, but it still is water-resistant and it is much cheaper than EVA.
  • Polypropylene: is also a great material for disc storage wallets especially due to its semi-rigid nature and integral hinge property. It also has a good resistance against heat and chemical spills. It does not allow cracks or tears to develop easily. The weight of the whole wallet gets distributed easily and our discs remain protected.
  • Wool: is also used in some disc storage wallets but its main disadvantage is that it can get wet and thereby destroying your precious discs. Also, its resistance to heat is very low.
2. Zipper:

One of the most important things you should consider when buying a disc storage wallet is the quality of the zipper. A zipper is also one of those things that malfunctions before anything. So often we have to get rid of an otherwise perfectly functioning wallet due to its malfunctioned zipper.

A metal zipper works fine for a long time but once it comes off, it requires a complete replacement. In this sense, plastic zippers work better but a good criterion would be to see if the teeth of the zipper are smooth. The smoother the are the easier the slider will move and avoid malfunctioning.

3. Storage:

It is without a doubt that your required storage will decide which disc storage wallet will suit you best. A good rule of thumb is to buy both; one with low capacity and one with a huge capacity, If you have a huge collection of discs. A small one can be carried around all the times while the larger one can be used to store all your discs at home.

4. Portability:

CD/DVD Portable Wallets have always been preferred over heavier ones and there’s not much need to explaining why. However, so often we forget or ignore this factor and end up regretting it the most. This is why we suggest our reader have both kinds of wallets; a lighter one and a heavier one.

The lighter one will usually have a space of 16 or 32 discs while the heavier one will have 132- or 256-disc space. This way you can keep all your discs at home and just carry the essential ones along with you.
Make sure that the lighter one that you intend to carry around with you as you go has a handle on the outside, even better if it’s a firm one.

Final Verdict

We hope we have answered all your queries regarding CD Storage Wallets and provide you with every bit of detail that we knew. In case we missed something, let us know we would gladly answer it for you. Moreover, we did not mention price an important factor although it is but the difference between the expensive and the affordable ones is not so significant. We know you can decide that on your own.

If you have any experiences to share, let us know about that as well.

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