The Best Changeable Letter Boards Reviewed Of 2021

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Are you looking for the best changeable letter boards? Changeable letter boards are one of the best things to keep your children busy in a productive way. It keeps our little ones busy figuring things out on their own and they end up learning so much.

Another great use for these boards is that they can be used as decoration pieces or as props for taking photos. On special occasions, they can be used to communicate a message like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday”. They can be used in restaurants, public spaces or anywhere you want to leave a message.

All in all, if you’re thinking about buying one, don’t hesitate. You’ve come to the right place. Here we will provide you with our list of the best Changeable letter boards and in the end, we will also leave you with a guide on what to look for when buying them.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below  :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Changeable Letter Boards” :

7. Letter Board by Crystal Lemon

Letter Board by Crystal Lemon

This letter board comes with the least characters but it’s ideal for someone who doesn’t need more. With 188 white characters, It features no unique colors, emojis or cursive words. Its frame is made from hard oak wood while the board is pitch black.

Although the style is simple and made in china the material is sturdy and durable. This product includes a metal sawtooth mount but provides no stand whatsoever. However, its frame can stand on its own and thereby it falls over very easily.

Resultantly, it is the most affordable character board on the market and yet it has a lot of buyers. The reason for that could be more than the low cost, it can also be the simple design which is sufficient for most buyers.

What we like

  • 188 characters in one size and color
  • No emojis, special characters or cursive words
  • China made
  • Can’t be hanged

6. Rustic Wood Frame Gray Felt Letter Board 10×10 inch from Whoaon store

Rustic Wood Frame Gray Felt Letter Board 10×10 inch from Whoaon store

This changeable wooden letter board features 345 characters including alphabets, numerals, emojis and cursive words. Out of these 145 are golden characters used to highlight or emphasize a certain point. The brown rustic frame and the grey background of the board make it look very stylish. It can be used in as many places and as many different scenarios as possible.

The characters have been cut with fine attention to details, but they come in one size only. This is not bad for someone who wants to avoid dealing with a lot of characters. More so, a cloth pouch has been provided to keep the characters, that means each time you retrieve them you’ll have to sort out your desired characters.

This products comes with an Easel type rustic stand and metal saw tooth bracket for hanging it on a wall. It also comes in other color variants such as pink, purple, etc.

What we like

  • 345 characters including 145 golden characters
  • Stylish frame with multiple colors available
  • Finely cut characters
  • Stand and bracket included

5. Tukuos Double Sided Felt Letter Board with Rustic Wood Frame

Tukuos Double Sided Felt Letter Board with Rustic Wood Frame

This is another changeable letter board that comes with 750 precut characters. It’s also double-sided and can be placed on a tabletop using its rustic wooden stand. There’s an option for hanging it from a wall as well using its metallic saw tooth bracket.

The 750 precut characters include golden and white characters, cursive words and emojis. The grey and white sides are both ideals for displaying messages on a variety of places and occasions. The frame’s color as well as the color of the board is unlike any other board on the market.

The quality of wood and other material used in this frame seems durable. The characters are also of a much finer quality and they come presorted in a grid box. The whole package comes in a beautifully wrapped gift box. The seller offers an 18-month post-purchase service, which is unlike any other seller.

What we like

  • 750 characters including cursive words and golden characters
  • Both sides can be used
  • Stand and bracket included
  • Unique color
  • Durable material

4. Gelibo Double Sided Letter Board with 750 Precut White & Gold Letters

Gelibo Double Sided Letter Board with 750 Precut White & Gold Letters

This is another changeable letter board that provides 750 characters to choose from. These come in four sizes and two colors. However, the outstanding thing about this board is that you can use its front side as well as the backside. On one side it’s black and on the other its grey.

The cursive words that you get with this one is a lot more than you can get with any other felt board. Its metallic saw tooth bracket makes it viable for wall hanging while the rustic stand is ideal for placing it on a table.

This one has a frame with rustic and durable, we doubt it will break unless it is struck with a very high impact. Its letters do not come pre-sorted and only one box is provided to keep them which means you’ll have to search for your desired letter every time you open the box. To deal with this you can buy a grid box.

What we like

  • 750 characters including golden characters and four sizes of characters
  • Both sides of the board can be used
  • Metal saw tooth bracket for wall hanging
  • Simple rustic stand
  • Durable frame
  • Characters not presorted

3. Felt Letter Board with 10×10 Inch Rustic Wood Frame from the MainEvent store

Felt Letter Board with 10×10 Inch Rustic Wood Frame from the MainEvent store

This is also a great wooden message board for those who do not want to deal with the hassle of handling too many characters. This one comes with 374 precut characters with alphabets of one size only. Also, they’re not sorted and the only place to keep them in a cloth bag. There’s nothing wrong with this it can be great for someone who doesn’t need different sized or too many characters.

However, it does come with ten noteholders and ten cursive words like Hello, Happy Birthday, Good Morning, etc.
Cutting down on the number of characters will not only help you avoid organizing them, but this will also reduce your cost. It has a sturdy metal wall hook that you can easily mount this board with.

Also, this one has a removable plastic stand which makes it viable for placing on different surfaces. Its dark rustic texture makes it suitable for several environments including cafes, classrooms and as a décor piece inside a house.

What we like

  • 374 characters in one color and size
  • Sturdy construction and rustic frame
  • Noteholders and cursive words included

2. Felt Letter Board 10×10 (Black)

Felt Letter Board 10×10 (Black)

This is also a wonderful letter board from the Little Hippo store, and it comes also comes with more than 685 characters which are a lot more than one needs. It also comes with cursive words as well as three sized letters.

All the characters have been cut to their finest details and sorted into a wooden tray box. The board has a wooden template and therefore can fit into any environment either it’s a laboratory or a restaurant. It also comes with a wooden easel that can be adjusted in terms of height and angle.

More so, a canvas pouch is also provided so you can store your stationery items. This is great given no other brands offers such goodies for free. The frame is also sturdy, and we doubt it will break due to any small accidents.
Lastly, the seller offers a life-time warranty, we didn’t get to check it for ourselves, but we’ve heard other buyers claim that it’s true to the core.

What we like

  • 685 characters
  • Three sized letters but in one color only
  • Finely cut letters
  • Adjustable wooden easel
  • Bracket for wall hanging
  • Lifetime warranty

1. Felt Letter Board with Letters

Felt Letter Board with Letters

This letter board from Oblivis car store is one of the best as it comes with a whopping 725 characters. If you are worried about having to deal with so many characters, then don’t because they come sorted out already. Divided into 36 grids ranging from A~Z, 0~9, symbol, Emojis and other groups.

It has a wooden template that makes it ideal for restaurants and classrooms. The characters have been cut with high accuracy and have a great finish that doesn’t seem to come off easily.

Gone are the days of changeable letter boards that have one sized and one colored letters. In this letter board, the letters come in three sizes and two colors. So here you have a lot more freedom then you normally get.

The letters stick quite well and the board mounts to the wall using a sawtooth bracket. This product also comes with a wooden easel stand. Oblivis car store provides a great service when it comes to delivery as well as responding to complaints.

What we like

  • 725 characters including cursive words, emojis and symbols
  • White and gold characters
  • Multiple sized characters
  • Presorted characters in a grid box
  • Sturdy material
  • Stand and bracket included
  • Good style, ideal for a lot of places
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Changeable Letter Boards

What to look for when buying a changeable character board online?

Now that we have provided you with our list of the best changeable character boards, we don’t want to leave you confused on what factors you should consider. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with a guide that you can use to weight what matters more to you.
So, here’s what you can look for when buying a changeable character board.

  • Characters:
    This includes the number of characters as well as the quality of finish. The number is important because it seems more real when you look at a board that has joined words. Cursive words will save you a lot of the separate letters while emojis make it look funkier. The availability of different colors and sizes is also very important as it emphasizes more important words. Moreover, different colors and bigger sizes attract one’s eye more than one size and color.
    However, this depends on the buyer and the situation he is buying it for. In a lot of situations, there is no need for too many characters. In that case, fewer characters can be a blessing as well.
    More so, characters should come pre-sorted in a grid box. Otherwise, the hassle of sorting them out each time is no less than a headache.
  • Frame Material:
    Since the corners of the frame are first to collide with anything, the frame has to be more durable and sturdier than the rest of the board. Usually, the corners wear out, thereby deteriorating the finish of the whole product. A solid wooden frame will last more than plywood frames. See if a seller is providing some guarantee regarding the frame material.

Other factors to consider before buying the right product:

  1. Accessories:
    Accessories include stands and brackets. It is better to buy a board that comes with a stand because without it you’ll have a hard time finding a separate one that will match its measurements perfectly. Almost all boards come with pre-fitted metal brackets for hanging but in case one doesn’t come, do not buy it.
    Other accessors include grid boxes, pouches, and noteholders. Each one of these is a plus point to have, just make sure the price does not increase more than the accessory’s worth.
  2. Reliable brand:
    Since the difference between materials and their functions isn’t that great, what remains is the brand. Every brand makes big claims but very few follow through. A good brand name will do whatever to keep their image and they are more likely to stick to their claims. Also, they are more likely to offer guarantees. So, it’s safe to buy from trusted brands. You can see their reviews online and judge for yourself.
  3. Price:
    You should compare the price of similar changeable boards to ensure the best deal. Just list down the chosen products and compare the price. Or, you can purchase any of the boards from my recommendation.

Final Verdict

Now that we have provided you with our recommendations as well as our guide on buying character changeable boards, we hope all your queries have been answered. However, If we’ve missed something let us know in the comment box below and our team would love to answer them for you.

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