The Best Car Jack Stands Reviewed in 2021

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You will need to use the best car jack stand to enhance your safety when you are down to do some repairs on your vehicle. It will be a wise investment to own a car jack that will uphold your truck, van, car, or an SUV.
Finding the right car jack stand that suits your vehicle may not be an exciting experience. Of course, the correct product should withstand the weight of your car without showing a weakness of forming bends. 
You can involve a car jack stand when you want to change tires, brakes, or perform other mechanical or technical work. Let’s explore more. 

8. TONDA Steel Jack Stands

 8. TONDA Steel Jack Stands

Tonda steel Jack Stands comes from a steel frame, which is durable and rustproof. Such a coating will prevent any wear and corrosion. Also the car jack has a lift range of between 10.7 and 17 inches, while the rated weight capacity is 2 tons. 

The car jack is easy to use since it has a self-locking mechanism. As such, you will not require the key to lock it. You can easily adjust the ratchet to the suitable right freely when the handle is up. If the handle is down, the ratchet will get locked automatically. 

The jack has a remarkable foot base that is large to provide stability and strength. It has foot pads that will allow one to use the jack stand on soft surfaces. 

What we like

  • One year limited warranty
  • Large foot base
  • Self-locking design

7. Apextreme Steel Jack Stands 

 7. Apextreme Steel Jack Stands 

Every car owner needs the right Jack to stand to meet various obligations. About that, you should look no further than Apextreme Steel Jack stands. Its sturdy steel construction makes it to be long-lasting. 

The jack will tolerate a weight capacity of 6 tons. The adjustment height is between 14.95 inches and 23 inches. 

The top-quality ratchet bar has a protection feature in the pretext of double lock mechanisms. 
The steel jack has a stable footpad to secure and safe while working on numerous surfaces. It becomes more stable and efficient due to extensive contact and surface area. You can comfortably use it at the home, truck, auto service, or shop. 

What we like

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • High-quality ratchet bar
  • Safe and secure

6. Sunex Jack Stands

 6. Sunex Jack Stands

Sunex Jack stands to be among the stable jacks due to its wide base. The four-leg steel base makes it more stable to withstand certain loads. For additional strength and stability, the product comes from a heavy-duty pipe. 

Besides, this product has a large saddle together with locating lugs. It is ideal in support and positioning the vehicle frame securely. The presence of the attached pins is useful in height adjustment. 

Furthermore, the jack stands have a V-shaped saddle, which is practical in saddling axles. You can use this product on various vehicles like trucks, cars, Lorry, and more. 

What we like

  • Four leg steel base
  • V-Shaped saddle
  • Quick height adjustment

5. Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

 5. Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

Torin Aluminum Jack stands is a great product that will serve you for a longer duration. You can apply it on various vehicles such as SUV, ATVs, small cars, and jeeps. The model comes from high-grade aluminum.

Most importantly, it has removable locking support pins to enhance stability and security. The adjustable height will range between 10 to 15 inches. The product can tolerate a weight capacity of 6 tons. 

The large surface area on the saddle improves contact with the load under support. The wide foot base increases stability. The removable base makes it to acquire a compact design necessary for easy storage. 

What we like

  • Load maxim of 6 tons
  • Wide foot base
  • One year limited warranty
  • Six locking positions

4. ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

  4. ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

Such a jack comes with heavy-duty steel construction. The stand can comfortably withstand a load of 3 tons. Also, you can alter its height from 13 to 21 inches. As a way of guaranteeing safety, the center shaft comes from solid steel.

The Esco jack has an anti-rust powder-coated finish to prevent any rusting and further wear. The flat disc will increase stability. It has substantial round feet to prevent any possibility of sliding even on awkward terrains. 

You can apply this jack stand on small SUVs, cars, and trucks. Additionally, the jack enjoys a simple pin locking mechanism. 

What we like

  • Powder-coated body
  • Replaceable rubber top
  • Flat disc feet
  • Suitable for low profile cars

3. CARTMAN Jack Stands

 3. CARTMAN Jack Stands

Do you desire to have a stand jack with a quick locking mechanism? Indeed, you will never go wrong when you settle for Cartman Jack Stands. The package manifest with two heavy-duty steel jacks. You will use it in pairs. 

You can adjust it to the height range of 11 to 17 inches. It has a load limit of two tons. As if that is not over, and the jack enjoys high-grade forged steel construction. Additionally, it has a welded frame that improves durability. 

Most appropriately, the product meets the standard requirements of ANSI. 

What we like

  • Beginner-friendly
  • It is easy to use
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • The load limit of 2 tons
  • High-grade forged steel durable material construction

2. Pro-Lift Jack Stand

 2. Pro-Lift Jack Stand

You can make this product as your ideal option due to the durability aspect. The 3-ton capacity will see you apply it on truck service, home, and farm use. Most importantly, the manufacturer used sturdy steel in its entire construction.

The product has a double lock mechanism for stability and better performance. The height adjustment feature enables smooth upward movement. The maximum adjustment height is around 21 inches. 

The jack is simple to use. The lightweight design is a unique advantage for portability. Also, the jack has quality red paint that enhances its looks. Furthermore, the same paint coating will tolerate years of use. 

What we like

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Double lock mechanism
  • Height adjustment mechanism

1. T41202 Torin Jack Stands

 1. T41202 Torin Jack Stands

Such a product is unique due to its high-grade steel construction. The package comes in pairs. It will comfortably tolerate a weight limit of 6 tons. You can apply it in various vehicle options such as trucks and SUVs.

The product features four steel feet that have the right grip when loaded. Conveniently, the ratchet is adjustable. You can alter the height from 15 to 23 inches. Such a design makes it fit appropriately under any vehicle. 

The use of high-grade steel will not cause the jack to bend or change in an unfamiliar shape. Its quality standards meet the threshold of various standardization bodies like PALD or ASME. 

What we like

  • Wide base
  • High-grade steel construction
  • Fair prices
  • Easy and safe to use
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Small Car Jack Stands

  • Material

Most of the manufacturers produce car jack stands using galvanized steel materials. Although the materials are heavy, it is secure. Alternatively, it also uses lightweight aluminum materials that will not compromise on strength. You can still construct jacks from cast iron. 

  • Height

The purpose of the jack is to keep the vehicle aloft. That calls for a suitable height that allows it to fit beneath the car. For a sports car, you will require a shorter jack. For other vehicles like pickups, ford, or SUV, you will require a standard jack stand. 

  • Feet or Base

A jack stand needs to have a broad base for more natural stability. The broad base will distribute the weight evenly. You should choose a rounded base or a broader option to prevent floor damage and increase other costs. 

  • Importance of Jack Stands

You will need a jack stand when you want to service your vehicle. For instance, you will apply it to lift your vehicle when you want to perform a wheel exchange. However, you should consider the following aspect while selecting a proper one. 

  • Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism affects the reliability and the performance of the jack stand. There are three types of locking mechanism.

The first one is the pin lock mechanism that will involve a pin to lock your stand. Such a pin originates from iron or steel material. It is simple to operate, making it reliable and strong.

The second one is the ratchet lock, which has a gearwheel design. You can use it effectively on small and light cars since it does not offer the safest lock on heavy-duty ones. 

Last but not least is the screw option. It is not common but will provide a stable and accurate height adjustment when compared to the two options above. 


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Wrapping Up

The most overlooked and unappreciated maintenance features are jacks, yet they provide a critical role in your operations. They enable you to have reliable access to the underside of your car. You can acquire one as a long term investment.

Above all, you now understand why you require the right jack stand in your vehicle. The cool thing is that you can exhaust your options from our list and get a perfect service in the long run. 

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