The Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Reviewed Of 2021

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Are you looking for a wall-mounted bathroom medicine cabinet? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. These things are not easy to decide on. You buy one and later find it too small, or big, for your needs. Or in other cases you find it absorbing moisture and becoming damp. That could be a disaster.

This is why you need a guide like this that not only educates you on the subject but also gives some solid recommendations.

More so these recommendations shouldn’t be based on commissions but rather honest trails and experience.
Therefore, every product that we mention here has been tested by us and we hope you find them standing up to the claims. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Let’s check a run-through of the best sellers down below  :

Here’s the full reviewed of  “the 7 Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets” :


#7. ChooChoo Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves and Towels Bar

ChooChoo Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves and Towels Bar

Many users will find this cabinet to be simple but no one can deny there are beauty and elegance in this kind of simplicity. Sure, you might want a color-filled cabinet if that’s your preference but a lot of modern bathrooms feature these.
The ChooChoo medicine cabinet can be adjusted to three heights to give you the amount of space you need. It also features a towel bar, on which you can store a lot more than towels such as ties, belts, and other clothes.

The metal hinges are of such high quality that they don’t seem like they would come off. Also, the doorknobs are made of anti-corrosive metal that will endure a moist environment.

The material used here is completely waterproof, erosion-resistant, and long-lasting. High-grade MDF is used in this cabinet to ensure that it survives a lifetime. In case you encounter any problem with this cabinet, a detailed instruction guide is provided with each unit to help you overcome all the problems you may encounter.

What we like

  • Simple, elegant, and spacious
  • Adjustable height
  • Towel bar
  • Durable and anti-corrosive metal hinges and knobs
  • Waterproof, erosions resistant and long-lasting MDF
  • Instruction guide for assembling and use

#6. HOMFA SPACE SAVER DARK BROWN Bathroom Wall Cabinet


This is another great bathroom cabinet that suits well with the modern bathrooms that are being built nowadays. It’s made of high-grade MDF that can survive in moist environments. On top of that, it’s polished by a sealant that provides it waterproofing, adhesion, and resistance to erosion.

The quality of craftsmanship is evident from the finishing of this cabinet. Besides the bathroom, it can easily adjust to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen and organize that room like anything else. It will store all your stuff that otherwise cannot find a place. It also hosts a towel rod in case you don’t have one already in your bathroom or maybe you need a second one.

This product has two compartments; one of which has an adjustable height, giving you the freedom to fit in your wine bottles or anything else. It has metallic door knobs and hinges that are not affected by moisture. Plus, this cabinet has two holes at the back which can fit in with nails in the wall for hanging purposes.

The item comes unassembled but the assembling is very easy. In case you have difficulty in assembling it, you can refer to the manual provided along with it. Homfa has become a reputable brand in the home décor industry.

What we like

  • Two compartments with adjustable height
  • High-grade MDF polished with waterproofing and adhesive sealant
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Can be used in bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen
  • Towel rod
  • Easy to assemble and install

#5. IWell Black Wall Bathroom Cabinet with 1 Adjustable Shelf & Towels Bar

Well Black Wall Bathroom Cabinet with 1 Adjustable Shelf & Towels Bar

This is another bathroom cabinet that we found worth the price. It has a large capacity, enough to fill your bathroom needs. It’s also a nice addition to any bathroom with its shiny lacquered finish and space-saving design. This product also has a hidden shelf that you can use to lock in your valuables.

It’s made of high-quality material, one that can survive moisture, overloading, and stress-failure. The material used is premium MDF polished with resins and oils that ensure waterproofing, long life, and corrosion resistance.
The knobs and hinges are made of stainless steel that is unlikely to rust or deform. The door handles are also ergonomically designed. Buying this bathroom cabinet, you can rest assured that it will last a lifetime.

With a towel bar, you know it can save you some space in the bathroom by being your towel-hang. It can also be adjusted to three heights allowing you to adjust it to your needs.
This one arrives unassembled but believes us, it’s assembling is very easy and also, it weighs only 20 lbs.

What we like

  • Shiny lacquered finish and space-saving design
  • hidden shelf
  • Stainless steel knobs and hinges
  • Towel bar
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to assemble

#4. Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet Wall Mounted with Doors

Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet Wall Mounted with Doors

If you’re looking for an engineered door cabinet that has one side opened then Spirich homes has made this one exactly for you. It’s high-quality silver hinges and door handles look great in contrast with the white color of the cabinet.

Moreover, It’s a high-quality finished medicine cabinet that is most likely to fit in any room, not just bathrooms. You can use it for your kitchen, living room, or even bedroom. However, with the towel bar, you’re more likely to want it in your bathroom or kitchen.

It has a different design than the ones we’ve mentioned in our list but it doesn’t compromise on the charm or the elegance. Assembling this one is also easy given the numbering on each part. You can also adjust the shelf height on this one.

What we like

  • Engineered door cabinet
  • High-quality silver hinges
  • Spacious and elegant
  • Ideal for kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom
  • Towel rod
  • Easy to assemble

#3. Cabidor Classic | Behind The Door | customizable | Medicine, Bathroom & Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Cabidor Classic | Behind The Door | customizable | Medicine, Bathroom & Kitchen Storage Cabinet

This is a rather unique kind of storage cabinet. It’s made for behind the door spaces and it looks great. Moreover, it’s quite spacious, enough to have five storage compartments but be sure to load it keeping in mind the strength of the door. That’s because even though the cabinet itself is strong, this one transfers its load onto the door which might not be able to sustain the load.

This is a great way to utilize an often-overlooked space. Although it’s slimmer than most doors with so many compartments that shouldn’t be a problem. If your bathroom or kitchen isn’t spacious enough this medicine cabinet from Cabidor is the way to go.

More so, the shelves as well as the rod can be adjusted according to your needs. This will easily become your favorite piece of furniture in your house. You’ll be dumping all your items making your room a decluttered space.

The patented hinge works great and doesn’t make any noise when closing or opening the door. The assembly has magnets in various positions to allow an easier installation. It can also be mounted on a wall with an adapter kit that comes with an additional cost.

What we like

  • Behind the door cabinet
  • Spacious
  • Adjustable height
  • Patented hinge and magnetic assembly

#2. Kohler K-Cb-Clr1620Fs Medicine Cabinet

Kohler K-Cb-Clr1620Fs Medicine Cabinet

In case you’re looking for a glass cabinet then this one from Kohler is what we believe is worth buying. Its sides and rear are made from anodized Aluminum while the front door is made from tempered glass. The aluminum is anti-corrosive, elegantly finished, and highly durable.
Although the glass door is transparent it has a mirror on the inner face, allowing you to utilize both of these functions at once.

This can be highly space-saving if you use this cabinet as your main, and only the bathroom mirror.
It’s spacious enough to store all your bathroom essentials like your shampoos, shaving creams, and hair dryers. Also, it looks very elegant in a bathroom no matter where you’re going.

The only thing to remember before buying this medicine cabinet is that it can only be recess installed, which means it will require making a hole in the wall. This is what most people want but in case you want a hanging wall cabinet you can go for the KOHLER K-CB-CLC2026FS by the same brand.

What we like

  • Anodized Aluminum frame
  • Glassdoor with mirror on the inside
  • Can be used as a cabinet and a mirror
  • Adjustable compartments
  • Recessed installation
  • No Towel bar

#1. RiverRidge Somerset Collection Two-Door Wall Cabinet

RiverRidge Somerset Collection Two-Door Wall Cabinet

Last but not the least, the RiverRidge Somerset wall cabinet is our favorite and one of the most sold cabinets online. Even though it’s simple but the simplicity is what most people like and also, this makes it quite affordable than the other ones on the market.

It is quite spacious and yet can fit into your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom. The doors and side panels have classic design carvings that add elegance to the room. Besides the two-door shelves, the doorless compartment is for storing things you want easy access to.

The inner shelves are adjustable. So, if you want to store items such as hair iron or wine bottles, you have that freedom here. It’s also much easier to assemble.

What we like

  • Simple, affordable, and durable cabinet
  • Spacious and elegantly designed
  • Two-door compartments and one doorless
  • Adjustable inner shelves
  • Easy to assemble
The Buyers' Guides & Tips to

The Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Why Do Need the Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets?

If you want to keep a few first aid necessities, beauty products, and toiletries, there is no better way than when you have the best bathroom medicine cabinet. These cabinets are well-made with high-quality materials that are sturdy and stylish to be beautiful and functional. Thus, they will help you keep all your bathroom essentials safe and easy to access. Besides, these medicine cabinets are multi-purpose to ensure you can use them either in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else requiring an extra storage unit.

What to look for when buying a bathroom medicine cabinet?

Now that you know which medicine cabinets are worth your money, it’s time we educate you on the subject. We do this because often readers are confused about factors, they should prioritize to make a purchase. This leads to buyers regretting their decisions later on when their hard-earned money has been spent.
So, our team we’ll answer all of the questions that can come into a buyer’s mind when he’s looking for a bathroom medicine cabinet.

  1. Recessed or wall mount medicine cabinet?
    It’s better to ask this question from yourself before anything else because it will help you screen out so many options.
    Recessed medicine cabinets are aesthetically pleasing but they require a hole in the wall. Recessed medicine cabinets are usually installed by homeowners who decide before their bathrooms are constructed. However, some homeowners do make the switch later on but this can cause a lot of effort and mess.
    One advantage of the recessed cabinet is that they can sometimes have mirror doors, which allow them to replace regular mirrors of bathrooms. This can save space by becoming a 2-in-1 object, doing both functions at the same time.
    The wall-mount cabinet is great, they can be changed or bought any time. They are easy to install and are most aesthetically pleasing. If you haven’t dug a hole in your wall and don’t want to go through the effort of doing so, then a wall mount cabinet might be the right cabinet for you.
  2. Size:
    For wall mount cabinets, size doesn’t matter as much as long as it meets your need. However, if you are using a recessed bathroom cabinet then make sure they are in line with the width of your vanity. It should be either of the same sizes or a bit small can be acceptable.
    As for the height make sure you can see yourself when you’re standing straight while the bottom should be a little above the tap.

Other Factors to be considered:

  • Material:
    Since these items are in moist environments where besides humidity, the chances of oil and chemical spillage are greater, you want to pay attention to the material. This is where a lot of buyers make mistake. They buy cheap cabinets that might look please they aesthetically but when it’s exposed to moisture or chemical spillage the material starts to wear out.
    Either you’re buying a wooden or aluminum cabinet, make sure it’s anti-corrosive and nicely finished. No matter how beautiful a cabinet looks while you were buying it, when the paint starts to wear out it won’t look good.
    You can ensure these characteristics based on the claims made by the brand. Reputable brands tend to stay true to their claims, giving you a good customer experience.
  • Color:
    When shopping for the best bathroom medicine cabinet you want an item that will enhance the looks of your bathroom. And nothing dictates the looks of a given bathroom space other than the color of items you bring into it. So look for a cabinet whose color complements the existing bathroom décor to enhance its aesthetics.
  • Installation:
    For peace of mind and convenience, consider a bathroom cabinet that is easy to install and to assemble. Although the installation process varies from one unit to the other, consider an item that comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions. This will give you the guidance and ease you need to assemble and set up the cabinet.

Final Verdict

These were all the things we wanted you to consider before buying a bathroom medicine cabinet. We hope all your questions have been your answered and you’ve stumbled on the best bathroom medicine cabinet for your needs. Let us know how 

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