The 10 Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Reviewed Of 2020

The 10 Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Make your bathroom look neat and organized by introducing the best bathroom medicine cabinets. These cabinets are designed to mount on the wall to enable you to keep your essential bathroom items where everybody can see them. Most of these medicine cabinets have stylish designs with mirror accents to give your bathroom an elegant appeal. They are available in numerous colors and styles so you can find one that will suit your needs.

To help you take home the right medicine cabinet, we bring you the following top 10 best bathroom medicine cabinets reviews.

Read through to discover which unit will fit nicely into your space.

Now proceed to the top10 best products that made it to our bathroom medicine cabinets reviews

  • 10. HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet

    10. HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet

    Made from high-grade MDF material with a glass door, the HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet is non-toxic, stable, durable, and elegant-looking. It has a dimension of 22″L x 5.1″W x 22.8″H which is compact but roomy enough to offer ample storage capacity. This cabinet is composed of 2 enclosed shelves and 1 open shelf to ensure easy storage and organization of things. It is complete with silver metal handle knobs which not only look good but also make it easy to open and close the cabinet. Better yet, this cabinet is very easy to assemble since it comes with installation instructions and mounting accessories for the same.

    What we like

    • The pure white finish will complement your bathroom style
    • The cabinet is lightweight but sturdy
    • It provides extra storage without taking up much useful floor space
    • Easy to keep clean and to maintain
  • 9. American Pride 9622WBAR12 –Medicine Cabinet

    9. American Pride 9622WBAR12 –Medicine Cabinet

    Equipped with a recessed mount, the American Pride 9622WBAR12 –Medicine Cabinet will fit snugly into your wall to give you full functionality without taking up much of the space. Its door can be mounted with left or right hand opening to fit your bathroom size and shape. This cabinet has 1 fixed polystyrene shelf and 2 adjustable polystyrene shelves to give you secure storage and organization. It is constructed of an injection-molded polystyrene body which is durable to provide long life expectancy. Further, this unit is complete with a frameless beveled polished mirror that lends a flawless reflection for years to come.

    What we like

    • Tri-brite piano hinge allows for easy access
    • The cabinet is multipurpose to help you store basic bath essentials
    • It is lightweight and easy to install
    • This unit is easy to clean and to maintain
  • 8. FURINNO Indo Wall Cabinet, Espresso

    8. FURINNO Indo Wall Cabinet, Espresso

    Measuring 11.8 inches, the FURINNO Indo Wall Cabinet is slim enough to give optimum storage in a low-profile way. It has 1 fixed shelf and 1 adjustable shelf to give you convenient storage and organization of bath essentials. Each shelf is designed to hold up to 4.5lbs, meaning it can hold numerous essentials. This unit is crafted from engineered particleboard for extra strength and durability. It is designed to mount on the wall to enable you to expand your storage space without consuming up the entire floor. Besides, this cabinet is easy to take care of and to maintain for utmost convenience.

    What we like

    • Comes with an instruction paper for easy assembly
    • It is available in different sizes and colors to choose from
    • This cabinet is well-made, durable, and practical
    • It is slim enough to fit into tight bathroom spaces
  • 7. RiverRidge Somerset Collection Two-Door Wall Cabinet

    7. RiverRidge Somerset Collection Two-Door Wall Cabinet

    Hide toiletries and other essential bathroom items in the RiverRidge Somerset Collection Two-Door Wall Cabinet for a clean presentation. It is made up of 1 fixed top shelf and two interior shelves with one adjustable and the other fixed. Thus, it gives you the versatility not only to store things but also to keep them organized. This cabinet has a classic design and attractive detailing with inset doors and side panels. It is complete with two-tone satin and mirror finish handles to give your bathroom an excellent appeal. Moreover, this bathroom cabinet comes with all the needed accessories to allow for simple assembly.

    What we like

    • Looks good and well-made
    • Helps to redecorate the entire bathroom
    • This cabinet is also perfect for displaying decorative accents
    • The white finish will blend nicely with most bathroom decors
  • 6. VASAGLE Wall Storage Cabinet

    6. VASAGLE Wall Storage Cabinet

    If you are looking for a bathroom cabinet that is a true all-rounder, the VASAGLE Wall Storage Cabinet is your go-to product. It contains a towel rod and cupboard at the same time to give you the ease of reaching for your towel every morning and keeping everything in order behind the door. This cabinet is engineered from premium P2-grade MDF which is reliable quality to deliver a long service life. Thus, it is environmentally-friendly with a lacquered surface that feels smooth to the touch. What’s more, the cabinet is easy to install as all you need to do is attach the cabinet to the wall.

    What we like

    • Three height settings behind the door promote versatility
    • The cabinet has two lateral gooks to provide extra storage
    • It is spacious enough to help you keep things in order
  • 5. Yaheetech Bathroom Medicine Wall Cabinet

    5. Yaheetech Bathroom Medicine Wall Cabinet

    For adequate and customizable storage space for your bathroom, consider the Yaheetech Bathroom Medicine Wall Cabinet. It has a versatile design to work well in the washroom, mudroom, laundry room, and powder room for storing and organizing small items. This cabinet is adjustable in three different heights to enable you to store things of various sizes. It is complete with open shelves to enable you to keep items like pins, soaps, and even hair bands. Also, this cabinet boasts double mirrored doors to give you bonus mirrors for your everyday makeup.

    What we like

    • This cabinet has a sleek and practical design
    • It has a classic color to blend with any interior décor
    • The cabinet unpacks and sets up effortlessly
    • It has an MDF surface that is easy to clean and maintain
  • 4. Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet

    4. Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet

    Engineered with quality manufactured wood, the Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet is sturdy to deliver long-lasting durability. It is complete with decorative beadboard paneling and silver knobs to add some style and class to your bathroom. This cabinet is complete with vein-lined doors which open at the bottom for easy access or display of items. It has a multipurpose design to allow you to use it either in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or any other place where you need wall storage. Furthermore, the cabinet boasts a classic white finish and construction to bring an elegant appeal into your bathroom.

    What we like

    • Comes with detailed instructions for the ease of installation
    • The cabinet has adjustable inside shelves
    • It is complete with brushed nickel door knobs that are attractive
  • 3. TANGKULA Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet

    3. TANGKULA Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet

    Featuring MDF construction materials, the TANGKULA Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet is solid and stable. Hence, it provides stable shouldering for your towels and other kinds of bathroom essentials. This cabinet is rust-resistant to ensure premium performance and long life over the years. It has a simplistic style with a white body to bring a new look and elegant feeling into your bathroom. The cabinet has a three-tier to enlarge the storage space to enhance storage efficiency. Moreover, it is portable to enable you to find its position when you move in or out.

    What we like

    • Makes a perfect decoration to fit your bathroom
    • Offers concise and convenient storage
    • The cabinet is easy to assemble with the included hardware
    • It is complete with white doorknobs to add an aesthetic appeal
  • 2. Homfa Bathroom Wall Cabinet

    2. Homfa Bathroom Wall Cabinet

    With two holes in the back, the Homfa Bathroom Wall Cabinet installs easily and tightly into the wall. It is versatile enough to enable you to use it to hold toiletries, towels, bowls, books, chopsticks, or even wine in your bedroom or kitchen. This cabinet is engineered from high-grade MDF and polished by eco-friendly paint to give you the best performance. It is made through precise craftsmanship designed to satisfy your pursuit for quality and the high standards you put for yourself. Plus it has inside adjustable shelves to give you three different kinds of heights for versatile storage.

    What we like

    • The cabinet is easy to clean and maintain
    • Available in two colors to choose from
    • The cabinet has a unique design with straight lines to complement your décor
    • It is equipped with a towel bar for you to hang your towels
  • 1. KOHLER K-CB-CLC2026FS Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

    1. KOHLER K-CB-CLC2026FS Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

    Designed with sleek mirrored surface inside and outside, the KOHLER K-CB-CLC2026FS Bathroom Medicine Cabinet is stylish and pretty. It has a 1/4 –inch beveled edge for a sleek look that complements a variety of bathroom styles. This cabinet features two interior glass shelves to help you keep things neatly arranged. It has anodized aluminum construction with a durable rust-free and chip-free finish for extra strength and longevity. Better yet, this cabinet has left and right installation options to give you optimum versatility.

    What we like

    • The doors open 180-degrees for easy access
    • This cabinet is available in multiple sizes to choose from
    • It has a side mirror kit for surface mount installation
    • The cabinet looks good and works well too

Why Do Need the Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets?

If you want to keep a few first aid necessities, beauty products, and toiletries, there is no better way than when you have the best bathroom medicine cabinet. These cabinets are well-made with high-quality materials that are sturdy and stylish to be beautiful and functional. Thus, they will help you keep all your bathroom essentials safe and easy to access. Besides, these medicine cabinets are multi-purpose to ensure you can use them either in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else requiring an extra storage unit.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets ?

While there are so many things to consider in the best medicine cabinets, here are the few we have selected to make your search simple.

  1. Color :
    When shopping for the best bathroom medicine cabinet you want an item that will enhance the looks of your bathroom. And nothing dictates the looks of a given bathroom space than the color of items you bring into it. So look for a cabinet whose color compliments the existing bathroom décor to enhance its aesthetics.
  2. Installation :
    For peace of mind and convenience, consider a bathroom cabinet that is easy to install and to assemble. Although the installation process varies from one unit to the other, consider an item that comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions. This will give you the guidance and ease you need to assemble and set up the cabinet.
  3. Size :
    The best bathroom medicine cabinet is one that is small enough to fit into your tight bathroom space while still being roomy and functional. Thus, you should go for a cabinet that is compact and lightweight with shelves and compartments to help you keep things organized. Also, it should be portable to enable you to set it up easily wherever you go.


Most bathrooms are small and tight to the extent that keeping all your bath essentials within can be a bit of a challenge. However, the story is different when you have the best medicine cabinet.

Not only will you be able to keep your bath essentials nearby but also you will improve the aesthetics of the bathroom.

That is why you need to check out the above reviews to take home the right cabinet.

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